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[New ministers named except transport, TRQ cuts output forecast, Aspire confirms rail concession, and inflation falls, exports rise]

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, 2014

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Overseas Market

TRQ closed flat Monday at US$3.47

UPDATE 1-Turquoise Hill cuts Oyu Tolgoi 2014 gold, copper output forecast

Oct 14 (Reuters) - Turquoise Hill Resources Ltd on Tuesday reduced its 2014 forecasts for gold and copper production at the massive Oyu Tolgoi copper-gold mine in Mongolia because of delays in mine development in the third quarter.

The miner, which owns some 66 percent of Oyu Tolgoi, said it now expects the mine to produce between 550,000 and 600,000 ounces of gold in concentrates this year, down from the 600,000 to 700,000 ounces it had forecast in August.

It also reduced its expectation for copper concentrate output to between 135,000 tonnes and 150,000 tonnes this year, down from a range of 135,000 tonnes to 160,000 tonnes before.

Turquoise Hill is majority owned by global miner Rio Tinto Plc , which operates the Oyu Tolgoi mine.

Vancouver-headquartered Turquoise Hill is in talks with the Mongolian government, which owns the rest of Oyu Tolgoi, to resolve issues that have delayed the mine's underground expansion.

It gave no further details on the talks in the third-quarter production statement released on Tuesday.

It said Oyu Tolgoi produced 36,600 tonnes of copper and 132,000 ounces of gold in concentrates in the third quarter, in line with the second quarter as higher copper grades offset lower throughput. Throughput fell due to the failure of rake arms in one of the mine's two tailings thickeners, as previously announced.

Operating cash costs are expected to fall by about $130 million this year from a total of $1 billion, Turquoise Hill said, as Oyu Tolgoi, like other miners, focuses on cutting costs at a time of lower metal prices.

Turquoise Hill said it has also reduced expected capital expenditure for the year to about $110 million from $160 million before

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Rio Tinto defends expansion strategy as iron ore output surgesFT, October 15


Wolf Petroleum heads to market

October 14 (Proactive Investors) Wolf Petroleum (ASX:WOF) is set to raise capital and has been granted an ASX trading halt.

The company is the largest petroleum acreage holder in Mongolia with over 18 million acres and drill ready prospects with potential to host 460 million to 2.2 billion barrels of oil.

These include the SB Block where ground geophysical programs have identified one of the largest sub basins with an area of over 3,500 square kilometres.

In addition, 450 kilometres of 2D seismic have been acquired with interpretation revealing large structural and stratigraphic traps.

Geochemical results have identified high quality light oil microseeps within seismic shot hole samples.

It is currently discussing farm-out deals with potential strategic partners and is planning to carry out drilling programs.

The BU Block is proximal to PetroChina's multi billion barrel oil field in Mongolia.

Ground geological and geophysical programs have been completed along with 330 kilometres of 2D seismic that identified 22 leads.

Adding to the interest, Wolf's acreage is located close to the Chinese border and refining capacity.

The halt will last until the earlier of the announcement being made or the commencement of trading on Friday, 17 October 2014.

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Guildford Coal: Baruun Noyon Uul Second Trial Coal Shipment Update

October 15 -- Guildford Coal Limited (Guildford or the Company) (ASX: GUF) is pleased to announce that shipment of the second trial batch of coal (14,300t) from the Baruun Noyon Uul (BNU) has commenced. Testing of this batch of coal is due to be completed by 30 October and the Company expects that testing will confirm more favourable results than the first trial batch of BNU coal, as coal has been taken direct from the mine rather than the long term mine stockpile and efficiencies of the washplant have improved.

The Company intends to ramp up production in the coming months, with preparation for mining to be conducted throughout November and full-scale production targeted in early 2015 as follows:


Target Production

December 2014

25,000 tonnes

January 2015

35,000 tonnes

February 2015

65,000 tonnes

Production is expected to be cash flow positive in 2015, with a targeted margin (per ROM tonne) of $A9-14.

The targeted margin of $A9-14 incorporates the Company's estimate of the impact of the recent announcement by the Chinese Government re-instating coal import tax of 3% on coking coal imports.

The Company remains confident that it will be able to negotiate a profitable offtake agreement to secure the operation of the BNU mine.

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AKM closed -2.3% to A$0.043 Monday

Aspire Mining closer to unlocking Ovoot riches with Government rail support

October 13 (Proactive Investors) Aspire Mining (ASX:AKM) has received support from the Mongolian Government with its proposed Erdenet to Ovoot Railway included in its List of Approved Projects.

