Wednesday, January 22, 2014

[FeOre sells to China Energy, MNT enters 2nd week of decline, labor productivity up 9.3%, and ING placed $20m for MIAT Boeing purchase]

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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

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Overseas Market

Mogi: guess we're seeing the first winners of the new investment law already

FeOre Sells Mongolia Iron Ore Stake for US$56.7 Million to Pay Off Debt

Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia -- January 22 (Cover Mongolia) -- FeOre Limited (ASX:FEO) comes out of trading halt with the announcement of a deal with China Energy (Cayman) Limited, an "independent private" company, for the sale of its interest in Topone Star Investments Limited, which indirectly holds 80% interest in its Ereeny and Dartsagt iron ore projects located in Mongolia.

The deal includes US$51.03 million cash consideration and an additional deferred payment of US$5.67 million upon when the buyer successfully lists the asset on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange.

FeOre intends to use the proceeds and cash balances (approximately US$20.1 million) to redeem its convertible bonds and undertake a share buy-back program.

FEO shares jumped as much as 41% to 5.8c in early morning trade. Last trading +36.59% to A$0.056 at 11:10 Sydney time (8:10 UB time)

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Local Market

BDSec Daily Market Update: Top 20 -0.02%, Turnover 52.5 Million

January 21 (BDSec) MSE Top 20 index barely budged Tuesday after having the worst day in six months on Monday. Ulaanbaatar BUK (BUK), which produces steel and concrete products, was the most actively traded company on MSE today with MNT 37.3 million worth of shares traded. Remicon (RMC), a concrete producer in Ulaanbaatar, advanced 3.96% to close at MNT 155, its first gain since January 9.

Turnover for the day was MNT 52.5 million.


Trading Value Leaders

Close (MNT)

Value (MNT)

Ulaanbaatar BUK (BUK)



Tavantolgoi (TTL)









Top Gainers

Close (MNT)

% Change

Aduunchuluun (ADL)



Remicon (RMC)



Hermes (HRM)






Top Losers

Close (MNT)

% Change

Gutal (GTL)



Mongol Nekhmel (MNH)



Telecom Mongolia (MCH)



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BoM MNT Rates: January 21 Close





































January MNT Chart:

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BoM FX Auction: Refuses USD, CNY Bids, Accepts US$32 Million MNT Swap Offer

January 21 (Bank of Mongolia) On the Foreign Exchange Auction held on January 21st, 2014 the BOM has received from local commercial banks bid offer of USD and CNY and has not accepted the offer

On January 21st, 2014, The BOM has received MNT Swap agreement offer in equivalent to 92.0 million USD and USD Swap agreement offer of 4 million USD from local commercial banks. BOM has accepted the MNT Swap agreement offer in equivalent to 32 million USD.

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FX Auction Statistics

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BoM Monthly Statistical Bulletin, December 2013

January 21 (Bank of Mongolia) --

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ILO Global Employment Trends 2014 report

Mongolia: Labour Productivity Growth 9.3% in 2013 (Top 4 in the World)

January 21 (International Labour Organization) --

Excerpts from report:

East Asia

Global growth weighs on economic activity in the region

In Mongolia, growth was strong at 14.0 per cent in 2013 (Mogi: wow, how's it getting this data before we do?), driven in part by demand in China, while consumer price inflation moderated but remained high at 11.1 per cent.

By contrast, output per worker in Mongolia was the lowest in East Asia, and the most pronounced productivity gaps were those between the services sector and other sectors.

Emerging challenges

By contrast, the proportion in Mongolia has fluctuated and remained comparatively lower, revealing the country's broader challenge of economic diversification from commodities.

In Mongolia, sound investments in skills institutions would accelerate efforts towards economic diversification and broadening economic gains to neglected populations (ILO, 2011b). In turn, the process of skills upgrading would help these East Asian economies foster a virtuous circle of increased productivity and sustainable improvements in job quality and living standards.

