Thursday, April 28, 2016

[HKEx checks up on MMC; XAM trenching finds 'significant' gold; USD returns to 2K; CWGP, MPRP discuss alliance; and peacekeepers save lives]

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Thursday, April 28, 2016

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Nat'l ASEM Council discusses results of ASEP9

Ulaanbaatar, April 27 (MONTSAME) The 24th meeting of the National Council in charge of organization and management of the 11th ASEM Summit ran April 26, at which D.Gankhuyag, the State Secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, presented the gathered with the results of the Ninth Asia-Europe Parliamentary Partnership Meeting (ASEP9), ended on April 23.

The meeting was partaken by more than 160 delegates from 32 parliaments of Asia and Europe, he noted. The Mongolian President, Speaker, Prime Minister and MPs held 41 bilateral meetings with the guests and touched upon over 300 issues of cooperation and ties, he said. 

After this and other related information, the National Council discussed what might be needed in organizing the Summit-related meetings in future, especially matters on protocol and security.

The Council resolved to solemnly celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Asia-Europe Meeting (ASEM) and approved a design of the logo, which will be carried by the flag cars.

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7th Model ASEM to be held in July 6-10 in Ulaanbaatar

April 27 ( Model ASEM is a 3-day youth conference and political simulation of the actual Asia-Europe Meeting (ASEM) Summit. It is a platform for political debate and negotiation where over 150 participants from the 51 Asia-Europe Meeting (ASEM) countries have the possibility to experience Asia-Europe diplomacy through role-play exercises, practical trainings as well as meetings with the ASEM Leaders of today.

Through role-play, research, case-studies and practical trainings students will enhance their diplomacy, negotiation, consensus-building and public-speaking skills.

The 7th Model ASEM will include 3 main components: 

  • Phase 1: An online pre-event phase (ca. 3 weeks) where the selected participants will join online pre-conference research and training modules which include individual tasks, excercises, case studies and team work;
  • Phase 2: A 3-day conference in Ulaanbaatar filled with plenary sessions, working groups, practical trainings and visits to Diplomatic Missions of ASEM countries located in Ulaanbaatar. The participants will as a result of the conference develop a Chair's Statement of the 7th Model ASEM;
  • Phase 3: 4 student participants are to present the Chair's Statement of the 7th Model ASEM to the ASEM Leaders and official attending the ASEM11. In agreement with the relevant Ministry of Foreign Affairs, a number of participating students will have the chance to meet their Heads of States on the sidelines of the ASEM11

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Int'l Market

975 closed -6.4% Wednesday to HK$0.073. Announcement made Wednesday close

HKEX Making Inquiries Whether MMC Is Compliant with Listing Rules

April 27 -- This announcement (the "Announcement") is made by Mongolian Mining Corporation (the "Company") pursuant to Rule 13.09(2) of the Rules Governing the Listing of the Securities on The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited (the "Listing Rules") and the Inside Information Provisions under Part XIVA of the Securities and Futures Ordinance (Cap. 571 of the Laws of Hong Kong).

Reference is made to the announcement of the Company dated 27 April 2016 (the "Previous Announcement") in relation to, among others, the Agent making demand for immediate payment of all amounts accrued or outstanding under the BNP/ICBC Facilities Agreement and also the appointment of Receivers in respect of the security granted pursuant to the MCCL Share Charge and the appointment of delegates in respect of the security granted pursuant to the MCCS Share Pledge. Terms used in this announcement shall have the same meaning given to them in the Previous Announcement.

The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited (the "HKSE") is making enquiries to assess whether or not the Company continues to fulfil the requirements of Rule 13.24 of the Listing Rules which requires the Company to have a sufficient level of operations or have tangible assets of sufficient value and/or intangible assets for which a sufficient potential value can be demonstrated to the HKSE to warrant the continued listing of the Company's shares (the "Shares") on the HKSE.

Accordingly, it is possible that the HKSE may request for a suspension of trading of the Shares if the HKSE determines that the Company is unable to satisfy the requirements of Rule 13.24 of the Listing Rules.

As at the date of the Announcement, to the best knowledge of the Company after due inquiry, there had been no legal proceedings in relation to the MCCL Share Charge or the MCCS Share Pledge.

The Company and all of its subsidiaries continue operating in their respective ordinary course of business and are expected to continue doing so during the entire process of the debt restructuring.

The Company is in discussion with and intends to continue dialogue with the steering committee of the holders of its US$600,000,000 8.875% senior notes due 2017, the Lenders, the Receivers and their respective advisers.

The Company will publish further announcements as and when necessary.