This 547 kilometre section of the Northern Rail Line connects the 100%-owned Ovoot Coking Coal Project to the Trans-Mongolian Railway and is key to its development.

The listing follows recent agreements between Russia, China and Mongolia to expand the Trans-Mongolian Railway to assist Mongolian exports and transit freight between Russia and China.

Inclusion of the US$1.3 billion rail line on the Concessions List is a major milestone for Aspire to securing the rail transport to deliver coking coal to international markets.

Under Mongolia's Concession Law, a tender will be called for interested parties to bid for the concession right to build-operate-transfer

Aspire said it encouraged other interested parties to participate and would welcome participation in a consortium approach.

"The inclusion in the official list of concessions for this important piece of infrastructure in Northern Mongolia unlocks the opportunity for the development of not only the Ovoot Project, but other resource projects in the area and to support agricultural expansion in the region," managing director David Paull said.

Ovoot Coking Coal is capable of producing 188 million tonnes of saleable blending coking coal over a 21 year life with rail access.

Northern Railways

Northern Railways has been progressing the US$1.3 billion Erdenet to Ovoot railway development with several studies completed to date.

A pre-feasibility study was completed in April 2013, with an on-the-ground field study completed in September 2013 confirming the engineering and operational viability of the railway.

The rail line is designed for total capacity to carry 22 million tonnes per annum and will also carry passengers, general freight, agricultural products and bulk commodities.

Aspire has received several non-binding financing Expressions of Interest from a number of parties totalling US$1.3 billion.

Ovoot Coking Coal

The Ovoot Coking Coal Project in northwestern Mongolia has a JORC Resource of 255 million tonnes and is the country's second largest coking coal reserve behind the government-owned Tavan Tolgoi project.

Initial production is estimated to commence in 2018, producing 5 million tonnes per annum of saleable coking coal and increasing in subsequent years to achieve full scale production of up to 10Mtpa from both the open pit and underground operations.

Capital costs to achieve initial production is estimated at US$144 million with operating costs of between US$76 and US$86 per tonnes Free-On Rail at the Chinese border for the first two years of operation, and between US$82 and US S$92/t over the first five years.

The project – along with the Tavan Tolgoi – has also been recognised as one of the key potential coal suppliers to Mongolia's Sainshand Industrial Park.

Current offtake interest in Ovoot coking coal exceeds targeted production with MoUs signed for up to 7.4 million tonnes per annum, or 148% of planned initial production.

It has also signed a non-binding MoU to sell up to 250,000 tonnes of oxidised coal per annum to Zavkhan Power Station about 70 kilometres south of Ovoot.

This provides a potential revenue stream from a product that would otherwise have been considered a waste material.

The MoU includes the construction of transmission infrastructure that will allow the supply of 35 megawatts of power per year to Ovoot.


The inclusion of the Erdenet to Ovoot Railway on the Mongolian Government's List of Approved Projects unlocks the opportunity for the development of the Ovoot Coking Coal Project.

It follows on recent rail and trade agreements that Mongolia has reached with Russia and China as well as the strong interest in Ovoot coking coal.

Aspire has also entered into an advisory mandate with corporate advisory firm and investment house Argonaut to progress the project.

Proactive Investors continues to maintain a 6 – 9 months share price target of $0.125 per share subject to the Northern Rail Line concession being granted for NRL.

Aspire had $3.5 million in cash as of 30 June 2014.

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MMC: Enkhtuvshin Gombo Resigns, Gankhuyag Adilbish Appointed as Non-Executive Director

The Board announces that Ms. Enkhtuvshin Gombo has resigned from her position as non-executive Director and Mr. Gankhuyag Adilbish has been appointed as a non-executive Director with effect from 13 October 2014.

October 13, Mongolian Mining Corp. (HKEx:975) --


Mr. Adilbish has been appointed as a member of the Audit Committee in place of Ms. Gombo, who has ceased to be a non-executive Director of the Company with effect from 13 October 2014.

The Board wishes to express its warm welcome to Mr. Adilbish on his appointment as the non-executive Director.

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Local Market

MSE News for October 13: Top 20 -0.35% to 15,653.52, Turnover 41.8 Million

Ulaanbaatar, October 13 (MONTSAME) At the Stock Exchange trades on Monday, a total of 101 thousand and 612 shares of 17 JSCs were traded costing MNT 41 million 770 thousand and 428.00.

