Thursday, May 26, 2016

[Court suspends Gatsuurt licenses; Kincora partners with Friedland; MSE gets a little brother; Russia accepts EGHPP; and Kazakhstan launches archeological expedition in Mongolia]

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Thursday, May 26, 2016

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ASEM Events Agenda and Documents Page:

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ASEF Interviews Khongorzul Chagnaadorj from the Mongolian Youth Federation

May 24 (Asia-Europe Foundation) Ms Khongorzul CHAGNAADORJ, Director of the Management, Planning and Cooperation Department of the Mongolian Youth Federation, speaks to ASEF about her views on youth engagement in promoting Asia-Europe exchanges.

Q. What does the Mongolian Youth Federation believe the ASEM-youth would be most interested in seeing on the agenda of the ASEM process?

We are of the firm belief that the youth would strongly welcome the initiation of concrete actions and a strong vision to promote educational exchanges between the 2 regions. This would allow the ASEM process to undertake a more visible and proactive role in creating an environment conducive for Asia-Europe collaboration in education through projects such as university exchanges, youth programmes and capacity trainings. We also see a stronger interest among the youth to be a part of the ASEM process, be it during the ASEM meetings or its side-events, where the youth can share and build a joint Asia-Europe vision with senior leaders.  

Q. During the 7th Model ASEM participants will develop a consensus-based Chair's Statement on the theme "20 Years of ASEM: Partnership for Future through Connectivity". How does the Mongolian Youth Federation believe youth can contribute to increasing connectivity between ASEM countries? 

Youth are at the forefront of connectivity! The youth are mobile and connected, both online and offline. Today's younger generations are the result of a connected world, in which they can interact face-to-face  through social media platforms, share cultures and exchange perspectives on a daily basis without the obstacles of physical borders. Our organisation works actively to promote a wider inclusion of international opportunities for our members and students - and here we believe that the 11th ASEM Summit (ASEM11) and the 7th Model ASEM will mark a milestone in our work to promote Mongolia to foreign friends as well as to increase our youth's exposure to international affairs. For us, these projects are connectivity in the making!  

Q. What does the Asia-Europe collaboration mean to Mongolian youth?
The Mongolian youth are eager to play a more prominent role in the Asia-Europe collaboration led by ASEF and ASEM. We are glad to be a part of the 2 upcoming youth projects organised by ASEF, the 7th Model ASEM and the 20th ASEF Summer University, as they will allow our youth to influence and partake in these initiatives, as well as to learn from fellow peers from the other 50 ASEM countries. Our hope for the ASEM process and the Mongolian youth engagement is to have a fruitful and long-lasting collaboration, in which both parties can learn, share and improve together.

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Int'l Market

CG dropped -9.13% on Tuesday, +1.43% Wednesday to C$7.07

Centerra's Mongolia License Suspension 'Preliminary in Nature'

By Michael Kohn

May 23 (Bloomberg) -- Suspension of licenses held by Toronto-based Centerra Gold are "preliminary in nature" until final resolution of the claim made by the "Movement for Saving Mt. Noyon" NGO, according to an e-mailed statement today from co. spokesman John Pearson.

* Capital City Administrative Court in Ulaanbaatar suspended Centerra's Gatsuurt mine licenses following the NGO's claim against the Mineral Resources Authority of Mongolia. Centerra is a third party in this proceeding

* The licenses were acquired by Cameco Gold Mongolia (a Cameco subsidiary) prior to Centerra's IPO in 2004. Co. name changed to Centerra Gold Mongolia following the IPO: Pearson

* "We do not yet understand the implication of this decision on the validity of the licenses or CGM's existing operations. We are continuing to gather further information": Pearson

* Says Centerra doesn't have a copy of the decision

* Decision ''appears to suspend" the application of the 2004 government resolution to reflect the name change of Mongolian subsidiary on the Gatsuurt licenses: Pearson

* Badrakh Yadmaa, Head of International Cooperation Department of the Ministry of Mining in Mongolia, did not respond to an e-mail request for information on the outcome of the case