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XAM closed -6.5% Wednesday to A$0.215

Xanadu: Significant High-Grade Gold Trench Results from Oyut Ulaan


·         Trench results with assays up to 145g/t of gold confirm the existence of a continuous zone of shallow high-grade narrow vein gold mineralisation;

·         Geophysics indicates the prospective area of mineralisation is 4.5km long and 300m wide;

·         Further geologic work, including a drilling program, is planned once assay results from additional nearby mineralised zones have been received and assessed.

April 28 -- Xanadu Mines Ltd (ASX: XAM – "Xanadu") is pleased to announce that it has received new high-grade gold results from trench channel sampling undertaken at the Stockwork Zone II discovery at its 90% owned Oyut Ulaan copper-gold project located within the Dornogovi Province of southern Mongolia, approximately 420km southeast of Ulaanbaatar (Figure 1).

Following the previously reported discovery of multiple zones of potentially significant outcropping quartzsulphide vein mineralisation (see XAM's ASX announcement – 2 March 2016) at the Oyut Ulaan Project, the Company has now completed initial trenching and detailed trench channel sampling of the three parallel epithermal lode structures that occur within 1.5km of each other (Stockwork Zone I, Stockwork Zone II and Bavuu Zone; Figures 2 and 3).

New samples received from trench sampling at the Stockwork Zone II vein reported here have delivered exceptional gold results with assays up to 145g/t confirming the existence of continuous sub-outcropping highgrade gold mineralisation. The systematic sampling within this zone displays remarkable continuity along the entire 33m strike of the exposed vein and structure (Figure 4). Sampling over 33 continuous metres along strike (subparallel) orientations to the vein supports a conclusion of very continuous gold mineralisation within the vein. No conclusion regarding width and grade of the mineralised vein can be drawn from this data.

Xanadu's Chief Executive Officer, Dr Andrew Stewart, said "The rapid delineation of high-grade gold, in multiple structures, at surface and now confirmed through trenching is an outstanding achievement by the Company's exploration team. The nature of the high-grade gold vein target type and weathering environment is such that surface exposure is limited, however because of the en-echelon mineralisation style it is possible that veins repeat frequently with depth. Abundant ancient pitting found in the trenches indicates the surrounding altered volcanic rock may also contain gold mineralisation. Although early-stage these untested possibilities and the high gold grades of surface rock samples and the first trench results combine to suggest that the targets may form potentially mineable bodies."

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Cash at end of Q A$134K. HAR last traded A$0.003 on Tuesday

Haranga Resources Quarterly Activities Report

April 27 -- Haranga Resources Limited ('the Company') is pleased to report on its activities for the March 2016 quarter ('the Quarter').

Mongolia Operations Update

During the Quarter, the Company's 80% owned subsidiary Haranga Khuder LLC, holder of five Mineral Exploration Licenses, two Pre-mining Operations Agreements and one Mining License for the Selenge Iron Ore Project in Mongolia ('the Project), focused on completion of compliance activities required by the mineral laws and regulations in Mongolia. The Company office in Ulaanbaatar completed and submitted to the Mineral Resources Authority of Mongolia the activities reports for 2015 as well as operation plans for 2016. During the Quarter these documents were successfully approved by the relevant government bodies in Mongolia.

Management continues to consider the strategy of the Company in regards to the Project and the operational options available in order to maintain the Company's position in the Project, taking in to account the current status of the iron ore market globally.

Whilst Management is reviewing the current operational status of the Project, the Company remains focused on and committed to the long term progression of the Project's development.

Corporate Matters

During the Quarter, the Company completed a partially underwritten non-renounceable right issue of 1 share for every 1 share held, at an issue price of $0.004 per share ('Rights Issue'). The Rights Issue closed on 19 February 2016 with the Company having received valid acceptances for total of 39,236,239 new shares and subsequent shortfall applications for 9,082,262 new shares.

Funds raised from the Rights Issue totaled approximately $193,274 before costs.

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Cash at end of Q A$347K. TPO last traded A$0.145 on Feb 19  

Tian Poh Quarterly Activities Report

April 28, Tian Poh Resources Ltd. (ASX:TPO) --


      During the quarter, the Company completed its annual reporting and continued with the integration of the recently acquired coal deposit, the Nuurst Project.

      No on site exploration activities were undertaken due to the seasonal nature of the weather in Mongolia limiting site access during the winter period.

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Local Market

MSE Trading Report: Top 20 +0.16%, ALL -0.11%, Turnover 26.6 Million Shares

April 27 (MSE) --

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Arig Gal JSC Announces 114.8 Million Dividend, 33 Per Share

April 27 (MSE) In accordance with the Clause No.: 46 of Company Law of Mongolia, Regulation of Distributing dividends policy of Company and the Resolution No.:01.16 of Board of Directors, "Arig Gal" JSC will be distributed 60 percent or MNT114.8 million as a dividends to its shareholders at MNT33.00 per share.