"Genco tour bureau" /34 thousand and 619 units/, "Khokh gan" /26 thousand and 233 units/, "Hai Bi Oil" /25 thousand and 007 units/, "Olloo" /10 thousand and 062 units/ and "APU" /4,494 units/ were the most actively traded in terms of trading volume, in terms of trading value were "APU" (MNT 16 million 629 thousand and 230), "Hai Bi Oil" (MNT nine million 779 thousand and 870), "Khokh gan" (MNT two million 999 thousand and 226), "Genco tour bureau" (MNT two million 838 thousand and 619) and "Gobi" (MNT one million 618 thousand and 500).

The total market capitalization was set at MNT one trillion 571 billion 583 million 418 thousand and 173. The Index of Top-20 JSCs was 15,653.52, decreasing 54.71 units or 0.35% against the previous day.

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MSE News for October 14: Top 20 +0.32% to 15,703.3, Turnover 13.8 Million

Ulaanbaatar, October 14 (MONTSAME) At the Stock Exchange trades on Tuesday, a total of 36 thousand and 155 shares of 16 JSCs were traded costing MNT 13 million 804 thousand and 171.00.

"Khokh gan" /21 thousand and 300 units/, "Genco tour bureau" /10 thousand and 100 units/, "E-trans logistics" /1,801 units/, "State Department Store" /749 units/ and "Merex" /694 units/ were the most actively traded in terms of trading volume, in terms of trading value were "Gobi" (MNT three million 562 thousand and 990), "Khkokh gan" (MNT two million 491 thousand and 500), "Atar-Orgoo" (MNT two million and 244 thousand), "UB-BUK" (MNT two million and 152 thousand) and "Khasu-mandal" (MNT one million 287 thousand and 400).

The total market capitalization was set at MNT one trillion 578 billion 080 million 754 thousand and 715. The Index of Top-20 JSCs was 15,703.30, increasing 49.78 units or 0.32% against the previous day.

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Early morning on-cash USD rates: Khan (Buy 1,840 Sell 1,848), TDB (Buy 1,840 Sell 1,848), Golomt (Buy 1,842 Sell 1,848), XacBank (Buy 1,840 Sell 1,848), State Bank (Buy 1,838 Sell 1,848)

BoM MNT Rates: Tuesday, October 14 Close

















































October MNT vs USD, CNY Chart:


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BoM FX auction: US$10m sold at 1,848.55, CNY10m at 301.63, accepts $30m MNT swap offers

October 14 (Bank of Mongolia) On the Foreign Exchange Auction held on October 14th, 2014 the BOM has received bid offer of 36.2 million USD as closing rate of MNT 1845.51-1849.12 and 134.1 million CNY as closing rate of MNT 301.31-302.0 from local commercial banks. The BOM has sold 10.0 million USD as closing rate of MNT 1848.55 and 10.0 million CNY as closing rate of MNT 301.63.

On October 14th, 2014, The BOM has received MNT Swap agreement offer in equivalent to 30.0 million USD from local commercial banks and accepted the offer.

See also:

·         FX Auction Statistics

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BoM issues 215 billion 1-week bills, total outstanding +35.5% to ₮480.3 billion

October 13 (Bank of Mongolia) BoM issues 1 week bills worth MNT 215 billion at a weighted interest rate of 12.0 percent per annum /For previous auctions click here/

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Mongolia: Inflation Eases to 13% in September from 13.7% in August

October 13 (BoM) --

Ulaanbaatar city




2014 / 09




2014 / 08




2014 / 07




2014 / 06




2014 / 05




2014 / 04




2014 / 03




2014 / 02




2014 / 01




2013 / 12




2013 / 11




2013 / 10




2013 / 09









2014 / 09




2014 / 08




2014 / 07




2014 / 06




2014 / 05




2014 / 04




2014 / 03




2014 / 02




2014 / 01




2013 / 12




2013 / 11




2013 / 10




2013 / 09




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Mongolia Jan.-Sept. Copper Concentrate Exports Near 1m Tons

By Michael Kohn

Oct. 13 (Bloomberg) -- Mongolia exports of copper concentrate rose to 966,200t in first 9 months of 2014 from 469,200t yr earlier, National Statistical Office says on its website.

