Monday, June 7, 2010

BREAKING NEWS: TT to be split in 2

June 7

Mogi: reports that faction leaders of the 2 ruling parties
held a press conference just a few minutes ago to announce their
faction meeting decisions:

1. TT will be split in 2
2. First part is to be 100% owned and operated by Erdenes MGL (the
wholly stated-owned company) and will cover 3.5 out of over 6 billion
tonnes. Also, no less than 10% of it will be equally distributed to
citizens. The exact percentage will be decided by Great Khural
3. 2nd part be operated by a contract miner (foreign/domestic) to be
selected by open tender

Mogi: There's still some conflicting reports from, like 100%
owned by Erdenes MGL but still distribute 10% to citizens. More
credible reports will be closely watched.

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