Note: On 2017, the company will distribute integrated dividends of 2015 and 2016 to small shareholders, who owns small account of shares.

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Historic low 2,050.85/USD set March 28, 2016. Reds are rates that set a new low at the time

BoM MNT Rates: Tuesday, April 26 Close
















































































































































































































Bank USD rates at time of sending: TDB (FX site malfunctioning), Khan (Buy ₮2,003 Sell ₮2,011), Golomt (Buy ₮2,002 Sell ₮2,012), XacBank (Buy ₮2,002 Sell ₮2,012), State Bank (Buy ₮2,001 Sell ₮2,011)

MNT vs USD (blue), CNY (red) in last 1 year:

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BoM issues 47 billion 1-week bills at 12%, total outstanding -11.8% to ₮194.1 billion

April 27 (BoM) BoM issues 1 week bills worth MNT 47 billion at a weighted interest rate of 12.0 percent per annum /For previous auctions click here/

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For commodities markets, the bad times are just beginning

BANGKOK, April 27 (Nikkei Asian Review) -- For the commodities market, the good times have come and gone, but the bad times are only just beginning.

Each commodities supercycle, defined as a decadelong bull market, has always been followed by a downturn that lasted just as long, or longer. With demand weak and oversupply rampant, it is unlikely that this time will be any different. For many countries and companies, this means the only options are adapt or die.

Conditions in the commodities market over the past two years have created a perfect storm for Mongolia, bringing to its knees what was once the poster child for emerging market success.

"It is no secret that the Mongolian economy is affected by decreasing foreign direct investments, coupled with China's slowdown and impacted by [falling] global commodity prices," Mongolian Prime Minister Saikhanbileg Chimed said in Hong Kong in April.

The Asian Development Bank forecast in March that the country's gross domestic product will grow a meager 0.1% in 2016, a further slowdown from the 2.3% recorded in 2015. It is a painful comedown for a country that posted 17% growth as recently as 2011. The reversal of fortunes comes as Mongolia's main exports -- copper, coal and crude oil -- have all become mired in the global commodities slump.

Until the late 20th century, the majority of Mongolia's people lived nomadic lives on the vast, arid steppes for which the country is known. Then, in the early 2000s, Mongolia began embracing the commodities boom, perhaps too rashly. Roughly half of its GDP now comes from exports, of which more than 80% are mined commodities.

Mongolia's rush to tap its natural resources attracted a wave of foreign direct investment that boosted the overall economy, largely through capital spending in mining and related sectors and property development in cities. FDI reached about 40% of GDP in the boom years, according to Naidansuren Zoljargal, governor of the Bank of Mongolia, the country's central bank.

But once the bubble burst, FDI dwindled to just 2% of GDP in 2015. "The cash dried up," Naidansuren said.

Commodities accounted for more than 80% of total exports in 63 of 135 developing countries in 2012-13, according to the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development. Brazil and South Africa, members of the so-called BRICS emerging markets, were investor darlings until just a few years ago. Now their economies are in turmoil, dragged down by their ailing mining sectors. Even richer countries, such as Canada and Australia, are suffering hangovers from the mining boom.

Since the start of the 20th century, there have been three commodities supercycles, or periods of generally rising prices, the last of which is estimated to have peaked between 2011 and early 2014. Both of the previous uptrends were followed by downturns that lasted more than a decade.

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Politics & Legal

Mongolia Standing Committee Approves $1b Credit Line From India

By Michael Kohn

April 27 (Bloomberg) -- Mongolia's Parliamentary Standing Committee on Budget has backed a $1 billion credit agreement from Export-Import Bank of India to government, according to statement published on parliament website.

* Loan intended to fund infrastructure and railway projects: statement

* NOTE: Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced intention to issue $1 billion credit line during visit to Mongolia in May 2015

* Committee gives government permission to negotiate and sign agreement: statement

* The 20-year soft loan will have interest rate of 1.75%; principle payments waived during first five years: statement



Mongolia's parliament backs $1bn credit agreement with India - bne IntelliNews, April 27


Civil Will-Green Party and MPRP discuss alliance

April 27 ( Yesterday, the Political Council of the Civil Will Green Party discussed the subject of an alliance with the Mongolian People's Revolutionary Party for the forthcoming parliamentary election. According to the law, all political alliances must be established by 29thApril. By the same date, parties and alliances must also present their action plans to the National Audit Authority.