* Value of copper concentrate exports rose to $1.68b from $679.7m a yr earlier: statement

* Coal exports rose to 13.49m tons in first 9 months of 2014 compared to 11.38m tons in same period yr earlier; value of coal exports fell to $633.5m from $783.9m: statement

* Mongolia exported 4.157m tons of iron ore in first 9 months compared to 4.7m tons a yr earlier; value of iron ore exports fell to $314.3m from $478.1m: statement

* Crude oil exports rose to 5.1m barrels in first 9 months compared to 3.53m barrels in same period yr earlier: statement

* Mongolia's exports to China in first nine months reached $3.6b out of total $4b

* Minerals products exports in first nine months were valued at $3.35b: statement



NPLs, M2 Fall in September, Up 9.9%, 18.7% Respectively from 2013

Ulaanbaatar, October 14 (MONTSAME) According to the Bank of Mongolia, money supply (broad money or M2) reached MNT 10.1 trillion at the end of September, decreasing MNT 65.4 billion or 0.6 percent from the previous month, but increasing 1.6 trillion or 18.7 percent against the same period of 2013.

Currency issued in circulation in September reached MNT 827.3 billion, going up by 52.8 billion or 6.0 percent from the previous month, and going down by MNT 47.7 billion or 5.4 percent against the same period of 2013.

Outstanding loans of 2014 amounted to MNT 12.6 trillion at the end of September, increasing MNT 273.1 billion or by 2.2 percent from the previous month and by 2.5 trillion or by 24.2 percent against the same period of the previous year.

Principals in arrears reached MNT 464.6 billion at the end of September, showing a decrease of MNT 62.5 billion or of 11.9 percent from the previous month, and going up MNT 311.1 billion or three times compared to the same period of the previous year.

At the end of September, non-performing loans over the bank system reached MNT 590.4 billion, decreasing MNT 29.6 billion or by 4.8 percent against the previous month, but increasing MNT 53.2 billion or 9.9 percent against the same period of 2013. 

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Politics & Legal

Mogi: transport minister not nominated

Mongolia Taps Jigjid as New Minister for Mining and Energy

By Michael Kohn

Oct. 15 (Bloomberg) -- Jigjid Rentsendoo, Mongolia's State Secretary for the Ministry of Mining and Energy, has been nominated as Minister of Mining and Energy, Batkhand Osormaa, the head of press and public relations department of the State Great Hural, said by phone.

* If nomination approved by parliament, Jigjid would replace current minister Gankhuyag Davaajav

* Zorigt Dashzeveg, a member of parliament, has been nominated as Minister of Finance: Batkhand

* Purevsuren Lundeg, the National Security and Foreign Policy Adviser to the President of Mongolia, has been nominated for the position of Minister of Foreign Affairs and Economic Cooperation: Batkhand

* NOTE: The resolution to nominate the three candidates also includes a motion to dismiss the following ministers: Bold Luvsanvandan (Minister of Foreign Affairs and Economic Cooperation), Bayarsaikhan Tsevelmaa (Minister of Construction and Urban Development), Gansukh Amarajargal (Minister of Roads and Transportation), Sonompil Mishig (Minister of Energy), Gankhuyag Davaajav (Minister of Mining), Ulaan Chultem (Minister of Finance) and Batbayar Nyamjav (Minister of Economic Development)



MPP submits bill to cut corporate income tax for SMEs to 1%

Ulaanbaatar, October 14 (MONTSAME) Draft amendments to the law on "Economic entity income tax" was presented Monday to the Speaker Z.Enkhbold by Ya.Sodbaatar, D.Sarangerel, N.Nomtoibayar and L.Enkh-Amgalan MPs.

The said the new draft has been developed in order to support wealth creators in overcoming an  economic crisis with less damage, to decrease taxes burden on middle class and entrepreneurs who make up most of the private businesses in the country, to reduce a complexity in tax report processes. This is also considered as of high importance in improving the investments conditions, economic intensification, and promoting the private sector. A number of Economic Entity Income Tax payers reached 78,748 by 2012, the sales incomes of the entities that make 1.5 billion Togrog or more a year cover 13-15 percent of the total sales revenue. "Making these changes to the tax law will provide transparency in economic and business entities, reduce workload of the tax offices and reduce the administration costs, and will establish trust between public and private organizations," said the MPs. 

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Construction Ministry Conducts Training on Euro Codes for Civil Engineers

By B. Amarsaikhan

Ulaanbaatar, October 14 (MONTSAME) The Ministry of Construction and Urban Development has organized a training for design engineers from over 30 construction companies in order to give them an understanding about the Euro codes.

These codes are a set of harmonized technical rules developed by the European Committee for Standardization for the structural design of construction works in the European Union.

The training has been run by Prof. from Department of Reinforced Concrete and Masonry Structures of the Moscow State University of Civil Engineering A.Plotnikov, a senior Prof. at the department A.N.Klimov, and assistant Prof. at Department of Metal Structrure of the university A.I.Danilov.

