Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Canrim Resources: September 2014 Monthly Letter

October 7, Canrim Resources Pte Ltd. --

To the Shareholders of Canrim Resources Pte Ltd.,

September was filled with positives for both Mongolia and Canrim. The economy continued to show signs of improvement and Canrim took full advantage of this to conduct high level meetings with several multinational mining and exploration companies, in addition to meeting with relevant Mongolian officials.

Having previously discussed our proprietary geological database, a main ingredient for achieving success in acquiring and developing actionable minerals projects, we continue to grow this archive and position ourselves for both the submission of license applications and secondary market acquisitions.

MRAM having supposed to begin accepting applications for new license areas during the week of September 25th, they subsequently delayed this process due to a technical glitch in their online and processing systems. We look forward to this issue being resolved for we are fully ready to participate in this process where Canrim will submit applications for multiple licenses.

We also continue to meet with several significant multinational minerals exploration and development companies in both Mongolia and Singapore who are either actively investing in Mongolia or are closely watching the improving investment climate. Such conversations will only accelerate as relationships are built with potential joint venture partners or acquirers, leveraging Canrim’s expertise as a credible, diligent, in-country partner who can contribute licenses and operational expertise, a world-class geological team and co-operate on near term production deals.

Mongolian Economic Update:

1.    September 12: FTSE considers Mongolia for possible inclusion in Frontier Markets Index in 2015;

2.    September 14: First Russia-Mongolia-China meeting held during Shanghai Cooperation Organization Member States Summit;

3.    September 22: Mongolian Energy Corporation announces issuance of up to HKD 3.5 billion in debt;

4.    September 25: Sino Construction offers to acquire all ordinary shares of Guildford Coal;

5.    Bank of Mongolia reports second month of increase in FX reserves;

We look forward to updating you again on our progress and developments in Mongolia. If you would like to learn more about Canrim Resources, I encourage you to contact us directly at Our team will be delighted to speak with you.

Sincerely Yours,

Ranjeet Sundher,

Director and CEO

Canrim Resources Pte Ltd.

About Canrim Resources Pte Ltd.

Canrim Resources Pte Ltd. is a Singapore-incorporated holding company, controlling several subsidiaries established for the purpose of developing minerals-related business activities in Mongolia. With over 50 years management experience in Mongolia’s resource sector, as well as offices in Singapore and Ulaanbaatar, Canrim Resources Pte Ltd. has positioned itself as a strong player in the Mongolian minerals sector, seeking to execute on transactions of minerals licenses in both the primary and secondary markets, in addition to select infrastructure projects. Mongolia remains one of the most under-explored geologically attractive regions in the world and is strategically positioned near to the commodity consuming nations of China, Russia, South Korea and Japan.

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