According to the National Audit Authority, it will not be responsible, if parties fail to meet these requirements. Therefore, parties which are discussing alliances need to act very quickly.

Earlier, the Independence and Unity Party, Mongolian National Democratic Party and National Labor Party proposed an alliance; the Civil Will Green Party, however, did not accept their offer, considering that these parties are plagued by internal discord. Now, as time rapidly runs out, the Civil Will and Green Party and MPRP have formed working groups on a potential party alliance.

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President supports claim new criminal code too harsh on doctors

April 27 ( Yesterday doctors demonstrated at Chinggis square to demanding justice.  

They consider revised criminal code which will be effective starting Sep 1, as too strict and the punishment and penalty on doctors is same as the sentence for people who committed crimes against others' health on purpose. 

According to the criminal code, doctor who caused the death of someone shall be punishable by a fine equal to 20 to 80 million tugrugs, suspension of license to practise medicine up to 3 years, or by imprisonment for a period of up to 8 years.

Following the demonstration, the President of Mongolia Ts.Elbegdorj met with State Secretary of Ministry of Health and Sports S.Lambaa and expressed his readiness to submit law to the State Great Hural, which reflected the doctor's proposal. 

Labor Union of Mongolian Medical Professionals handed a petition with signatures of 10,000 medical professionals to the Prime Minister Ch.Saihanbileg, Minister of Justice D.Dorligjav, Acting Minister of Health Sector Ts.Oyunbaatar, MP and Head of Justice Standing Committee B.Ganbat and Head of Application Standing Committee J.Batzandan and Speaker of the Parliament Z.Enhbold. 

The response shall be delivered on Apr 29. Doctors officially stated that they will transfer to another form of struggle, if they do not receive response on time.

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Mogi: old news, but …

Mongolia's Opposition Parties Fail to Reach Consensus as June Elections Draw Near

April 26 (Economy Watch) The Mongolian People's Revolutionary Party (MPRP) and the Mongolian People's Party (MPP) severed a political alliance as negotiations over seating arrangements fell through, according to Channel NewsAsia. MPP aims to unite against incumbent Mongolian Democratic Party (MDP), as Prime Minister Chimed Saikhanbileg struggles to jumpstart an economy suffering from lower commodity prices and diminished foreign investment. According to recent polls, MPP is more popular than MDP, while MPRP takes third place.

The momentum should swing in MPP's favor as the political establishment undergoes scrutiny over the economy's poor status. The MPP governed during Mongolia's commodities boom in previous years, with growth reaching 17.5% in 2011 alone. Regardless of the election outcome, new and established leaders will struggle to foster growth because the economy is so heavily dependent on the commodities sector.

Furthermore, China's lacking growth takes a heavy toll on Mongolia's economy, as the Chinese buy over 90% of Mongolian resources that include copper and coal, and Beijing is curbing coal production to reduce pollution in major cities. Russia is another viable business partner for Mongolia, but the Russian economy is faring through a low-priced energy market and Western sanctions. Moreover, many foreign investors have lost interest due to a non-conducive business climate and the government's fallout with mining companies.

Authorities reached an agreement with investors, but Saikhanbileg has paid a political price, as many feel incumbent officials are caving into big industry at the expense of poor Mongolians, and protests have erupted against the prime minister's administration in the past few months.

Despite the East Asian's country's success in resource extraction, many people have remained impoverished, benefiting little from the economic boom that took place years ago. Many herders from the countryside moved to the city in search of new opportunities, but high-quality jobs remain scarce in a tougher economy, and more people have slipped into poverty as a result.

Mongolia failed to follow the Chinese model, where a bustling manufacturing sector became a primary factor propelling robust growth in the Middle Kingdom. Mongolia's manufacturing sector is ill-equipped to become a major sector, and the same can be said of tourism. Tourism shows vast potential, but the sector is in the middle of a slowdown, as Russian and Chinese tourists visit the country less frequently, notes UPI.

Aside from tourism and commodities, Mongolia has little else to fall back on, and leaders on all sides of the political aisle have failed to upgrade the economy while searching for alternative avenues that could have fueled prosperity for decades to come. Economic innovation, however, requires some level of cooperation between parties, but leadership remains steeped in political battles, holding back Mongolian progress.

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The Center for American and International Law expanding activities to Mongolia

April 27 ( The Center for American and International Law (CAIL) is a nonprofit institution dedicated to improving the quality of justice through the education of lawyers and law enforcement officials in the United States and throughout the world.

Tens of thousands of lawyers and law enforcement officers from all 50 states and more than 130 countries have participated in programs of CAIL. Founded in 1947, CAIL has earned a reputation for excellence in education.