* NOTE: Feb. 4, Centerra Gets Mongolian Parliamentary Resolution on Gatsuurt

* NOTE: Oct. 21, Centerra, Mongolia Agree on Mine Royalty Rather Than Govt Stake

* NOTE: Oct. 2014, Mongolia Plans JV With Centerra to Kickstart Gatsuurt Gold Mine



UPDATE 2-Kyrgyz court fines Centerra Gold unit Kumtor $98 mln

May 25 (Reuters) A court in Kyrgyzstan on Wednesday fined the country's biggest gold miner, Kumtor Operating Company, a unit of Canada's Centerra Gold Inc, 6.7 billion soms ($98 million) for environmental damage.

Kumtor's lawyers told reporters at the hearing that they would appeal the ruling.

Kyrgyzstan's environmental inspection authority had said that Kumtor's placement of waste rock on its waste dumps was subject to tariffs normally applied to industrial or domestic waste, Toronto-based Centerra said in a statement.

The Central Asian republic and Centerra have been locked in a bitter dispute over profit-sharing and Bishkek said last year it was withdrawing from the negotiations.

Kyrgyzstan's environmental and technical safety authority has filed several lawsuits against Kumtor for a total of about $103 million and Wednesday's ruling was the second one this week, both being in favor of the state.

There are still two outstanding environmental claims, totaling around $5 million, made by the environmental inspection unit against Kumtor, Centerra said.

Kumtor also faces a claim for damages of some $220 million for environmental pollution fees from another Kyrgyz state body, Centerra said. The next court hearing on this matter is scheduled for May 30.

"Centerra strongly disputes the allegations made... and considers the claims to be without merit," the miner said. It will continue to challenge the claims in court and could also commence international arbitration, Centerra said.

Kyrgyz prosecutors raided the company's offices last month to collect documents related to a separate criminal case alleging financial violations by the firm.

Centerra's shares ended 1.4 percent firmer at C$7.07 on the Toronto Stock Exchange on Wednesday.

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KCC jumped 100% Wednesday to C$0.05

Kincora partners with Friedland to consolidate Mongolian ground

Kincora Copper has moved to consolidate the southern Gobi copper belt in conjunction with a company ultimately controlled by Robert Friedland

May 25 (Proactive Investors) If Sam Spring's comparison of south eastern Mongolia now to Chile in the 1970s holds any water at all, then Kincora Copper's (CVE:KCC) latest deal could position it as a significant player in the world's next major copper province.

As chief executive of Kincora and a former AMA Mining Analyst of the Year, Spring brings considerable geological expertise to the table, as well as time spent in the broking community getting to know the whys and wherefores of capital markets.

For a couple of years now, he's weathered the downturn in mining, conserving cash for Kincora while making sure that licenses are retained, and in some case regained.

Now though, as signs of life start to breathe through the Canadian equity markets, Kincora has staked its claim as a major player in Mongolia by adding to its existing Tourmaline and Bronze Fox licenses a whole swathe of ground held by Ibex, a private vehicle ultimately controlled by the famous mining entrepreneur Robert Friedland.

Seasoned investors will remember that it was Friedland himself who really opened up Mongolia, with the development of what is now one of the world's largest copper mines at Oyu Tolgoi.

Back then, Friedland's vehicle was called Ivanhoe, and it made a lot of people a lot of money before eventually selling out to a company commensurate with the size of Oyu Tolgoi, Rio Tinto (LON:RIO).

But the knowledge and skill sets that Friedland and his people gained during that exercise were not to go to waste.

Friedland kept his hand in, and Ibex managed to secure a significant land position north east of Oyu Tolgoi along the trend of the Oyu Tolgoi Tsagaan Suvarga Devonian belt.

It's this that's now coming into Kincora via a merger of local subsidiaries and the issue of nearly 59 mln Kincora shares with additional warrants to Ibex's owner HPX, a private vehicle.