The purposes of the Euro codes are a means to prove compliance with the requirements for mechanical strength and stability and safety in case of fire established by European Union law; a basis for construction and engineering contract specifications; a framework for creating harmonized technical specifications for building products. The codes help improve competitiveness of organizations, manufacturers, executors and designers in civil engineering.

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State Bank to Issue JCB Debit Card in Mongolia

Tokyo and Ulan Bator, Oct 14, 2014 - (ACN Newswire) - JCB International Co, Ltd. ("JCBI"), the international operations subsidiary of JCB, and State Bank, a government-run bank in Mongolia, are pleased to announce a new partnership for issuing JCB branded cards to the people of Mongolia. State Bank plans to launch debit card issuing in the spring of 2015. This will mark the first JCB card issuance in Mongolia.

Kimihisa Imada, Deputy President of JCBI stated, "The new card issuing partnership with State Bank offers JCBI the opportunity to launch the JCB brand in Mongolia, a market with a high potential for growth in both issuing and acquiring business, as the central bank is making progress on building the payments infrastructure. I am delighted that the partnership enables State Bank and JCBI to provide people in Mongolia with more attractive services such as JCB Plaza Lounges and other T&E services that embody the Japanese spirit of hospitality."

D.Batsaikhan, CEO of State Bank said, "State Bank has started to accept JCB cards in 270 ATMs, 1600 merchants and 540 branches through Bank of Mongolia since March 2014. Since then, we have stepped forth our partnership to the next level as the first issuer of JCB card in Mongolia. It is a very honor for us to have such a world brand as a partner. We are aiming to provide services to the tourist and travelers on business from both countries and also for the Mongolian people who are living and studying in Japan. We would like to offer services which will match the needs of the customers with JCB cards between two countries, which can provide more worthwhile services to our customers. We hope that our partnership will introduce more attractive services to both countries' customers."

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Mongolia will never host US military base - president

"When we ask Mongolian residents with which country it is necessary to cooperate, statistics show 60% prefer Russia," Tsakhiagiin Elbegdorj said

MOSCOW, October 13. /TASS/. Mongolia will never host an American military base, Mongolian President Tsakhiagiin Elbegdorj said Monday in an exclusive interview with TASS.

"When we ask Mongolian residents with which country it is necessary to cooperate, statistics show 60% prefer Russia, 15-20% choose China," Elbegdorj, who was in Moscow for several hours prior to his visit to Europe, said.

"The [rest of the] world is our third neighbor. Of course, we want to have good relations with all other countries. It's good for our neighbors too, because there appear more opportunities for investment," he said.

"When someone somewhere asks whether an American military base may appear on Mongolian territory, [I can say:] it will never be like that," Elbegdorj said.

He recalled that Mongolia's Constitution bans deployment of foreign military bases on the country's territory.

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Ambassador of Mongolia to Indonesia Sh.Battsetseg Accredited

October 14 ( Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Mongolia to the Republic of Indonesia Mrs. Shagdar BATTSETSEG presented a Letter of Credence to the President of Indonesia, H.E. Mr. Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono on October 13, 2014.

Following the credential handing ceremony, Ambassador Sh.Battsetseg conveyed greetings of President of Mongolia Ts.Elbegdorj and noted that bilateral traditional friendly relations have been developing since the establishment of diplomatic ties between the two countries. In particular, the state visit by incumbent President of the Republic of Indonesia paid to Mongolia in September 2012 opened a new page in the history of bilateral relations.

The Indonesian President conveyed heartfelt greetings to his Mongolian counterpart and underlined democratic developments in Mongolia. Mr. Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono highlighted that Indonesia pays a great importance to bilateral ties and wished a successful endeavor to newly accredited Ambassador of Mongolia to Indonesia.

Mongolia and the Republic of Indonesia have established the diplomatic relations on December 22, 1956.

The Government of Mongolia decided to open its Embassy in Jakarta in 2013 and Ambassador of Mongolia to Indonesia Sh.Battsetseg was promoted at the Cabinet meeting held on April 12, 2014.

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Ambassador to Indonesia Presents CredentialsMontsame, October 14


Mongolia capitalises on IM4DC networking opportunities

by Mandakhbat Sereenov

October 9 -- During attendance of the IM4DC Masterclass on Resource Governance (June 30- July 25, 2014, Brisbane) Mongolian participants Dr Baatartsogt Baldorj and Mr Mandakhbat Sereenov successfully capitalised on networking opportunities during IM4DC training in Brisbane.