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Mogi: I guess 70% complete still means it could technically go either way, broad or narrow

Ukhaa Khudag – Gashuunsukhait Railroad Construction 70% Complete - Ministry

Ulaanbaatar, January 21(MONTSAME) The Ministry of Road and Construction gave a report on its works done in 2013 and works planned for this year at the "Hours of construction" weekly meeting on Monday.

One of the biggest reforms of the last year in the railway sector was an implementation of the "New Railway" project. In its frames, a construction of railway started from Ukhaa-Khudag to Gashuunsukhait, it has been running with 70 percent so far, the Minister of Road and Construction A.Gansukh said.

The Ministry also intends to run a technical reform in the Ulaanbaatar Railway and to launch marine transportation in 2014.

Regarding auto road works, the Ministry has started running roads from the capital city to aimags' centers within the 2012-2016 governmental programme of actions. Some 947 billion togrog has been budgeted for these works from the 2013 state budget, the Developmental Bank of Mongolia (DBM) and capitals of foreign loans and financial aid. Last year, three thous.321.4-km roads and 2,984.2-km concrete bridges were constructed, the Minister said, adding that 1,560- km autoroads were put into use as well.

The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) reported that the country's civil aviation sector underwent big reforms in 2013. For example, parliament adopted the state policy on civil aviation until 2020, the Minister reminded. In accordance with it, the flag carrier Mongolian Airlines Company (MIAT) was declared the state-owned company (Mogi: think it was trying to say they gave MIAT the national air carrier status).

The MIAT bought a new Boeing 767 300 ER, and it has performed 184 flights to Seoul, Tokyo, Beijing, Hong Kong, Moscow and Berlin so far. Apart from this, a construction started of a new international airport in Khoshigt valley, projected to be completed in January of 2017. 

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Mogi: thanks Terry for quoting me

Mongolia's "godfather of corruption" plots return

By Terrence Edwards in Ulaanbaatar, January 21, 2014 (bne) A vow to return to politics made from a hospital bed in South Korea by one of Mongolia's most popular yet controversial politicians threatens to rock the country's fragile coalition government and complicate tricky negotiations with foreign investors. 

The reappearance on the scene of the jailed former president and prime minister Nambar Enkhbayar after a presidential pardon cut short his two-and-a-half-year prison sentence for corruption is certain to have a dramatic effect on Mongolian politics and the delicate relationships that exist within the coalition government. After recuperating in South Korea from a hunger strike he took in protest at his jailing, Enkhbayar hopes to lead once again his four-year-old Mongolian' People's Revolutionary Party (MPRP), which won enough votes in the 2012 parliamentary elections to participate in the coalition by running a populist campaign heavily critical of the massive Oyu Tolgoi copper-gold mine and of the company running it, the global mining giant Rio Tinto. 

"It was quite evident [Enkhbayar] would come back, it's too early for him to retire," says Luvsandendev Sumati, head of the Sant Maral Foundation polling agency. "2014 is actually quite an important time to start an election campaign." 

The player 

Enkhbayar has been a central figure in Mongolian politics throughout the country's over 20-year history as a democracy. He held both the office of the presidency and PM for the now-opposition Mongolian People's Party, all the while amassing great wealth. His accomplishments include the repayment of debt to Russia that Mongolia had wracked up as a Soviet satellite state, as well as serving as president during nearly all of the negotiations for the Oyu Tolgoi investment agreement with Ivanhoe Mines, now called Turquoise Hill Resources and majority owned by Rio Tinto. Many believe that the two are not unrelated. "It's common understanding that the money he used to pay off old Soviet debt was with Ivanhoe money," says Badral Munkhdul, head of the market intelligence firm Cover Mongolia

It is his alleged involvement in these kinds of deals that earned him the nickname "the godfather of corruption". That reputation finally caught up with Enkhbayar when he was arrested and stood trial in the summer of 2012 on four counts of corruption, including the illegal privatisation of a newspaper and the prime-located Urgoo hotel. His sister Enkhtuya is suspected of acting as an accomplice and is still wanted by Interpol. Based in Singapore before she disappeared after her brother's arrest, Enkhtuya's alleged crimes include money laundering and the sale of the Mongolian flag to illicit sea vessels. 

