Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Porsche World Show experience arrives to Ulaanbaatar

Ulaanbaatar, May 20 (Porsche Ulaanbaatar) Just after four months since its official opening in Mongolia, Porsche Ulaanbaatar readies for its first Porsche World Road show, planned to take place between 8-14th, June 2015.

Porsche Ulaanbaatar has just imported 22 high performance sports cars, a selection from each of its bestselling range, to offer Porsche enthusiasts the rare and firsthand experience to test drive the brand’s performance, agility and usability. Over 250 guests will be invited to take part in the road show starting at Sky Resort, and throughout an entire day the participants will be given the opportunity to try the latest cars on three types of course under the instruction of experienced Porsche professional driving instructors.

To mark the occasion, the Head of Porsche Asia Pacific, Mr. Martin Limbert will pay a visit to Mongolia to welcome press and guests to this unique event. 

Porsche is the first high performance sports car brand to build a solid presence in Mongolia and its world standard showroom is due to be constructed by next year.

The brand’s Ulaanbaatar temporary centre currently offers sales of the very latest ranges on offer, at price tags comparable to both Europe and USA, while providing high quality maintenance & repair services to all types of luxury cars.


For further details on the planned events please contact Luna Erdenebaatar on 95118911 or via

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