Wednesday, October 8, 2014

[BREAKING: SGK approves government restructuring bill, slimming cabinet to 13 ministries]

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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

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Mogi: a few changes to names and duties of the merged ministries during parliament debate, which went on into the night yesterday. Ministry of Infrastructure Development (merged from Ministry of Roads & Transportation and Ministry of Construction & Urban Development) changed to Ministry of Roads, Transportation, Construction & Urban Development. Duties of Heavy Industry will transferred from Ministry of Industry & Agriculture to the newly merged Ministry of Geology, Mining & Energy. Ministry of Foreign Affairs will be renamed Ministry of Foreign Affairs & Economic Cooperation, reflecting the expanded role of the ministry and its minister’s title will become Deputy PM and Foreign Affairs Minister.

Now to see what kind of changes to ministers the PM will submit.

Mongolia's parliament endorses gov't restructuring bill

ULAN BATOR, Oct. 7 (Xinhua) -- Mongolia's lawmakers on Tuesday approved changes in government structure in a bid to clear up overlapping functions and cut off excess staff.

The parliament passed by 73.9 percent of votes a bill diminishing government ministries from the current 16 to 13, with 11 regulatory agencies and 19 implementing agencies.

According to the bill submitted by Prime Minister Norovyn Altankhuyag, Ministries of Finance and Economic Development will be merged into the Finance Ministry; Ministries of Mining and Energy into the Geology, Mining and Energy Ministry; Ministries of Construction and Urban Development and Road and Transport into the Ministry of Infrastructure Development.

Furthermore, the government will appoint a first deputy prime minister and deputy prime minister.

The bill suggests that the foreign minister be a deputy prime minister and that the foreign minister widen foreign cooperation, strengthen economic relations with its neighbors and other foreign countries, and regulate and coordinate foreign relations and collaboration of all ministries.

In connection with it, the first deputy prime minister will be in charge of current deputy prime minister's duties and responsibilities, according to the bill.

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