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Close: Mongolia Related ASX Listed Companies, April 6, 2010



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(Announcement released after market close)

Aspire Confirms High Quality Coking Coal at Ovoot

·         High quality coal confirmed in final raw coal analysis results

·         Ovoot coal categorised as a high quality bituminous coking coal

·         Infill drilling confirms thick, near-surface coal seams to focus on an initial direct ship open pit mining operation (DSO)

·         Second drill rig has commenced operation at Ovoot with seismic interpretations providing initial targets

April 6 -- Aspire Mining Ltd (ASX: AKM, Aspire) is pleased to announce that it has now received all outstanding raw coal sample analyses from its 2010 drilling programme. These results have confirmed the high quality of its coking coal resource at the Ovoot Coking Coal Project (Ovoot) in northern Mongolia. The results are shown in Table 1 below.

Aspire will now incorporate the raw coal data into the Ovoot resource model for future mine planning and open pit optimisation.

2011 Exploration Program

A second open hole drilling rig has now been mobilised to site. Aspire has also received an interpretation of two-dimensional seismic program undertaken over the winter.

The interpretation has provided a number of drilling targets, extending the resource area. It is expected these targets will be progressively tested over the coming months.

Two-dimensional seismic work continues to be performed over the Zuun Del Prospect on the eastern portion of the Ovoot licence area.

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Guildford Coal Limited Signs Call Option Deed for Mongolian Investment

April 5 -- Guildford Coal Limited (ASX: GUF) is pleased to announce the signing of a Call Option Deed with certain affiliated funds of Och-Ziff Capital Management Group LLC (the Och-Ziff Funds) with respect to Terra Energy LLC.

On 31 March 2011, Guildford announced the acquisition of a 20% stake in Terra Energy LLC with the option to increase its shareholding to 70%. Terra Energy LLC holds a 100% interest in 6 exploration permits that are prospective for thermal and coking coal in the South Gobi and Middle Gobi regions.

Drilling on these tenements is expected to commence in April 2011 and the first mining licence is expected before the end of 2011.

The Call Option Deed provides the Och-Ziff Funds with the right to acquire a 25% stake in Terra Energy LLC for A$25m in cash. The Call Option Deed is exercisable only in the event that Guildford exercises its option to move to a 70% shareholding in Terra Energy LLC. Should the option be exercised by the Och-Ziff Funds, Terra Energy LLC will be in a strong financial position to fund the development of its Mongolian coal projects.

In the event that both Guildford and the Och-Ziff Funds exercise their respective options, Guildford would own 52.5% in Terra Energy LLC and the Och-Ziff Funds 25%. Guildford would continue to control the Terra Energy LLC board with 3 out of 4 board members.

Craig Ransley, Deputy Chairman of Guildford, said, “This transaction is a testament to Och-Ziff being an important shareholder that continues to add value to Guildford as Och-Ziff introduced the project to us. We welcome the opportunity to work with Och-Ziff as a potential partner going forward.  Combined with the strong local knowledge of our Mongolian partners, and the coal industry expertise of Guildford, we now have a formidable team to accelerate the commercialisation of our existing projects as well as secure and develop the substantial pipeline of further opportunities we see in Mongolia.”

Mr Ransley said that, “assuming Och-Ziff exercised its option, Terra Energy LLC was expected to be fully funded to first production, allowing Guildford to use its existing cash to continue its aggressive drilling program in Queensland.”

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Mongolia exports more coal through Ereen

April 5 ( More coal is being exported through the Ereen border point in China, with the figure reaching 30,000 tons in January and February. This is expected to rise as China now encourages mineral resources import and the administration of Ereen city has raised the capacity of its customs services.

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NEA officials deny reports on talks about nuclear fuel depot in Mongolia

April 5 ( Officials of the Nuclear Energy Authority of Mongolia have denied reports in foreign media that the U.S. administration has held informal talks with Mongolia about the possibility that it might host an international repository for its region’s spent nuclear fuel. They categorically denied that any agreement has been concluded with any foreign government, company or individual on the matter.

Mongolia is a signatory to the international nuclear non-proliferation treaty and is committed to using nuclear energy only for peaceful purposes. Besides, it has a law prohibiting import or transit through Mongolia to a third country of any form of harmful waste. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade is preparing to ask US officials about the reports.

