Monday, June 7, 2010

NEWS: 1. PM Batbold: TT wealth to be distributed in shares, 2. TT, Minerals Law Amendment being discussed in DP faction meetion

1. June 7 (Summarized from Government Press Office) The PM declared on
Sunday during a meeting with the UB youth that no advantage will be
given to 1 side or the other, whether it is domestic or foreign
investor. TT is the wealth of the people, therefore wealth from TT
will be distributed to citizens in the form of shares.

2. June 7 (summarized from Great Khural's DP faction is
meeting this morning to discuss the draft amendment to Minerals Law,
and the draft TT agreement. Also, draft amendments to the general
budget, 2010 social insurance budget and Human Development Fund 2010
budget is being discussed among 10 issues scheduled to discuss.

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