Mongolia-Australia Partners for Development Inc (MAP4D)

Mr Mandakhbat Sereenov was appointed as Acting Director of newly formed Mongolia-Australia Partners for Development Inc (MAP4D) MAP4D jointly with Allens, a leading Australia law firm, successfully held an information session on the latest amendments to Mongolian Minerals Law. The main speaker of the event was Dr Baatartsogt Baldorj, Director of Geological Policy Division at the Ministry of Mines of Mongolia. Glenys Hodges, Special Counsel at Allens and Mr Mandakhbat Sereenov shared their insights on the current legal and investment environment in Mongolia.

The information session provided good opportunities to network and develop relationships amongst representatives of various organizations, institutions and companies including Allens Linklaters, Rio Tinto, ARViN monspar, The University of Queensland, Griffith University, Central Queensland University, AMC Mining Consultants, Xstract Mining consultants, AusIMM-The Minerals Institute, CRIRSCO (Committee for Mineral Reserves International Reporting Standards) and JORC (Joint Ore Reserves Committee).
Mongolian Professional Institute of Geoscience and Mining (MPIGM), AusIMM and JORC

Dr Baatartsogt and Mr Mandakhbat met Mr Geoff Sharrock, the President of AusIMM during the Life of Mine conference in Brisbane as part of their IM4DC Masterclass on Resource Governance. As a long-term member of AusIMM and Board Member of Mongolian Professional Institute of Geoscience and Mining (MPIGM) Dr Baatartsogt asked Mr Geoff about opportunities for MPIGM to collaborate with AusIMM. Mandakhbat also invited Mr Geoff to attend the information session on Mongolian Minerals Law.

Mr Sharrock kindly accepted the both invitations. Moreover, Mr Sharrock arranged the meeting with Deputy Chairman of JORC Peter Stoker and Secretary of JORC Ian Goddard to discuss the possible opportunity of MPIGM to become a member of JORC and CRIRSCO. The meeting was very successful as the leaders of JORC and Australia's representative at CRIRSCO Mr Peter Stoker and Ian Goddard were initially satisfied with Mongolia's effort to become a Recognised Professional Organisation (RPO) for JORC and CRIRSCO. Mongolia will host the CRIRSCO annual meeting in October 2014 in Ulaanbaatar. As a result of the meeting the AusIMM and MPIGM will exchange of Letters of Intent to conclude Memorandum of Understanding. Most likely Mongolia will use an opportunity to apply for Recognised Professional Organisation (RPO) in JORC.

Geological Survey of Queensland

After hearing Mongolia's intention to establish a Geological Survey Office and improve its Geoscience database; Mr Stoker facilitated a meeting with Geological Survey of Queensland in Brisbane. Brad John and his team introduced their organisational structure and how their database works for the public. The two hour demonstration of Queensland Geological survey database was very impressive.

Extensive training, opportunities to work on return to work projects and inclusion of networking opportunities such as conference, alumni forum and guest speakers have opened up wider opportunities for IM4DC Alumni members to capitalize on their time in Australia.

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Social, Environmental & Other

World Bank and Ministry of Education support early childhood education in Mongolia

Ulaanbaatar, October 13, 2014 (World Bank) --  For over 20 years the World Bank has supported the Mongolian government's educations reforms and has implemented a total of 46.8 mln dollars grant to the education sector.

The World Bank and the Ministry of Education and Science began the implementation of the Early Childhood Education Project with the grant from the Global Partnership for Education of 10 million dollars in 2012.

The aim of the Global Partnership for Education – Early Childhood Education (GPE-ECE) Project is to provide access to early childhood education for children in disadvantaged communities and reduce the social  inequality in Mongolia. This aim of involving herders' children in early childhood education is being achieved by increasing access to preschool education, creating alternative preschool classes, improving teaching and learning environment, and  providing learning materials, furniture, equipment and toys.

"We are delighted to be assisting Mongolia in educating its younger generation" said James Anderson, the Country Manager of the World Bank to Mongolia. "The Early Childhood Education Project strives to ensure that all children have access to education, that all can share opportunities for prosperity, a key goal of the World Bank Group."

One hundred ger-kindergartens were supplied and distributed to rural areas of 100 soums of 14 aimags with large populations of herders' children and where the pre-school enrollment rate is especially low. Each year 2,500 children have benefited and ger kindergartens are providing a convenient way for children of herder families to get early childhood education.

"The mobile ger kindergartens have become an important tool to increase the preschool enrollment in rural areas. The newly built kindergartens in Ulaanbaatar city and the ger-kindergartens will help children develop the skills to succeed throughout their education and throughout their lives." said the team leader of the project Prateek Tandon.