Rather than ruin him, Enkhbayar's arrest actually resulted in a surge in popularity, according to data from the polling agency the Sant Maral Foundation. Data collected just before and after his arrest shows Enkhbayar's popularity quickly climbed from the second-most popular politician to the first. 

Although President Tsakhia Elbegdorj's administration insisted the arrest was legitimate, it did serve to effectively prevent Enkhbayar from running a campaign for parliament that summer. Enkhbayar spent much of his year of incarceration in a Mongolian hospital due to his ailing health while his party and supporters held numerous demonstrations outside Mongolia's Government Palace in Ulaanbaatar calling for his release. Supporters of Enkhbayar finally got their way a month after the 2013 presidential election, when Elbegdorj gave Enkhbayar a full pardon. 

Behind the scenes 

Even if his conviction bars him from holding office again, Enkhbayar could still exert significant influence behind the scenes. "No one will prevent him from running politics behind certain leaders," reckons Sant Maral's Sumati, adding that Enkhbayar's chief concern will likely be expanding the influence of his party, which he formed in 2010 following a feud within the Mongolian People's Party. 

How Enkhbayar might choose to influence progress in talks over the Oyu Tolgoi project as well as the litany of other smaller projects under development is not clear, says Cover Mongolia's Munkhdul. Mongolia is still reeling from the last time the government intervened in the project, when last summer it stood in the way of a $4bn project-financing package. That money would go in part towards financing a $5bn underground mine that Rio Tinto says would unlock 80% of the mine's wealth. Rio responded by putting construction on hold until every outstanding issue between itself and the Mongolian government was settled. "At this moment in time I think he would be described as a populist politician, but... I would describe it as his current political strategy more than his own political views," says Munkhdul. 

For many, Enkhbayar's return, as well as the reduced sentences for many other public officials arrested for corruption, demonstrates a lack of conviction in Mongolia's battle against corruption. President Elbegdorj made fighting corruption a major focus of his first term, partly in the interest of creating a legitimate business climate for investment. "I think the biggest achievement of his [Elbegdorj's] campaign against corruption was changing the public perception that tolerance for corruption has lessened," says Munkhdul. 

What happens next could determine whether the message sent to investors is that Mongolia is open for business or is once again for sale. 

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Mogi: now we know US Ex-Im Bank didn't do this alone.

Mayer Brown JSM advises ING Bank N.V. on US$20 million private placement for MIAT Mongolian Airlines

January 21 (Mayer Brown) Mayer Brown JSM today said it has advised ING Bank N.V., Singapore Branch ("ING") as arranger and book runner on the issuance by MIAT Mongolian Airlines ("MIAT") of US$20 million floating rate guaranteed notes due in December 2018. The notes are guaranteed by the Ministry of Finance of the Government of Mongolia, and form an important part of MIAT's acquisition financing of a Boeing 767-300ER aircraft. 

Corporate & Securities partner Jason T. Elder, who led the transaction, said: "We are pleased to have acted for ING on this issuance, and to have continued our participation with the rapid expansion of the Mongolian economy. This important transaction for MIAT represents a substantial expansion for its fleet, and enhances its position as the national flag carrier of Mongolia. We are pleased to have been selected to work on such a high-profile transaction for ING and MIAT."

In addition to Jason T. Elder in Hong Kong, the Mayer Brown JSM team included partners Stephen Walsh, Robert Flanigan and James Taylor in London, who were assisted by associate Nishrin Hussain, legal assistants Stephanie Hurst and Karen Chong in Hong Kong as well as associate Trasa Duffy in London.

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Cell Phone Battery Invented by Young Mongolian Attracts Swedish Hi Tech Interest

Ulaanbaatar, January 21 (MONTSAME) A Sweden-based Mongolian G.Tumennast has invented a battery for cell phones.

This creation has attracted a great interest of the Swedish hi tech specialists and even might be put on sale after some researches.

Our young inventor who majored in technology engineering is works in the Swedish "Stamlout" technology company.

