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Mogi's Thursday, June 3, 2010 News

(Mogi: My deepest apologies for the absence of past few newswires, combination of work and holiday)

Government Declares Land around OT, TT, Sainshand "Special Purpose Land"

June 3 ( (summarized from Mongolian): Cabinet meeting on Wednesday declared 3512.5 hectares in Sainshand, Dundgovi Aimag for Sainshand Industrial Complex, 7736.1 hectares in OT vicinity, 3661.3 hectares in TT vicinity, 882.3 hectares in Zamyn-Uud, Dornogovi Aimag (railway border point) and 12084.9 hectares in Sergelen Soum, Tuv Aimag land designated for "International Airport" (to be built with financing from the Japanese government).

The article further says that Ministers of Transportation and Finance  and relevant local authorities are to study ways to reclaim the land from and compensate citizens or entities who own the land, and report to the cabinet by July 1. And to draw up plans for the industrial complex, mining town development and report to cabinet within Q4 2010.

Mogi: These "special purpose lands" around OT and TT seems to be land where government wants to build the OT and TT towns and most likely the rail lines as well. These "lands" will probably affect many mining licenses, owned by several companies. The article doesn't mention where exactly these lands will be or who's licenses it affects. Will keep you posted on further details.

Hunnu Coal To Further Expand South Gobi Coal Province

June 2 (Proactive Investors Australia) Hunnu Coal (ASX: HUN) has acquired a 60% interest in the Tsohio Coal Project, which is located approximately 40km south of the company's Khuree-2 coal project in the Umnugobi Province of Mongolia.

The company is currently undertaking a mapping and geophysics exploration programme at the project which is l
ocated between the Giant Tavan Tolgoi Coking Coal Field and South Gobi Energy Resources Coal Field, 60 km north of Mongolian-Chinese border.
The Tsohio Coal project is highly prospective for both coking and thermal coals and Hunnu was granted an Exploration License with an area of 38,600Ha.
The Tsohio Coal Project has an exploration target of 50Mt to 75Mt and the company is currently planning an aggressive exploration programme and drilling programme commencing in July 2010.
An independent geologist has commenced the process of calculating a JORC compliant resource statement for historical work completed at the Tenuun 2 Coal Project with results available in the coming weeks. 

Leighton wins $273m Mongolian Contract (Mogi: Khushuut of MEC)

June 3 ( contract, awarded to Leighton Asia, is for six years and is the second contract to be awarded to the company by Mongolia Energy.

Leighton says the contract is based on a mine plan which ramps up to an initial 3 million tonnes of coking coal a year and includes 48.5 million cubic metres of material movement and anticipated ramp up to 5 to 6 million tonnes or more of coking coal a year.

Leighton Asia will be responsible for all mining activities including load and haul of coal, mine planning, technical support and site camp management.


(Mogi: no such statement was found Leighton Asia's website at moment of writing this)

Link to Article

Erdene Announces Appointment of Xstrata Coal's Malcolm Cox to Board, Provides Zuun Mod Molybdenum Project Update

HALIFAX, NOVA SCOTIA--(Marketwire - June 1, 2010) - Erdene Resource Development Corp. is pleased to announce the appointment of Malcolm F. Cox to its Board of Directors and to provide an update on the Corporation's Zuun Mod Molybdenum 
Zuun Mod Molybdenum Project

The Zuun Mod exploration license was recently renewed to May 28, 2011. Erdene has been carrying out work over the past year in preparation for conversion of the Zuun Mod exploration license to a mining license. This included work by Mongolian consulting companies that prepared technical reports in support of the mining license application. These reports have been finalized and submitted to the Mongolian Mineral Resource Council, for registration of the mineral resource at Zuun Mod, a prerequisite to the granting of a mining license.

Border railways to end bottleneck on China-Mongolia trade

HOHHOT, June 2 (Xinhua) -- At least two railways will cross north China's East Ujimqin Plain in Inner Mongolia to break a bottleneck on trade across the China-Mongolia border in the next two years.

"The railways, totaling more than 1,300 km in length, will start from Fuxin, of Liaoning Province, and Tongliao, Inner Mongolia, and end at Zhuengadabuqi Port," said Uliji, party chief of the East Ujimqin Banner (County) Government.
The modern town is an inland port for China-Mongolia trade, with a turnover of 500,000 tonnes of goods in 2009.

Uliji anticipated the amount would soar to 15 million tonnes in the next three or four years, making Zhuengadabuqi an important port for border trade.

Highlights of Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao's visit in Mongolia

ULAN BATOR, June 2 (Xinhua) Premier Wen and Mongolian President Tsakhia Elbegdorj vowed to boost ties between the two countries.
The Chinese premier said China takes a strategic and long-term perspective when developing relations with Mongolia, adding Mongolia is a priority in China's diplomacy toward its neighbors.

ULAN BATOR -- China is willing to boost investment cooperation with Mongolia in mineral resources development and infrastructure construction and encourage Chinese enterprises to import more farm and animal husbandry products from its northern neighbor, Wen said Wednesday.
Wen also made four proposals on further boosting bilateral economic and trade cooperation.