The CAILAW just appointed the Country Coordinators in 46 countries in order to expand and develop its activity and Ser-Od Ichinkhorloo Founder and CEO of Bridge of your Business (B2B Mongolia) and MBD selected as a Country Coordinator in Mongolia.

All lawyers in legal, law enforcement system, government and private sectors are welcomed to join/attend the CAILAW training program and events.

The closest international program will be the Academy of American and International Law which will start at May 17 2016.

Since 1964, this multi-week program has attracted over 3,000 participants from 120 countries. Through its extraordinary classroom and extracurricular schedule, the Academyoffers opportunities to forge valuable international relationships that last a lifetime.

Participants receive instruction from some of the best teachers and practitioners of international law from U.S. law schools, law firms, and corporations. The practical curriculum includes both skills training and substantive law subjects (legal writing, negotiations, mediation, international arbitration and litigation, contracts, international business transactions, project finance, mergers and acquisitions, international taxation, and more).

Please contact email and 976 77109911, 976 771066111, 976 99066062 tel number or visit for more information.

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Mongolian iron ore rail line opened

April 27 (Railway Gazette) Parliamentary Speaker Zandakhuu Enkhbold has officially opened a 33·4 km rail connection to the Tumurtei iron ore mine development, which is around 200 km north of Ulaanbaatar. The line will be used to transport ore to the Darkhan Metallurgical Plant, with traffic expected to grow from an initial 1 mtpa to 10 mtpa in the future.

The line was funded and built by mining company QSC under a concession agreement, and then transferred to state-owned Mongolian Railway. Construction was undertaken by Russia's PIK and local companies Khutul Cement, Maximal and railway operator Ulaanbaatar Railway, which is a joint venture of Mongolian Railway and Russian Railways.

Speaking at the opening ceremony on April 4, Enkhbold said he hoped that the new infrastructure would support the growth of trade in the area, and encourage people to live there.

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Shangxi Coal CEO to speak at Coal & Metals Mongolia

April 27 ( One of China's TOP-50 companies, "Shangxi Coking Coal Sales" is going to participate in the "Coal & Metals Mongolia-2016" forum, which will be held in Ulaanbaatar starting 6thMay. The company's CEO, Mr Fan Wen-sheng will be speaking on a first day of the forum. "Shangxi Coking Coal" has 28 plants and the capacity to wash 120 million tons of coal annually. Each year, the company sells 200 million tons of coal.

Mr Fan Wen-sheng intends to discuss China's coking coal reserves, exploration, trading, the competitive environment, fixing the coal price and co-operation between Mongolian and Chinese coking coal companies.

The preparation of the "Coal & Metals Mongolia-2016" forum is now totally completed. The government and business representatives headed by Mining Minister R.Jigjid and other senior figures will discuss investment in mining and other industry sectors and development issues during the forum.

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Youth Leads Support Program for Disabled Entrepreneurs

Ulaanbaatar, April 27 (MONTSAME) "Our DEM" (Disabled Entrepreneurs of Mongolia) day-event for businesspeople with disabilities took place April 23, organized by "Zorig" foundation, its Young Leadership Program, DEM non-bank financial institution and "Khan" bank.

According to unofficial statistics, Mongolia has 117 thousand disabled people, more than half of them are living under the poverty line due to the limited employment opportunities. 

DEM (means "support" in Mongolian) Project, being implemented by the participants of the Young Leadership Program, have been undergoing in cooperation with the Mongolian National Association of Wheelchair Users, "Navchin Shuuder" group, and "Eeltei Ertunts" NGO of mother with disabled children.

In frames of the project, the young leaders have developed website for online sales of craftworks by the disabled, and have created "Gogo Book" with the mothers from "Eeltei Ertunts" NGO. "The project aims to promote the small businesses of the disabled through organizing events and to support the industry where the disabled can produce their products of choice for greater profit," explained the young leaders at the day-event.

If someone wish to make his/her contribution to promoting the disabled entrepreneurs of Mongolia, he/she can contact the organizers through or ringing +976 99197769 on the phone.

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EBRD Procurement: Improving Productivity of Dairy Farmers through Assessment and Capacity Building (Phase II - PROJECT MANAGER)

Country: Mongolia

Business sector: Agribusiness

Project number: 64687

Funding source: EBRD Shareholder Special Fund

Contract type: Consultancy Services

Notice type: Invitation for expressions of interest (CSU)

Issue date: 26 Apr 2016

Closing date: 17 May 2016 at 23:59 London

Project Description

Despite the potential to become an exporter of milk, Mongolia is a net importer due to low efficiency of milk production and lack of technical expertise. The number of modern, commercial dairy farms will need to increase more than a hundred-fold in the near future to meet the increasing demand for milk. There is a lack of knowledge and capacity on modern approaches to milk production and handling and processors buy raw milk without major quality considerations if suppliers can offer significant volumes. This discourages farmers from investing in higher quality production. Larger dairy-processing units are unable to acquire higher quality milk from small farmers, and they are very interested in supporting better productivity at the existing commercial dairy farms and attracting new investors into commercial milk production.