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Mongolian Institute of Certified Public Accountants Starts Training on ACCA Program

Ulaanbaatar, January 21 (MONTSAME) The Mongolian Institute of Certified Public Accountants /MONICPA/ started Thursday a training on the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants' /ACCA/ paper F7 Financial Reporting for accountants.

This training is running in frames of the cooperation memorandum established between the MONICPA and the ACCA with aims to prepare skillful accountants in Mongolia.

Present at the event were the ACCA operation team, CPA of Philippine and teacher of the training Mr Ramon Martinez and students.

The ACCA is the global body for professional accountants with 162,000 members and 428,000 students in 173 countries. 

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Katya Zol to Represent Mongolia in 2014 Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in New York

January 21 ( Fashion designer G.Zoltstetseg or Katya Zol will be representing Mongolia in the internationally recognized Mercedes Benz Fashion Week show to take place in New York, USA on February 06-13, 2014.

Mongolian delegates comprised of over 20 personnel are led by designer G.Zoltsetseg, face painter E.Erdenesuvd, model G.Oyungerel, "Matrix" salon and UBS television.

In this year's edition designer Katya Zol will be primarily demonstrate collections reflect Mongolian traditional costumes and to bring an excitement and modern aesthetic to the global scene by introducing Mongolian fashion created by raw materials, such as wool, cashmere, leather and felt.

Fashion designer Katya Zol was born in Mongolia and began to sew from a very young age. Her original designs immediately caught the attention of family, locals and other seasoned Mongolian designers.

In early 2012, Katya was invited by the Mongolian Arts and Culture Council to be the first Mongolian fashion designer to present her collection in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Then, in October 2012, Katya was honored to have been requested to present her collection at the launch of Fashion One Television. Her creations were seen internationally by millions which then spurred Cosmopolitan Magazine to do a feature article and photo spread on her evening dress designs two months later. The reaction was tremendous and Katya was invited to present her collection for the first time in New York.

In February 2013 and September 2013 The Collections by Katya Zol were presented offsite in New York during fashion week to a welcoming audience of buyers, media and consumers alike.

Also in 2013, Katya presented her cashmere creations in Dubai, and the United Arab Emirates, for "The Fashion Me Show" which featured the designs of notable young international designers.

Now, Designs by Katya Zol epitomize Mongolia's modern lifestyle. "Through my fashion collections, which come from my heart and soul, I hope to bring joy to people. I love to expose and share with the rest of the world my imagination, passion for my culture and it's artistry, perseverance, determination and aspiration for quality and refinement," says Katya. "Being accepted by IMG to participate at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in an honor that I take very seriously as a realization of my lifelong dream."

In 2013 "Mercedes-Benz" Fashion Week held in Tokyo, Japan, Mongolian designer Surenjav ARIUNAA aka Ariunaa Suri presented her latest collections for 2013-2014 Autumn and Winter in Women's Clothing Category at Runways.

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Ger District Residents Select Construction Companies for City Re-planning Project

Ulaanbaatar, January 21(MONTSAME) The capital city residents last Saturday selected construction companies for the Government's city re-planning project.

The selection is a part of ger (national dwelling) districts re-planning program of the Government that was detailed in official documents such as the Ulaanbaatar city development general plan until 2020 and the Capital city Governor's Action plan for 2013-2016.

At this second stage selection, the ger district residents cast vote for 12 companies, which successfully met the first stage criteria imposed by the project managers.

Zag LLC and Asar Orgoo LLC were elected to run the re-planning in Sukhbaatar district of Ulaanbaatar, while Burd Construction and Hera Properties gained overwhelming vote to run apartment constructions in Bayanzurkh and Songinokhairkhan. 

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Bus Service Providers' Federation Announces Increase in Bus Fares

January 21 ( Today, Big Capacity Bus Service Provider's Federation made a statement regarding increase of bus fares from current 400.00 MNT (Tugrug) to 500 MNT, which will be effective from January 23, 2014.

Following the study conducted in main 4 public transportation service providers for 2009-2013, the negative profit was estimated at 26.3 billion MNT, officials say.