Under this project, 17 new kindergartens with the capacity of 100 children each are being built in 8 districts of Ulaanbaatar. Furniture, kitchen and other equipment, indoor and outdoor playground toys, carpets and bedding are also supplied to the newly built kindergartens.

Presently, the State Professional Commission has approved the completed buildings of 10 kindergartens that began their operations; the remaining 7 will be completed by end of October this year. These kindergartens will provide a child-friendly environment and offer high quality learning conditions for over 1,700 children in Ulaanbaatar including remote districts  such as Bagakhangai, Baganuur and Nalaikh.

Initial survey results have shown the satisfaction of local communities. Teachers, rural soum governors, parents of the students and remote herders have expressed strong support for the project's interventions and the improvement of the delivery of these services.


SPEECH: Remarks by James Anderson, Country Manager for Mongolia

PROJECT: Mongolia Global Partnership for Education Early Childhood Education Project

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Two Naadam Wrestlers Fail Doping Tests

October 14 ( On October 13, 2014, Mongolian National Wrestling Federation (MNWF) called a press conference regarding the doping test summary collected from 16 winners after Fifth Round in traditional wrestling tournament at the 2014 National Naadam Festival held in Ulaanbaatar.

According to statement, the MNWF claims that the drug test probe No. 2826916 collected from Ulsyn Nachin (State Falcon - title) N.Adiyabat, resident of Tariat Sum of Arkhangai Aimag and the probe No. 2826940 from Ulsyn Nachin B.Sumanchuluun, resident of Tonkhil Sum of Govi-Altai Aimag, show negative results, in other words, these athletes used a drug that contains chemical substances registered in the list of banned drugs.

According to the regulation of the National Naadam Festival, samples are usually collected from 16 winners of the traditional wrestling and each participant is asked to provide a urine sample, which is divided into two as A and B samples. If an A-sample is revealed the presence of a prohibited substance, which tested at the laboratory of Anti-Doping Center of Mongolia, the athlete can request for re-test sending the B-sample abroad on his own expenses.

However, above two wrestlers did not recognize the A-samples result issued on August 22, 2014, thereof the Anti-Doping Center sent their B-samples to South Korea for re-test. Afterwards, Korea Institute of Science and Technology affirmed the B samples result as same as A-samples in an official respond sent on September 08, 2014.

Currently, the MNWF is not revealed yet its final decisions, but according to rule, a wrestler who uses banned performance enhancing drugs is confiscated his state title achieved in certain year or banned to participate in wrestling competitions up to two years.

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The wrestlers who fail doping test, October 14


Annual Army Drafting Commences Friday

October 14 ( Welcoming home veterans who have served in the army will be held on October 15th in accordance with the city governor`s resolution to conduct demobilization and recruitment.

Recruiting new soldiers and contract servicemen to the army will be organized between October 17-19th of 2014.

The registration will be held on October 17- 19th for men who are fitted for military service between the ages of 18 and 35.

The recruiting will be held at the following secondary schools:

Bayangol district – 96th secondary school

Bayanzurkh district – 53rd secondary school

Sukhbaatar district – 31st secondary school

Songinokhairkhan district – 83rd secondary school

Khan-Uul district – 34th secondary school

Chingeltei district – 24th secondary school

Nalaikh district – Local occupational training center

Bagakhangai district – Cultural palace

Baganuur district -will be organized during the next registration period

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The Human Spirit: Out in Mongolia

'Without saying anything, coloring in embarrassment, Saranchuluun Otgon rolled up her pant leg. Beneath the cloth were the metal wires of a prosthetic foot. Until then, no one on the staff knew.'


(Otgon, wearing her prosthetic, trains for a marathon. She is leading the charge for change in Mongolia as to how people with disabilities are viewed.. (photo credit: COURTESY SUCCESS CHAIN))

October 14 (The Jerusalem Post) Saranchuluun Otgon arrived in Jerusalem in September 2007 with a master's degree in social work from the University of Mongolia.

She was one of the 20-something students at one of the city's most intriguing programs: the foreign student master's degree program at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem's Hadassah Braun School of Public Health.

The course draws health professionals from far-flung countries who are dealing with some of the world's toughest health challenges. Current students are facing Ebola, polio and HIV/AIDS, as well as ongoing issues like maternal and child health and nutrition. Nigeria, China, South Sudan, the Philippines and Haiti were among the countries represented in last year's class, which graduated recently.

The graduates show up at the ceremony in sensational native costume, and sing emotionally in Hebrew. It's a moment I savor every year. Then they go home, taking up challenges in cities and rural outposts; they remain loyal informal ambassadors for Israel.