HPX will in turn bring some of the latest exploration technology to bear on the ground in Mongolia.

You can almost hear the excitement in Spring's voice when he says: "Ibex's portfolio was secured and targets advanced by former key executives of Oyu Tolgoi's exploration team and focused on 'mega scale' gold-rich coppery porphyry targets."

In other words, the idea is to turn south-eastern Mongolia now into what Chile was in the 1970s – the next big copper development region.

There, porphyry mines like Oyu Tolgoi almost always occur in clusters. And on a comparative basis, the small corner of Mongolia that contains Oyu Tolgoi and Kincora's now much-expanded land position would, in Chile, contain 15 large copper mines and be producing more than two million tonnes of copper per year.

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YAK closed -3.75% Wednesday to C$0.385, MNGGF -5.32% to US$0.29

Mongolia Growth Group Announces First Quarter 2016 Results

Calgary, Alberta, May 25 (FSCwire) - Mongolia Growth Group Ltd. (YAK TSXV and MNGGF - USA) ("MGG") or ("the Company") a commercial real estate investment and development company participating in the growth of the Mongolian economy announces its financial results for the first quarter of 2016 and is pleased to report continued progress on improving operations and reducing costs. 

Highlights for the quarter: 

·         Improvements in operational performance have reduced negative quarterly AFFO by 59% to CDN $119,712 when compared to the first quarter of 2015 when negative AFFO was CDN $290,744 

·         Reduced expenses excluding non-cash expense from $799,781 to $603,957 when compared to the first quarter of 2015, a decrease of 24%, despite the cost of various marketing initiatives 

·         Rental revenue only declined by 9% when compared to the first quarter of 2015 despite a substantially more rapid deterioration in market lease rates 

"We are proud to report year over year improvements in negative AFFO despite the accelerating weakness in the Mongolian economy," said Harris Kupperman, Chairman and CEO of MGG. We had a good start to the quarter, but the continued depreciation of the Mongolian Togrog to Canadian Dollar exchange rate (9.5% during the quarter) hurt overall results as approximately half of our expenses are in Canadian Dollars. 

"As the quarter progressed, we experienced continued tenant turnover due to the deteriorating economy. Our team has done an outstanding job at coping with this turnover but new leases continue to be signed at lower rates than prior leases. Additionally, we have experienced higher renovation expenses to prepare properties for new tenants. 

"We spent 2015 focused on improving our operations and reducing costs. The results on the expense side show the continued and dramatic progress that has been made to eliminate costs. Unfortunately, this improvement has been offset by an accelerating decline in lease rates which has led our AFFO to continue to be negative, though dramatically less negative than during prior years. 

"While we believe that there are some additional cost savings that we can crystalize during 2016, the revenue side of the equation is expected to get worse in future quarters. With rental rates in in a downward trend, our focus continues to be on efficiency gains and cost reductions while we push ahead with our agency business. 

"Our goal during this downturn is to lose as little as possible and preserve the value of our company for when the recovery arrives." 

Over the next quarter, MGG expects to realize milestones in a number of areas:

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TRQ closed +4.74% Wednesday to US$2.87, SGQ last traded at C$0.26 on May 17, 1878 trading -2.1% mid-day at HK$1.39

Turquoise Hill Sells 375,000 SouthGobi Shares On-Market, Stake Down 0.15% to 15.87%

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EUM last traded A$0.026 on May 24

Jason Peterson Becomes Substantial Holder in Eumeralla Resources at 6.37%

Link to Notice of Initial Substantial Holder Notice, May 25

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Local Market

MSE Trading Report: Top 20 -0.3%, ALL +0.23%, Turnover 14.8 Million Shares

May 25 (MSE) --

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UB-BUK JSC Sends 100-for-1 Share Split Decision to FRC for Approval

May 25 (MSE) According to the Company Law of Mongolia, Listing Rule of MSE and the Resolution No.:2016/05 of Board of Directors meeting dated 25 April 2016, "UB-BUK" JSC conducted stock split for 100 for 1 on its total of 1,315,475 shares at MNT1.0 per share. The listing amendment made to "UB-BUK" JSC and total shares changed to 131,547,500 shares at MNT0.1 per share.   