In his statement, Head of the Federation Ts.Purevsambuu noted, "It was decided to increase the bus fares from January 23 and if to increase to 600 MNT per ride, we would work profitable, but following some estimations the fare of 500 MNT is closest tariff to current market-value. Besides, we can raise our employers' salary, but bus fare for children remains as 200 MNT.

However, we sent letters to Authority for Fair Competition and Consumer Protection and Capital City Administration, but yet received answers and hope they would agree with the situation. On the other hand, we have a priority to set a tariff for public transportation, nevertheless if the Government to refund the losses, we can run at current tariff as 400 MNT".

Today in Ulaanbaatar, an adult pays for a big capacity bus fare 400 MNT (school age children - 200 MNT), for trolleybus 200MNT (children - 100 MNT), and for micro bus (van) 500 MNT both adults and children, because microbuses usually run by individuals or private entities. Also, students and senior citizens present their ID cards that allow a free ride in a big capacity public transportation.

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FM Bold Continues China Visit with Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region

Ulaanbaatar, January 21(MONTSAME) Within his official visit to the People's Republic of China, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Mongolia L.Bold visited Urumqi city of Xinjiang Uyghur autonomous region. 

He got au fait with the "Khorgos" checkpoint, bordering with Kazakhstan. There he met Shi Dagang, a Deputy Governor of this region to discuss issues of the collaboration between Mongolia and this Chinese region in augmenting economic and commercial turnover and in making the inter-citizen ties closer. Authorities of the Mongolian Khovd aimag suggested activating border checkpoints in a business manner and facilitating related rules.

In Urumqi city, the FM visited the "Tian Run" company, invested by the Mongolian Xas Bank.

On Monday, Mr Bold legged Beijing-based Diplomatic Academy to share views with its heads on cooperating in preparing professionals and exchanging experience. 

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Implementation of Nuclear Weapon-Free Status Discussed

Ulaanbaatar, January 21(MONTSAME) At its regular meeting on Tuesday, the parliamentary Standing committee on security and foreign policy discussed an implementation of Mongolia's legal documents on nuclear weapon-free status of the country.

Mongolia has been cooperating with UN members, especially with nuclear weapon states implementing the UN resolution on Mongolia's international security and nuclear weapon-free status.  and announced they will do nothing to violate the status.

There is no violation of our laws on the nuclear weapon-free status, the legal documents on the matter are being realized normally, a working group on the relevant matter concluded. The group considered as necessity to give an order to the government to cooperate with countries in disarmament of nuclear weapons by altering the parliamentary resolution of 2000 in full harmony of a present international situation and the 120th resolution of the Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU).

The Standing committee considered that directions must be given to the government on taking some measures such as conducting surveys into nuclear structures in neighbour countries and reporting it to the National Security Council (NSC), monitoring law enforcement of Mongolian and international laws by rental ships with the Mongolian state flag.       

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Social, Environmental and Other

Mongolian Youth Federation launches job site aimed at youth employment

January 21 ( The Ministry of Labor along with the Mongolian Youth Federation and Labor exchange central office of Mongolia has put into operation a national program on youth employment since 2013. As a part of the program the Mongolian Youth Federation has announced that it has launched an interactive Labor market information website today. Jobseekers and students, whoever wants a job, can browse the website and explore potential vacancy opportunities.

Since the launch of national program on youth employment last year and the establishment of the Youth Labor Exchange, 5732 job seekers were registered. All the information about these job seekers is expected to be found on the website.

Currently 326 employers and 350 job opportunities have been registered on the site that was launched today officially.

The President of the Mongolian Youth Federation, A.Munkhbat, said that the national program on youth employment aims to involve 10,000 students in the program in order to provide them with jobs this year alone.

In addition, the program for Youth in sums will be implemented including "Start of work", "part-time work", "Green workplace" and "Autumn work-youth" projects. The first one will be launched in March.

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Macau Poker Cup: Bold Victory for Mongolia at Red Dragon

January 22 (Poker Asia Pacific) The 20th anniversary celebrations of the Macau Poker Cup have come to an end with the Red Dragon trophy heading to a new destination as Mongolia's Buyanjargal Bold (pictured) claimed an impressive victory overnight.