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Tuul river starts flowing

April 27 ( Latest trend on the social media were the post related to the Tuul river, where the poster complaining about Tuul river stopped flowing due to building a pool for ASEM villa. Therefore, GoGo news agency made two-day reports.


Tuul river started flowing yesterday. Ph.D and Head of Water Sector, Information and Research Institute of Meteorology Mr. G.Davaa said that Tuul river reached its lowest level this year. But it reached 94 cm yesterday. Reason of the low level was cold weather. In other words, ice cover in Gachuurt, Bosgo bridge and Terelj areas have started to melt due to rising temperature. Therefore, the Tuul river started to flow. 

Also he noted that construction of ASEM villa have not affected the flow of Tuul river

People are guilty of the thick ice cover of Tuul river. We need to plant trees for reforestation in 6300 square km areas of Tuul river in order to increase the river level. Also we need to implement proper management by removing camps located near the river. If we save underground water and re-use graywater,  we can prevent this from happening it again.

Below video shows Tuul river flowing near Viva town.

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Road closures at SW intersection of Traffic Police Office

April 27 ( In scope of 2.1 km road repairs, road from SW intersection of Traffic Police Office to Bayanmongol town intersection will be closed temporarily.  

Specifically, the road closures will be effective during Apr 29 at 12pm to May 1 at 11pm while SW intersection of Traffic Police Office will be closed on Apr 29 at 10pm to Apr 30 at 10am. 

In regards, total of four bus route including Ch:10, Ch:28, Ch:32, Ch: 44 will be changed.

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Ulaanbaatar City looks to establish ties with Brazil's Porto Alegre City

Ulaanbaatar, April 27 (MONTSAME) The Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Mongolia to Brazil Ms Ch.Sosormaa Monday met with Mr Jose Fortunati, the Mayor of Porto Alegre city.

Ms Sosormaa gave to Porto Alegre city Mayor a letter of D.Battulga, the head of the Citizens' Representative Khural (council) of Ulaanbaatar, on a proposal to start inter-city cooperation

After this, the sides expressed their views on ways of sharing experiences in a participatory budget planning and ensuring civil role in the implementation of the Brazilian city, which has been running since 1989.

Citizens of Porto Alegre have a right to exploit expenses of the city budget of up to USD 200 million a year. This experience has been successfully introduced in USA, China, Portugal, Uruguay, Argentina, Chile, Mexico and Peru.

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Mongolian Peacekeepers prevent bloodshed in South Sudan

April 27 ( The Ministry of Defense has informed that two Mongolian soldiers in South Sudan, sergeants E.Enkhee and S.Erdenebileg who are working with the "UNMISS" peacekeeping operation have protected the lives thousands of people from danger. It would appear that in the early hours of the morning, the suspicious behavior of four locals attracted the attention of  E.Enkhee and S.Erdenebileg. The two NCO's conducted an examination during which they discovered a stash of buried weapons and ammunition very close to a refugee camp. It is considered that had the two Mongolian peacekeepers not intervened, the four would have opened fire on UN forces and the refugees.

The administration of the UNMISS-North Sector Command and UNMISS-battalion have commended the vigilance of sergeants E.Enkhee and S.Erdenebileg, which almost certainly resulted in lives being saved. At present, 120,000 people are living at this refugee camp, located at the small town of Bentiu, which originally had a population of 9,700. This is the refugee camp is currently the biggest in the world.

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Electronic Information Cooperation Forum Held in Hohhot

April 27 ( Today, the first Electronic Information Co-operation Forum between Mongolia and China took place in Hohhot, the provincial capital of Inner Mongolia. Representatives of the electronic information sector of Mongolia and China are participating the forum which was held at the Juva Grand Hotel.

The two sides are discussing about joint production and information exchange. The forum concludes today.

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Workshop begins on ensuring realization of Vienna Program of Action

Ulaanbaatar, April 27 (MONTSAME) This workshop on mainstreaming the 2014-2024 Vienna Program of Action commenced Wednesday at our Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

This action has been co-run by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, International Think-Tank for Landlocked Developing Countries, and UN Office of the High Representative for the Least Developed Countries, Landlocked Developing Countries and Small Island Developing Countries. 