MSE sent report of stock split to the FRC, and FRC will ratify the listing amendment.

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Mongolia launches 2nd stock exchange MSX

May 25 ( The Mongolian Stock Exchange has a new brother. The new organization named the "Mongol Securities Exchange" is starting its operation on the Mongolian stock market. This company will operate the exchanges of primary and secondary securities. In other words, their operation will be same as that of the Mongolian Stock Exchange.

The Mongol Securities Exchange obtained permission from the Financial Regulatory Committee last July. To date, around a dozen brokerage companies have joined the Mongol Securities Exchange. Other brokerage companies have also expressed their intention of participating. In addition, two companies have requested to launch IPO's.

The manager has said that they will work to develop the Mongolian securities market and stock market. An event marking the opening of the "Mongol Securities Exchange" took place today at 14.00pm in the "GB Plaza".

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Historic low 2,050.85/USD set March 28, 2016. Reds are rates that set a new low at the time

BoM MNT Rates: Wednesday, May 25 Close
















































































































































































































Bank USD rates at time of sending: Khan (Buy ₮1,995 Sell ₮2,005), TDB (Buy ₮1,995 Sell ₮2,007), Golomt (Buy ₮1,992 Sell ₮2,005), XacBank (Buy ₮1,994 Sell ₮2,004), State Bank (Buy ₮1,995 Sell ₮2,010)

MNT vs USD (blue), CNY (red) in last 1 year:

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BoM issues ₮2 billion 1-week bills at 10.5%, total outstanding unchanged at ₮182.35 billion

May 25 (Bank of Mongolia) BoM issues 1 week bills worth MNT 142 billion at a weighted interest rate of 10.5 percent per annum /For previous auctions click here/

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Politics & Legal

S.Demberel MP officially joins Democratic Party

Ulaanbaatar, May 25 (MONTSAME) S.Demberel, a member of the State Great Khural from the Civil Will-Green Party, and members of the party Ch.Bazar and R.Bulgamaa have joined the Democratic Party (DP).

Chairman of the DP and Speaker of parliament Z.Enkhbold granted Wednesday the party's membership cards to the new members.

In accordance with a cooperation contract between the DP and the Civil Will-Green Party, they will run together for the upcoming parliamentary elections.

It is expected that S.Demberel MP will compete in the parliamentary elections from a constituency of Chingeltei district, while R.Bulgamaa--from Bayanzurkh's constituency. 

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DeFacto Review, May 22: Cover Mongolia's Mogi, IRI's Ashleigh Whelan

May 23 --

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Resource Management Challenges in Mongolia: Tuvshin Batterseg

May 24 (NRGI) With Tuvshin Batterseg from the government of Mongolia. Filmed at the NRGI-Central European University School of Public Policy course Reversing the Resource Curse: Theory and Practice in April 2016.

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Resource Management Challenges in Mongolia: Damdinnyam Gongor                                                   

May 24 (NRGI) With Damdinnyam Gongor from the Canadian International Resource and Development Institute and Nazgul Kulova. Filmed at the NRGI-Central European University School of Public Policy course Reversing the Resource Curse: Theory and Practice in April 2016.

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Photo exhibition opens on 91st Anniversary of Mongolian Air Forces

May 25 ( In scope of 91st anniversary of establishment of the air force in Mongolia, "AIR FORCE" 91 photography exhibition opens to the public at domestic passenger hall of Chinggis Khaan International Airport on May 25. 

Total of 60 photographs of K.Enhbayar, D.Batbold and L.Nyambar is being presented at the two-day exhibition. 

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Erdenet - Mongolia's wealth

May 25 (MONTSAME) Mongolia-Russia joint venture – the Erdenet mining corporation is one of the largest ore exploration and enrichment mines in Asia.

