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Close: Mongolia Related ASX Listed Companies, April 19, 2010




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Нүүрсний тээврийн замыг маргаашнаас хаана (Coal Route Closed From Tomorrow)

April 19 (summarized from Department of Transportation officials held a press conference today announcing the closing of ER's UHG and little TT's coal route, citing environmental damage and fatal accidents, starting from tomorrow. But traffic from Tsagaan Khad inspection site to the border is not. Currently there's enough coal to be trucked from customs inspections site for a month.

Last year there were 31 accidents and 23 deaths. First quarter of this year 12 accidents and 3 fatalities. The route now consists of 6-8 tracks with a kilometer wide span causing substantial environmental damage.

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C @ Trading Halt

April 19 -- C @ Limited (ASX Code:CEO) ("CEO") requests and immediate voluntary trading halt on its securities and provides the following information in accordance with listing Rule 17.1:

·         The trading halt is requested to allow CEO time to prepare an announcement for release to the market regarding the execution of an option agreement for the acquisition of a number of Mongolian coal licenses.

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Mongolian herders ride into capital to demand elections in protest over foreign miners

April 19 (AP) ULAN BATOR, Mongolia — About 200 Mongolian herders on horseback and horse-drawn carts set up camp in the capital with environmental activists Tuesday to protest international mining deals and demand elections.

The herders swept into Ulan Bator's central square abutting the parliament building and erected traditional round, felt tents for what activists said would be a lengthy protest.

They say deals with international mine companies have spoiled grazing lands and political parties have sacrificed the national interest to please the mining firms.

Herders have become increasingly hard-pressed in largely poor, landlocked Mongolia as overgrazing, rough winters and industrialization degrade grasslands.

"More and more people are coming from rural areas of Mongolia to support us," said environmental activist Munkhbayar Tsetsgee. "We all want same thing: dismissal of the parliament and government and elections. We will camp here until our demands are met. "

Mining Mongolia's rich deposits of copper, gold and coal has been a source of growth in the landlocked country where nearly a third of people live in poverty. But herders are a powerful constituency in a nation that traces its origins to Genghis Khan's uniting of nomadic tribes 800 years ago.

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Eurasia Capital to host Global Alliance Partners Conference

April 18 (Eurasia Capital) -- Eurasia Capital, the leading investment bank focused on Mongolia and Central Asia announced today that it is hosting the Global Alliance Partners Conference and the Mongolia Investment Conference on 24-26 May 2011 in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. Through these back-to-back events, Eurasia Capital seeks to draw attention of international and regional investors to Mongolia and its diverse range of investment opportunities.

Chairman of Global Alliance Partners, Mr. Toyoharu Tsutsui, lauded Eurasia Capital for hosting the 6th Annual Global Alliance Partners Conference in Mongolia alongside its flagship investment event. "This presents a timely opportunity for us not only to attract investments into the country but to also become one of Mongolia's gateways to the international capital markets" Mr. Tsutsui stated.

Eurasia Capital is the newest member of Global Alliance Partners, an international network of financial services companies employing over 2,000 investment professionals dedicated to delivering cross-border solutions covering corporate finance, private equity, stock broking, research and fund management.  Partner firms manage client assets in excess of US$4 billion and have advised on more than 350 corporate transactions worth a total of over US$10 billion. The GAP network has about 100 offices in more than 20 countries.

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Defense chiefs of S. Korea, Mongolia to hold talks

April 19 (Korea Herald) The defense chiefs of South Korea and Mongolia will hold talks in Seoul on Thursday to discuss ways to enhance bilateral military ties, the Ministry of National Defense said Tuesday.

South Korean Defense Minister Kim Kwan-jin and his Mongolian counterpart Luvsanvandan Bold are also scheduled to discuss regional security issues including North Korean provocations such as the sinking of the corvette Cheonan last year, officials said.

The Mongolian defense chief is to arrive here Wednesday for a five-day visit.

During his stay, Bold is scheduled to visit key security sites such as the inter-Korean border village of Panmunjeom and the Navy's Second Fleet Command in Pyeongtaek, Gyeonggi Province, where the wreckage of the Cheonan is displayed.

It is the first time since October 2007 for a Mongolian defense chief to visit Seoul. Bold, who is also a third-term lawmaker, made unofficial visits to South Korea twice in 2008 and 2009. 

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UNHCR encourages Mongolian Parliamentary support for 1951 Convention

BAYANGOL VALLEY, Mongolia, April 18 (UNHCR) – Laughter rocked a conference centre here as government and UNHCR negotiators faced off last weekend to hammer out an agreement to protect 20,000 refugees who had just fled an uprising and flooded into the country.

The scenario, which could have been ripped from the headlines, was only a role-playing exercise at a workshop for 66 executive assistants to the members of the Mongolian Parliament, The Great State Hural.

The goal was to familiarize them with the 1951 Refugee Convention, how refugees feel when they flee for their lives, and how UNHCR and countries around the world protect refugees, asylum-seekers and internally displaced people.

"This is part of an effort by UNHCR to build alliances in key sectors of Mongolian society to support the government and parliament's intention to accede to the Convention," said Nai Jit Lam, one of the trainers, and senior regional protection officer from UNHCR's Regional Office in Beijing.

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