It has brought together representative and officials from several Ministries, General Authority of Customs, Mongolian National Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Institute of National Development, Mongolian National University, and other institutions.

Main objectives of the national workshop are to intensify a development of the Vienna Program of Action adopted in 2014 and to discuss issues of governmental works on realizing this program and of ensuring roles of state organs, NGOs, the private sector, scientific institutions and scholars in the program's implementation.

To continue until April 28, the event will also run a number of sessions, panel sessions, with presentations by a number of speakers from our government and from selected UN and other international organizations. Interactive discussion and views exchange are also expected.

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Health, Education

"Closing immunization gap is possible"

Ulaanbaatar, April 27 (MONTSAME) World Immunization Week is a global public health campaign that raises an awareness and increases rates of immunization against vaccine-preventable diseases around the world. It takes place each year during the last week of April.

Immunization prevents illness, disability and death from vaccine-preventable diseases like measles, polio, tetanus and pneumonia. Immunization currently averts an estimated 2 to 3 million deaths worldwide every year. However, an estimated 18.7 million infants worldwide are still missing out on basic vaccines. Worldwide almost a third of deaths of all children under-5 caused by diseases that can be prevented by vaccines. In other words, a child dies every 20 seconds from a vaccine-preventable disease.

Mongolia has a high immunization coverage rate of over 95 percent. History of immunization activities in Mongolia dates back to 17th century. With the introduction of European medicine, a disease specific immunization responses were taken in 1930s such as vaccine against smallpox. National Immunization Programme was successfully implemented in 1960s, and the Expanded Programme on Immunization (EPI) was established in 1990s.

Mongolia's traditional medicine with rich history of immunization related activity, leadership and support by the government have laid the groundwork for today's achievement including a strong immunization Law and EPI programme. In addition, Mongolia eradicated polio in 2000. Newborn tetanus was not registered since 1992.

In Mongolia, UNICEF joined to support National EPI programme since the early 1990s. UNICEF's main area of support for immunization was building and strengthening cold chain, reaching the most unreached, advocating for budget allocation for immunization, capacity building for grass root health workers and communication activities.

Starting in 2000, UNICEF has supported the Ministry of Health to procure vaccines at the affordable cost with predictable timeline and assured safety. Through Reaching Every District Strategy (REDS), UNICEF helps ensure that every child receives essential vaccines. A two-year old Bulgan-Erdene is one of them who is healthy and protected from diseases thanks to routine immunization.

UNICEF also supports not only routine immunization programme but also provides support for supplementary immunization campaigns during outbreaks. For 2015 measles outbreak, UNICEF Mongolia supported the Government by supplying vaccines and Vitamin A. Furthermore, UNICEF supported management of information and communication activities and dissemination of preventive messages among general public. The supplementary immunization campaign in May 2015 reached 94 per cent coverage, protecting 347,685 children aged 6 months to 5 years from measles. 

However, a work still needs in immunization programme. Vaccine hesitancy has been increasing among the general public under the influence from foreign vaccine hesitant groups and information on social media and internet. UNICEF will support the government to address this issue in an effective manner.

Budget allocation in delivering timely outreach services to remote areas and new vaccine introduction are key areas that needs further improvement. Continuous strengthening of routine immunization service should be done with focus on disadvantaged children, especially those living in remote areas.

With the past twenty years' achievement in hand, closing immunization gap in Mongolia is possible, writes Surenchimeg Vanchinkhuu, the Health Specialist at UNICEF in Mongolia.

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Culture, Society

St. Petersburg Cultural Days Being Held in Ulaanbaatar

Ulaanbaatar, April 27 (MONTSAME) In frames of ongoing cultural days of Russia's Saint Petersburg city in Ulaanbaatar, a delegation of Russia led by A.N.Voronko, the first deputy head of the Cultural Committee of Saint Petersburg city, is paying a visit here.

On Wednesday, the delegation was received by D.Battulga, the head of the Citizens' Representative Khural (council), and Ts.Enkhtsengel, a Deputy Mayor of UB on social development affairs. The sides exchanged views on the cooperation between the two cities. 

Within the cultural days' events, which will continue until April 29, ceremonies will take place to open a photo exhibition, dedicated to the 90th anniversary of the Central Asian expedition, and another exhibition named "Book about nomadic Mongolians--Trip around time and space" in Ulaanbaatar.

In addition, a concert of the opera theatre of Saint Petersburg will be staged at the Academic Theatre of Opera and Ballet.

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Mogi: lol, happy it's still making news

Experts stunned after finding 1,500-year-old mummy wearing 'red ADIDAS trainers'

The human remains appear to be wearing a pair of red trainers complete with a set of three distinctive white stripes

April 27 (The Mirror) A bizarre video shows mummified remains found in a Mongolian cave - that appear to be wearing a pair of Adidas trainers .