Opened in a mineral deposit area called "Erdenetiin Ovoo" in Bulgan province, the mine has been exploiting minerals for 40th year now. Reserves for the next 42 years have been estimated and other geological sources are being discovered as well.

51 percent shares of the mining corporation is owned by the government of Mongolia, and the rest of the shares is possessed by the Russian government. As of today, the mining corporation processes 25 million tons of ore, 530 thousand tons of copper concentrate and about 3 thousand tons of molybdenum concentrate a year.

Moreover, Erdenet city near the mine has the population of over 100 thousand people. Since the Erdenet mine is considered as a good practice of equal distribution of the national wealth, such a city is expected to erect in Omnogobi based on the OyuTolgoi mine. With own capital resources, the "Erdenet" mining corporation has recently founded a hospital equipped with the state-of-the-art Japanese technologies.

Apart from the mining industry, Erdenet city has a large carpet factory, which produces carpets made of pure sheep wool. There are only 3 factories of such kind in the world.

All these are the wealth which is evenly shared to mongolians.

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Japanese Izunokuni city delegates visiting Songinokhairkhan district

Ulaanbaatar, May 25 (MONTSAME) Delegation led by Nakuno Atsushi, the Japanese Izunokuni city Counselor for land farming affairs, is paying a working visit here. The city maintains friendly ties with Songinokhairkhan district of Ulaanbaatar.

During a meeting with authorities of Songinokhairkhan district, Nakuno Atsushi conveyed to the district's governor greetings of Ono Toshiko, the governor of Izunokuni city. Chair of the Japanese city's division on inter-city relations Morishima Hiroshi reported about some achievements gained in the cooperation between Izunokuni city and Songinokharikhan district.

The Japanese delegation's stay will continue five days during which they are set to visit some schools built with Japanese investments, a sports complex and an intensified greenhouse farm in Songinokhairkhan district.

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How to celebrate Children's Day in UB

May 25 ( The Children's Day is celebrated on June 1 around Mongolia to honor and appreciate children. It had been celebrated as Mother's and Children's Day during 1995-2002 when people honor both mothers and children. However the Government of Mongolia decided to celebrate as Children's Day since 2003. 

Mongolia joined the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child in 1990. Later Mongolia drafted law on protection of child rights and approved it on May 8, 1996.

Also, June 1 is a non-working public holiday in Mongolia. Therefore, parents take them out to enjoy a day. Children are dressed in their finest clothes - mostly suits and fancy dresses.

It has been a tradition to Mongolians to give presents to children. Also companies give gifts to the children of their employees. Recently, groups, friends or individuals give presents to children of poor families. 

City Governor`s Office, all districts, biggest shopping centers, cinemas and theatres even towns are hold events, performances, and concerts for children to enjoy their day. 

The most populated destinations during the Children`s day are:

  • Chinggis square
  • Children`s park
  • National amusement park 
  • Cinemas
  • Theatres

This year following concerts and events dedicated to upcoming Children`s Day are scheduled.

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Highlights from "Friendly Ulaanbaatar" program this year

May 25 ( The program "Ulaanbaatar Welcomes You" is being implemented for the second year by the City Administration. Today, at a meeting with the tourist companies, the schedule of events to be held this summer was introduced. Here are some of the highlights:

On 4th June, UB Marathon – public running

4th -5th June, "Ulaanbaatar" tourism exhibition

10th June, "Ulaanbaatar and Vienna Night" concert

2nd July, "Best of Classics" concert

10th July, "Mongol Naadam with Deel" – traditional dress

10th July, "Uchirtai Gurvan Tolgoi" opera

12th July, "Steppe Dance Festival"

14th July, "Ulaanbaatar Swing Night" jazz festival

6th-7th August, "Danshig Naadam-Khuree Tsam" religious and cultural event.

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"Ulaanbaatar Welcomes You" Program, May 25

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Foreign Minister L.Purevsuren to visit Japan

Ulaanbaatar, May 25 (MONTSAME) Foreign Minister of Mongolia L.Purevsuren will pay a working visit to Japan on May 30-31 to take part in the Future of Asia conference and discuss issues of the Mongolia-Japan Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA).