These quoted Richard Stratford, who directs the U.S. State Department’s Nuclear Energy, Safety and Security Office, as saying U.S. Energy Department officials and their counterparts in Ulaanbaatar are in the early stages of discussion on setting up a nuclear fuel depot in Mongolia for the region. Stratford was speaking at the biennial Carnegie International Nuclear Policy Conference.

Energy Department officials traveled to Mongolia last fall for meetings on the matter, according to a senior associate with the Nuclear Policy Program at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace.  "It was a fruitful discussion," he said. "They went into some details [but] it was very exploratory."

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April 6 (Australian Mining) Miners are always searching for that latest underdeveloped province, but as the world grows smaller there are fewer and fewer places that are yet to be fully explored.

The open barren plains of Mongolia are one place that is drawing the mining industry in droves.

The importance of Mongolia as a destination for mining companies is being recognised more and companies are scrambling to ensure they are a part of the booming industry.

Australia is one of the countries that is getting in at the ground floor.

Building relations

The current Mongolian Prime Minister, Sukhbaatar Batbold has realised the relationship between his country and Australia, becoming the first Mongolian Head of State to visit Australia in February.

The Mongolia Australia Business Forum brought mining industries together, those already involved in mining projects in the country and others who are considering tapping into the rich market.

At the forum, the audience heard of the Mongolian nationals who complete their training in Australia and enjoy their time and training so much, they refer to themselves as 'Maussies'.

Black gold

"There is now coking coal to be mined," Batbold stated at the mining forum

Brian Thornton told Australian Mining that there are massive coal fields within the country, adding that there has been a massive increase in awareness in the mining potential of Mongolia.

Infrastructure development

Mongolian Consulate Peter Sloane told Australian Mining that at mining conference last year, a World Bank economist said the Mongolian Government will need to invest around $4 billion into infrastructure over the next decade, which is set to cause headaches as the budget of the Government is around the same size as the city of Brisbane.

Looking forward

George Lhagvaa, managing director of Hunnu Coal perfectly demonstrated the enormity of the mining boom in Mongolia at the forum, when he told of a conversation he has with his mother.

"The other day my 70 year old mother wanted to discuss how mining affects Mongolia, [so that] shows the impact on the country's economy," he said.

"Growth in Mongolia can be compared to growth in the Western Australian mining regions."

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Report Listing Top 100 Mongolian Companies Released

Apr. 6 ( The Mongolian National Chamber of Commerce and the Mongolian Government recently released the 10th annual list of the top 100 businesses in Mongolia. Like in previous years, this year’s list is dominated by private enterprise.

During 2010, workers for private enterprises accounted for 88 percent of all those currently employed. Private businesses also contribute to around 80 percent of Mongolia’s GDP. Moreover, 2010 saw the first IPO by a Mongolian company.

As one would expect of Mongolia, six of the list’s top 20 businesses are mining companies while another six are involved in energy; or petroleum, more specifically. A few are involved in oil and gas exploration – a different part of the energy life cycle. The remaining companies, MCS for example, provide internet or strategic solutions, but also are likely supported by energy firms’ demand for operational services.

Although Erdenet leads the list for revenue, MCS has consistently led the list for the past five years for employment, investment, taxes paid and its contribution to social responsibility, according to the rankings compiled by the Mongolian government and chamber of commerce.

The top 20 companies can be found here:

Link to article


Mongolia launches joint disaster management exercise with U.S.

ULAN BATOR, April 5 (Xinhua) -- A joint disaster management exercise between Mongolia and the United States started here Tuesday.

Mongolian Deputy Prime Minister M. Enkhbold said at a launch ceremony that Mongolia should strengthen its natural disaster preparedness as the country has experienced many natural disasters in the past years.

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Supreme Court says Green Party rule changes illegal

April 5 ( The State Supreme Court yesterday ruled in favor of a complaint by D.Basandorj and O.Bum-Yalagch that a special meeting of the Green Party on February 19, 2011 had acted illegally in changing the party’s rules. The Court has said it will therefore not register the changed rules.

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