The record-setting HK$11,000 Red Dragon Main Event was down to the final nine with Australian Victor Tengholding the chip lead entering a diverse final table. Jianhong Liu was first to go in 9th place before Terry Fan's quest for a second Red Dragon title came to an end in 8th place. Fan jammed his short stack with pocket fours but couldn't win the race against the ace-king ofPercy Yung. It would've been a remarkable achievement to win the two largest MPC events in history, but it wasn't to be for Fan.

Victor Teng continued to lead and his advantage was extended when he woke up with pocket kings afterXiao Lin had shoved with . There were no miracles for Lin as six players remained.

Fei Xie pushed a dominated ace into Percy Yung's ace-queen to bow out in 6th place before India's last hope, Akash Malik, fell in 5th place. Malik was a little unlucky after flopping a set only to see Victor Teng make a flush to send him to the rail.

Percy Yung was starting to chip up, but it was four-handed that Buyanjargal Bold started to make his move with the elimination of Richard Hu. Bold made the preflop call with pocket fours to be ahead of Hu's  and despite a flush draw scare, the pocket pair held to see Hu out in 4th place.

At this point, the three remaining players were happy to lock up a deal based on chip counts as follows:

Victor Teng (6,825,000 in chips) - HK$1,498,000
Buyanjargal Bold (4,385,000 in chips) - HK$1,244,000
Percy Yung (3,505,000 in chips) - HK$1,159,000

With the money out of the way, the title and the gorgeous Red Dragon trophy were left to play for, and despite holding the lead at the deal, it would be Victor Teng who was next to fall. It was a bit of a three-handed cooler as Teng four-bet  into Percy Yung's . The board bricked out and, just like that, Teng was out in 3rd place.

Percy Yung (pictured right) took an advantage into heads-up play against Buyanjargal Bold, but on one of the first heads-up pots, both players would flop two pair on a  flop. Yung's  was no match for Bold's  for a full double up.

From that blow, Yung was unable to recover. A short time later she moved all in with  and Bold made the call with . The board would read  to give Bold a memorable victory.

It was a tremendous run by Percy Yung who narrowly misses the title, but this poker starlet is certainly one to watch for in future. Meanwhile Bold gives Mongolia arguably it's greatest ever poker achievement with his victory worth an impressive HK$1,244,000.

Macau Poker Cup Red Dragon - Final Table Results

1st Buyanjargal Bold (Mongolia) - HK$1,492,000*  (Includes HK$100,000 ACOP seat)
2nd Percy Yung (Hong Kong) - HK$1,159,000*
3rd Victor Teng (Australia) - HK$1,498,000*
4th Richard Hu (China) - HK$597,000
5th Akash Malik (India) - HK$430,000
6th Fei Xie (China) - HK$334,000
7th Xiao Yu Lin (China) - HK$263,000
8th Terry Fan (Chinese Taipei) - HK$191,000
9th Jianhong Liu (China) - HK$143,000

* denotes three-handed chip chop deal

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Two Mongolian judokas awarded $10,000 each by IJF for topping world rankings

January 21 ( The International Judo Federation (IJF) announced that they will be awarding the number one judoka in each of the 14 categories of the World Ranking List for starting the year at the very top of the sport.

IJF will reward these high class judoka with $10,000 US each.

The IJF have sent the $10,000 awards to the two top Mongolian judokas; the World Ranking List leader with a score of 1830 in the men`s 66 kg category, D.Tumurkhulug, and top scorer in the men`s 73 kg S.Nyam-Ochir.

These World Ranking List Leaders were given the awards by the President of the Mongolian Judo Association (MGL) M.Bukhbat.   

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SUMO/ Kakuryu remains 1 behind Hakuho, 2 others stay close on Day 10

January 21 (The Asahi Shimbun) Yokozuna Hakuho moved into double digits on Jan. 21 as he won again to remain the only undefeated wrestler at the New Year Grand Sumo Tournament, with Mongolian compatriot Kakuryu trailing only one loss behind.