It was informed during the "Media Hour" weekly meeting held Tuesday at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Besides his forthcoming visit, the Foreign Minister reported about results of the official visit of the President Ts.Elbegdorj paid to the Republic of Korea and a decision of the International IDEA to found a regional training center for electoral observers in Mongolia.

Information was sounded regarding the participation of the State Secretary of the Foreign Ministry D.Gankhuyag in the 72nd session of the UN Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific held May 17-18 in Bangkok city as well as the Mongolia-Thailand consultative meeting of the Ministries of Foreign Affairs.

L.Purevsuren briefed about the visit of Russian journalists continued until May 21 in frames of the program on promoting Mongolia abroad and an international workshop themed "State role and participation in mining mega-projects" which took place on May 15 in Ulaanbaatar.

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Mogi: close down your own dams first big bro

Extreme warnings issued that Lake Baikal could 'drain dry like the Aral Sea'

The lake's level is falling, and Mongolian hydro plans would disrupt inflows, and could cause a 'tsunami' of water, say campaigners. 

May 25 (The Siberian Times) Newspaper Izvestia this week was blunt in assessing the eco-damage threat to Baikal, a natural reservoir which contains around 20% of the world's unfrozen freshwater.

'Baikal might share the destiny of the Aral Sea,' it stated. 'Construction of three hydro power stations on the Selenga River and its tributaries can cause the unique lake to dry out.'

The 25 million year old lake - a UNESCO world heritage site - is 'on the edge of environmental catastrophe and if certain measures are not taken, it might disappear just like the Aral sea.'

The impact of proposed Mongolian hydro projects could also be to threaten the Buryatian capital city, Ulan-Ude, in the event of an accident to one of three planned dams. 

Environmental activist Sergey Shapkhayev warned: 'Potential damage from the third hydro power station which will be located on the Eg River (a Selenga tributary) could cause a huge catastrophe. Hydrological experts believe that this power station is the most dangerous of all.

'This power station will be located in the seismically active part of Mongolia. And any seismic activity can cause  all the stored water to wash away part of Mongolia and in half a day it would reach Ulan-Ude' - a city with a population of 415,000. At the same time, speed of water will be compatible to tsunami.'

The warnings come amid new hopes in Russia that ways can be found to persuade Mongolia not to go ahead with the the hydro schemes - see our earlier story here

Izvestia said that the claims about an Aral-like denuding of Baikal were aired at a closed doors meeting at the Energy Ministry. Crucial to the dams not being built are an offer acceptable to Mongolia of guaranteed cheap energy - from Russia. 

Another session held at the Ministry of Natural Resources in April heard that the Mongolian plans would lead to atmospherical, biological, hydrological and geological changes. 

'The quality of water, its ice and temperature regime will also change,' according to this account. 'Additional emission of greenhouse gases will increase the threat of flooding of some areas. The migration of animals, rare fish species in particular, will also be negatively affected. Apart from that, the implementation of these hydro-technical projects will cause additional seismic, epidemiological and other risks.'

Other warns suggested an acute risk of pollution in the Selenga feeding into Baikal. And separately, the existing fall of the lake's level has already led to wells running dry  located as far as 300 kilometres from Baikal.

Residents of 13 settlements on the Baikal shore are also facing difficulties with water supply. 

Oleg Lebedev, a member of the Higher Environmental Council, and a deputy of the Russian parliament, said:  'We have unique scientific potential and expertise in construction, and that is why it is possible to transfer power from Siberia and develop new export agreements. 

'Otherwise less than 1,000 GW of power will destroy the largest unfrozen water reservoir on the Earth, (and) will destroy the delta of the Selenga River and cut access to fresh water in Buryatia and Irkutsk region.'

Andrey Grozin, of the Institute of the CIS countries, warned: 'The hydrological resources of Mongolia are not sufficient to produce significant power capacities. The three rivers discussed now do not have particular potential to generate enough power to sort out the electricity deficit. 