When Otgon joined the program, she traveled together with a fellow student from Mongolia. The two roomed together in the campus dorms.

In case you're unsure of where Mongolia is, remember that it's a landlocked country bordered by Russia to the north and China to the south, east and west.

Almost half the citizens live in the capital city of Ulan Bator, infamous for air pollution and encircled by formerly nomadic Mongolians who are looking for permanent homes in the city. (By the way, the old term "Outer Mongolia" refers to the historical region of the Qing Dynasty, and is no longer in use. When I grew up, it was a synonym for something obscure and hard to find.) At the recent graduation ceremony, Dr. Yehuda Neumark, director of the Braun School, revealed a story about a former student – Otgon – that she'd finally allowed him to make public.

"Toward the end of the year of her studies, Saranchuluun Otgon came to my office. Without saying anything, coloring in embarrassment, she rolled up her pant leg. Beneath the cloth were the metal wires of a prosthetic foot. Until then, no one on the staff knew.

"The reason for her divulging this to me was that the device wasn't working right. We quickly found our way to a prosthetic devices repair lab in the Talpiot neighborhood of Jerusalem.

When I asked Saranchuluun if anyone in her class knew about her foot, she said no one did except her roommate – her colleague and friend from Mongolia.

"I suggested that it would perhaps be beneficial to share this with others in the public health class, and she replied respectfully but adamantly that she didn't want to."

Why not? Said Neumark, "She explained that in her country, people with disabilities are stigmatized and there is no awareness for handicap accessibility issues, and if it became known, she would never get promoted very high in the system."

So they kept it quiet. She finished the year and went home without any of the other students, or even the social coordinator and staff, knowing her secret.

But now it's out – and not just among her students. A YouTube video making its away around the web reveals Otgon's story. She was born in 1981 in what Mongolians call the Ger District, a hut city without basic sanitation on the edges of the capital. She was a straight-A student, and loved to dance; Otgon wanted to be a dancer when she grew up.

Horseback riding on vacation in the Mongolian plains, naughty kids spooked the horse and Otgon fell. There was no doctor nearby; the elders treated her injury with herbs and tea. When she got back to the city, doctors were puzzled by the continued pain. She was diagnosed as having cancer in her bone (perhaps a lesion that caused the weakness), and began a program of chemotherapy and radiation. When she was 13, her foot was amputated.

Not when Otgon applied for the program in Jerusalem, nor when she was accepted, did she mention her disability.

The technician who repaired her prosthesis in Talpiot was so moved by her story that he fixed the prosthesis for free, and suggested she come in for a tune-up when she was preparing to return home.

She never did share her personal health challenge with her fellow public health graduates.

Still, Dr. Neumark's suggestion percolated.

Go public, he said. You have a story to inspire others.

Back in Ulan Bator, she became a fulltime lecturer at the School of Public Health in the Health Sciences University of Mongolia. Then she spent time at Columbia University in New York.

There too, like in Israel, there was much more openness about disabilities. Today, she's back in Mongolia, working on her PhD. In the meantime, she's married and given birth to a son.

Five months ago, Otgon outed her disability, showing the world her sneaker- clad artificial foot on Facebook.

She founded an NGO called Chain of Success and in April launched a Facebook group, "Let's Run Mongolia!" This summer, she organized Mongolia's first-ever public running event welcoming people with disabilities. Her prosthesis showing, she ran with men and women in wheelchairs, missing arms and legs, blind and deaf. Yes, out there in Mongolia.

Three-hundred participants and 180 volunteers participated in the Let's Run Together marathons.

Several weeks ago, Otgon presented a TED talk for TED-Mongolia on stigma and social change. She was named the Mongolian Junior Chamber of Commerce International person of the year.

Otgon has a new dream: She wants to run in the 42-km. New York City Marathon! She wrote to Neumark: "It's a big challenge! I am running to change social stigma and discrimination toward people like me. Also, I am trying to support other disabled people who like sports in my country. Now I am working on the website to gather money to buy another prosthetic leg for someone, another hand-cycle, a travel ticket for the New York Marathon, etc."

Says Otgon, whom I met briefly when she was here, but has become a Facebook friend of mine, "I'm fed up with being discriminated against and embarrassed."

Still, my favorite part of what she says has to do with all of us without these challenges.

"I'd like to say to all those who have two arms and two legs that they should use them… use them for good!"

The author is a Jerusalem writer who focuses on the wondrous stories of modern Israel. She serves as the Israel director of public relations for Hadassah, the Women's Zionist Organization of America. The views in her columns are her own.

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