Thursday, January 16, 2014

Press Release: A brief insight into IT service provision in Mongolia with Revolution Development Asia

A brief insight into IT service provision in Mongolia with Revolution Development Asia
Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia--(RevDev Asia - January 14, 2014)--Mongolia, through its enormous untapped mineral resources, is currently in the midst of an economic boom which has many predicting the country to have the fastest growing economy in the world for the next decade.  Although the mining sector is the primary contributor to forecast economic growth, some of the country’s supporting service sectors are beginning to emerge.  Though historically neglected, one such sector is IT where positive contributions are now being felt from both local and international IT businesses.  One of these businesses is software solution provider Revolution Development who opened an office in Ulaanbaatar in early 2013.  Through its subsidiary, RevDev Asia (, the business currently provides sophisticated IT solutions to some of Mongolia’s top financial service institutions and retail businesses. 
RevDev Asia’s Managing Director, Dustin Rawlins, initially spent half a year intensively investigating the Mongolian IT market: “Our strategy has always been to understand a new market before entrance. This approach consistently ensures that we only provide relevant solutions. After a significant number of meetings and interactions we have gained a lot of insight into the market - what immediately became clear was that many Mongolian businesses have only recently fully understood what can be achieved with the assistance of IT.  History has shown that this revelation is often followed by a phase of exponential growth in the use of IT in businesses.  It is imperative however, that the implementation of IT solutions is planned and managed properly or else companies will be faced with solutions that don’t adequately meet their needs and which cost significantly more than they had expected.“  
As with most emerging markets, Mongolia has a reputation for being cost sensitive when it comes to service provision and the IT sector is no different.  Enkhtsetseg S., RevDev Asia’s Vice President for Business Development, noted “there is a risk that cost sensitivities may lead companies to unsuitable open source or in-house developed solutions.  Whilst these solutions often provide cheaper short-term answers they frequently end up costing more due to their inflexibility and a reliance on scarce skills to support them.  RevDev Asia focuses on providing tried and tested world-class technologies which are fast to implement and are easily supported.  Crucially, we also have a low total cost of ownership.”
“A key advantage to Mongolia is that many of the IT challenges it faces have already been dealt with elsewhere.  Most of the parties we have met with agreed that there is no reason to reinvent the wheel” explained Dustin.  “Some of the solutions we currently provide include Business Intelligence (Big Data), Payment Gateways, MPOS (Mobile Point of Sales), Enterprise Risk Management and Internal Audit. In particular, through our business intelligence solution, we are changing the way large Mongolian businesses access and analyse the massive amounts of data they collect on a daily basis.  This empowers innovative decision making and risk management”.
It appears to be an exciting time for service providers in Mongolia and the IT sector is one of many set to benefit off the country’s emergence.
About RevDev Asia -
Revolution Development Asia (RevDev Asia) provides sophisticated and diverse service delivery options in the enterprise IT solutions (Business Intelligence and Compliance being core focus), professional services, system integration, infrastructure and a variety of other areas. As such we are a complete IT Partner with focus on delivery and long-term client relationships, helping our clients achieve success. 
Based in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, we are perfectly situated for Mongolian IT Service Provision. In order to deliver a world-class service we have developed strong relationships with many of the world’s leading ICT suppliers.  We also have a strong understanding of emerging markets with vast experience in the South African market.  Working with RevDev Asia means working together to identify the best possible solutions that use the best information, software, and technology. Every solution is similar, but each has their own unique characteristics. Every solution starts and ends with the same questions. Why do we need it? What will it do? How will we do it? RevDev Asia will work with you to answer these questions and implement the best possible solution for your needs.

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