Wednesday, December 3, 2014

[BREAKING: PM submits reshuffled cabinet structure with 19 ministers, 15 ministries]

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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

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Mogi: the lone, ministry-less minister is an interesting idea, a concept that’s not new to the world, but they should’ve come up with a nice name for the poor fella, Minister-at-Large or something. In any case, the real reason I suspect is to find a middle ground with the coalition partners who all wanted different structure.

PM Submits Reshuffled Cabinet Structure to Parliament

December 3 (Cover Mongolia) Prime Minister Saikhanbileg Chimed has just submitted the much-anticipated bill on Government Structure.

The cabinet will be composed of 15 ministries and 19 ministers: Prime Minister, Deputy Prime Minister, Secretary of the Cabinet and below 16 ministers:

1.    Minister for Environment & Tourism

2.    Minister for Foreign Affairs

3.    Minister for Finance

4.    Minister for Justice

5.    Minister for Industry

6.    Minister for Defense

7.    Minister for Construction & Urban Development

8.    Minister for Education, Culture & Science

9.    Minister for Roads & Transportation

10.  Minister for Mining

11.  Minister for Labor

12.  Minister for Human Development, Social Security

13.  Minister for Agriculture

14.  Minister for Energy

15.  Minister for Health & Sports

16.  Minister

The last minister will be in charge of few specific major national projects and programs, and solving the needed investment for these. The minister will have no ministry.

Once the parliament passes the bill, the next step for Saikhanbileg would be submitting the nominees for the other 18 ministers beside himself.

Link to parliament press release



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