Archaeologists unearthed the 1,500-year-old female mummy, which seemed to be wearing red boots with three distinctive white stripes, an emblem which is now synonymous with the sports brand.

The body was found Mongolia's Altai Mountains, 2,800 metres above sea level.

And as soon as the video was released online, many viewers immediately pointed out the familiarity of the mummy's footwear.

Experts claim the woman was actually wearing simple footwear with three white bands to hold it in place.

The body was preserved so well due to a year-round temperature of almost zero degrees in the cave where it was found.

B. Sukhbaatar, Information Database Specialist at the Khovd Museum, said: "We found the stone burial in the mountains at an altitude of 2,800 metres.

"The average temperatures is from two to four degrees above zero Celsius, and it was about zero degrees in the cave. Therefore, the body is well preserved."

In addition to the human remains, an entire horse with a saddle was also found.

Clothes, an iron kettle, a clay vase and a bowl were also scattered on the ground.

Archaeologists believe the cave is part of an ancient Turkic burial site.

The Turkic peoples are a collection of ethnic groups that live in central, eastern, northern and western Asia, as well as parts of eastern Europe.

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Nature, Environment


April 28 (PRWIRE) Last night John Feely was crowned Australia's Top Emerging Photographer. Today Feely launches his first exhibition capturing Western Mongolian nomadic life to international critical acclaim.

The Outsider by John Feely: Head On Photo Festival, Gaffa Gallery, 281 Clarence Street, Sydney,28 April – 9 May

John Feely is available for interview and selected images are available for use.

Please contact Emma Rusher or 0423 214 626 for more information.


'John Feely's The Outsider is a remarkable achievement that shows Feely's exceptional talent not only as a photographer but as a story teller. One can only get images this rich and poignant by developing a real connection and understanding with their subject matter. Feely more than succeeds in this body of work.' 
— Simon Harsent, peer-voted world number 1 photographer and Cannes Gold Lion award-winner.

'John Feely critiques the shifting margins of Mongolian society by exploring life on the frontier between traditionalism and modernity. With an unsentimental but empathetic sensibility, Feely gives insight into the complexities of globalisation by penetrating the last bastions of a world gone by,'
— Adam Ferguson, Time Magazine and New York Times photojournalist

'Beautiful and poignant work of John Feely, spend with the nomads of Mongolia. We are all aware how saturated the medium of photography has become. In this maelstrom you find here a rare work of compassion and self discovery.'
— Ingvar Keene, Photographer


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Final list announced of judokas to compete at Rio

April 27 ( Mongolian Judo Federation officially declared the judokas to compete at 2016 Summer Olympics. 

More than two judokas qualified for the 2016 Summer Olympics in male -60 kg, -66 kg, -73 kg, -81 kg and female -52 kg divisions. The final decision of the Mongolian Judo Federation was made after holding two meeting. 

Following judokas to represent Mongolia at 2016 Summer Olympics. 

Male -60 kg TSOGTBAATAR Tsend-Ochir

Male 66 kg TUMURHULEG Davaadorj

Male -73 kg ODBAYAR Ganbaatar

Male -81 kg UUGANBAATAR Otgonbaatar 

Male -90 kg OTGONBAATAR Lhagvasuren

Male -100 kg TUVSHINBAYAR Naidan,  the 2008 Olympic Champion, 2012 Olympic silver medalist, 2014 Asian Games champion, 2015 World Bronze medalist, 2016 Asian Championship Gold medalist, 2007 silver medalist and two-time (2008,2011) bronze medalist in -100 kg division.

Female -48 kg URANTSETSEG Munkhbat

Female -52 kg TSOLMON Adiyasambuu 

Female -57 kg SUMIYA Dorjsuren

Female -63 kg MUNHZAYA Tsedevsuren 

Female -70 kg NARANJARGAL Tsend-Ayush 

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Art, Entertainment

Zanabazar Museum to Showcase Works of Salvador Dali and Picasso

Ulaanbaatar, April 27 (MONTSAME) Nearly 200 paintings and sculptures by Salvador Dali and Pablo Picasso are to be shown at the Zanabazar Fine Art Museum in Ulaanbaatar this April 29-May 29.

Alexander Shadrin, a "great art" collector ranking fourth in the world, from Russia's Ekaterinburg, decided to show his collections here. Among them are famous "Four Dancers" by Picasso and "Horse Saddled with Time" by Salvador Dali.

A part of the profit from the ticket sales will be donated to the Zanabazar Fine Art Museum.

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