Another Xinhua article on the visit: 

Wen ends visit after pledging USD500 million, signing 9 agreements

June 2 (news.mnChinese Premier Wen Jiabao left Ulaanbaatar at 11 on Wednesday morning after spending a program-packed 30 hours here. He held wide ranging talks with Mongolian Prime Minister S. Batbold, called on President Ts. Elbegdorj, and met with other national leaders.

The highlights of the visit were the signing of seven agreements and Wen's announcement of a fresh USD500 million soft loan, in addition to the one for USD300 million pledged earlier. The present loan will likely be used to set up some processing plants, mainly in the agriculture sector.  

The agreements cover the following areas.

  1. The first revalidates and extends the agreement in force since 1998.  It calls for increased border trade, development of tourism, better access through the borders, and protection of the environment.
  2. China will provide 50 million yuan to be spent on projects to which both sides agree. Another 10 million yuan will be used to modernize the Mongolian military.
  3. The road in front of the Chinese Embassy will be called Beijing Street. It will be repaired and rebuilt with money China pledged in April, 2008. 
  4. Customs operations will be made more effective. The two sides will exchange information on customs practices and violation of customs regulations. They will collaborate against cross-border movement of narcotics and other drugs.
  5. Mongolia will buy new locomotives with some of the USD300 million earlier promised. 
  6. Some of this money will also be used to strengthen the Infrastructure at Zamyn Uud.
  7. The Nuclear Energy Agency of Mongolia and the National Nuclear Corporation of China will explore areas of cooperation in the uranium sector. 
  8. Mongolians who graduate in China will be eligible for employment in Chinese companies and Chinese who get a degree in Mongolia will be similarly able to work here.
  9. China will allow 500 Mongolians to study in China in the next five years, and will also allow 60 young Mongolians to conduct brief study projects each year for five years.

Batbold asked China to reduce transit transport fees to facilitate use of Chinese ports by Mongolian goods.

Before leaving,  Wen attended the opening ceremony of Chinese Culture Center on the 7 floor of Central Tower.

An AFP article on the loan and agreements: click here

MPs send fiscal stability law to standing committee

May 31 ( ...

Adoption of the new law will help Mongolia develop by following mid-term and long-term economic policies and will make budget revisions unnecessary. MPs decided that the draft merited discussion and forwarded it to the Standing Committee on the Economy

Mongolia May Opt Broad Gauge Rail Line

June 1 (UB Post) Mongolia may choose broad gauge rail line as the country's main ruling political forces are likely to narrow down their views to put an end to uncertainty over the country's entire railway policy.

Parliament seated faction of MPRP are likely to support the government-submitted broad gauge line to be built from Tavan Tolgoi to Sainshand and further to Choibalsan to the east.


Link to Article

EU sends USD2.5 million in aid for dzud relief

June 2 (news.mnThe European Union on Tuesday sent USD2.5 million in aid to help Mongolia deal with the aftermath of one of the coldest winters on record.


Link to Article

Link to Official EU report PDF

Mongolia Counts Carcasses After Harsh Winter

June 1, UYANGA, Mongolia (AP) Before he can fully tend to his dwindling herd, Demberel has to bury the dead cows, goats and sheep in earth barely thawed from Mongolia's worst winter in decades.


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Global News

Mines And Money Is Launched In Beijing

Beijing, China, June 2, 2010 - (ABN Newswire) - Aspermont UK (ASX: ASP.AX), the publisher of Mining Journal and organiser of the Mines and Money brand of global events, is delighted to be bringing the Mines and Money event to Beijing for the first time on June 8 - 9.

Shares up as risk appetite returns (ASX)

June 3 (AAP) THE share market continued to rise in morning trade to be nearly 2 per cent higher at noon.

At 12.05pm (AEST), the benchmark S&P/ASX200 index was up 84 points, or 1.92 per cent, at 4,465, while the broader All Ordinaries index had gained 80.8 points, or 1.83 per cent, to 4,484.5.


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China Loses Taste for the Dollar, Looks to Lock-Up Gold Supply

June 1 (energyandcapital.comWith the Eurozone looking about as stable as a burning deepwater oil drilling platform — and the partisan American media propping up President Obama's jobless domestic "recovery" — the U.S. dollar has seemed to get a temporary stay of execution in the court of global economics...

Culture, Sports, ...

Mongolian cultural exhibition hits the road in Taiwan
June 2 (Taiwan News) To promote the knowledge service and exchange of Han cultures, the National Central Library today unveiled the "Mongolian Buddhist Image & Sculpture Art Exhibition," a platform to share the public with the civilization from the mysterious country, local media reports said.

Former president of Mongolia Punsalmaa Ochirbat, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Javier Hou and more than 30 ambassadors in Taiwan came to join the cultural feast with enchanting performances of traditional Mongolian instruments and dances.


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Scholars determine Chinggis Khaan's birthday

May 31 (news.mnThe working group comprising scholars and historians and set up by President Ts.Elbegdorj in March to determine the exact date and place of the birth of Chinggis Khaan submitted its report on Friday. Its decision  is that Chinggis Khaan was born on the  first day of the first month of winter according to the lunar calendar in Dadal soum of Khentii province.  The date on the Gregorian calendar would fall between the middle and end of October.

The group has suggested that the day be celebrated nationally as Mongolia Day.

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Mongolia Wins Three Gold, One Silver and Three Bronze in IJF World Championships (Judo)

June 1 (UB Post) ---

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