Hakuho had no problem pushing No. 5 maegashira Kyokutenho (4-6) out of the ring for his 10th win in as many days at Tokyo's Ryogoku Kokugikan arena. If he can hold on, he will be claiming his 28th career title--an honor denied him in last year's closer by fellow yokozuna Harumafuji, who is out with an injury.

Tournament disappointment Kisenosato rebounded well from his loss the day before to dominate No. 4 maegashira Takekaze. The win is certainly too little too late for the ozeki, who already has lost four times, but it is reminiscent of what he can do when he is in good form. Though his yokozuna aspirations are on hold, Kisenosato needs wins to make his standing firmer when he tries again in March.

Ozeki Kakuryu, meanwhile, held out against a determined attack from sekiwake Goeido. The sekiwake, who is 5-5, had the momentum after the face-off but bumbled his footing and then plowed ahead too low, allowing Kakuryu to twist away and send him plummeting down. Kakuryu marked his 500th win with the bout, and remains Hakuho's biggest challenger, though he has yet to win a tournament title.

Kotoshogiku, still fighting just to retain his rank, dropped to the dirt after chasing komusubi Tochiozan around the ring. It was Tochiozan's seventh straight win, but the fourth loss for the ozeki. Kotoshogiku, who has an injured shoulder, needs to get two more wins or be demoted, and he has yet to take on Hakuho and the other ozeki wrestlers.

Bulgarian sekiwake Kotooshu pounded No. 5 maegashira Shohozan with some painful slaps but didn't have any follow up and was driven out of the ring for another loss. Kotooshu is 6-4, while Shohozan, showing a lot of spirit this tournament, is 8-2 and in good position to complete the tournament with double-digit wins. That would put him in line for a nice promotion.

"I want to make it up to komusubi this year," Shohozan said. If he keeps up his pace, that should be a wish that is within his grasp.

Among other contenders, No. 10 maegashira Endo forced out No. 6 maegashira Kaisei to stay in the chase at 8-2.

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Artists From Tibet and Mongolia at Pan-Asian Festival

January 21 (San Francisco Classical Voice) Stanford University's Pan-Asian Music Festival celebrates its 10th anniversary Feb. 1 through March 1. Festival founder and director Jindong Cai speaks proudly of the past decade:

(Picture: Norovbanzad Byambasuren is a dancer with the Mongolian State Opera and Ballet)

We have explored many of the rich and diverse musical cultures from Asia; with the festival as our looking-glass, we hope to continue bringing people and traditions from East and West together through music.

One of the most important hallmarks of the festival is its originality. I go to the featured regions and seek talented musicians and then work with them to create our programs.

For example, this year's performance by the 25 artists of the Tibetan Arts Troupe Of Qinghai presents a very rare opportunity to experience traditional Tibetan music, especially some of the dances and chanting are normally performed only in monasteries in Tibetan regions.

Similarly, the 30 performers from Mongolia rank among that nation's best artists and represent diverse art forms, including traditional hoomi throat-singing and Mongolian dance as well as Western grand opera and ballet.

The festival begins on Feb. 1 with a Chinese New Year concert by the Stanford Symphony Orchestra with soloists Cong Zhao (pipa), Suli Xue (violinist) of the Los Angeles Philharmonic, and Rueibin Chen as the soloist in the Yellow River Piano Concerto.

The festival continues with weekend performances by the visiting ensembles from Tibet and Mongolia. Although not part of the festival, Feb. 28 and March 2 performances of the Verdi Requiem, with the Stanford Symphony Orchestra and Symphonic Chorus, will feature four soloists from the Mongolian National Opera.

The Qinghai company has visited Nepal and Thailand, but it is making its North America debut at the festival. Its programs include ceremonial chants and dances, some of which are mostly performed only inside Tibetan Buddhist temples, and folk dances, singing, and other traditional performing art forms.

A Mongolian gala event, on March 1, will present acclaimed performers from the country in both traditional folk music and dance and Western-style opera and ballet. The Pan-Asian Music Festival includes numerous free forums and symposia discussing art in China, Tibet, and Mongolia, with the participation of artists and officials from those countries.

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