'Of course, it's easier to build a hydro power station - green energy - but it's clearly an exaggeration to consider that hydro power can become main power source for Mongolia.'

Irina Maksimova, scientific secretary of the Baikal Scientific Council, claimed an unprecedented 'catastrophe' would befall Baikal.

The comparison with the Aral Sea -  which was a giant endorheic lake lying between Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan - appears far-fetched even allowing for a grave threat now facing Baikal. 

The Aral, once one of the four largest lakes in the world, has substantially dried up due mainly to Soviet planners diverting rivers to use for irrigation projects. Yet before it suffered grievous ecological damage, the volume of water in the Aral was some 1089 cubic kilometres. By 2007 it has reduced to just 75 cubic kilometres. 

By comparison Baikal - covering an area larger than Belgium - contains some 23,615 cubic kilometres of water.

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Building hydropower plant is matter of internal affairs says project leader

Ulaanbaatar, May 25 (MONTSAME) On May 24, Russian and Mongolian authorities inked a protocol where the Russian Federation recognizes that the construction of Hydropower Plant of River Eg is subject of Mongolia's international affairs, according to the Facebook post by D.Odkhuu, the leader of River Eg Hydropower Plant Project unit.

With the signing of the above document, works of hydropower plant project will be running smoothly in cooperation with the partners from the southern neighbor. The project is the result of 23 years of debate.

Mr D.Odkhuu also extended thanks to the Ministries of Foreign Affairs, Energy, and of the Environment, Green Development and Tourism, scholars and researchers, as well as the dedicated citizens of Mongolia for the successful solution.

The project unit was set up a year ago. The feasibility study and the environmental impact assessments have been completed.

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Chinese Ambassador visits Selenge Aimag for Altanbulag Expo

Ulaanbaatar, May 25 (MONTSAME) Diplomatic staff of the Embassy of the People's Republic of China in Mongolia led by Xing Haiming, the PRC Ambassador to Mongolia had a working tour to Selenge aimag last week.

They were received by J.Sanjjav, chairman of the Citizens' Representative Khural of Selenge aimag; S.Burenbat, the aimag's governor; N.Batdorj and J.Bayarmagnai, deputy governors of Selenge.

The governor S.Burenbat briefed about Selenge aimag and its features, and shared views on collaboration issues.

In turn, the Ambassador said they had a chance to visit Selenge aimag and to meet with aimag's authorities when they participated in the "Altanbulag Expo 2016" forum held near the "Altanbulag" economic free-zone which is the start up for creating an economic corridor initiated by leaders of Mongolia, China and Russia.

Xing Haiming pointed out that his country is ready to boost cooperation with Mongolia in the areas of agriculture, foods, land farming, education and health.

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Chinese soldiers on parade at the Mongolia's annual peacekeeping drill

ULAN BATOR, May 22, 2016 (Xinhua) -- Chinese soldiers are on a parade at the opening ceremony of the Khan Quest 2016 peacekeeping military drill in Tavan Tolgoi, Mongolia, May 22, 2016. Mongolia. Mongolia kicked off its annual multinational peacekeeping drill on Sunday, with an eye to boosting military-to-military interoperability on peacekeeping missions. Military personnel from 47 countries in five continents have arrived in Tavan Tolgoi, a Mongolian military training ground about 65 kilometers away from Ulan Bator, capital of Mongolia, for the military exercise code-named "Khan Quest 2016."

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News: U.S. Army, Canadian Army teach minefield extraction techniques to Mongolian Armed Forces members during Khaan Quest 2016

May 25 (DVIDS) As wind howls through the valley, a sea of brown camouflage gathers around a team of U.S. and Canadian Army instructors who contend with the elements to teach their students how to win the battle against improvised explosive devices and mines.

A platoon of soldiers from the Mongolian Armed Forces participated in the minefield self-extraction training lane May 25, during the multinational peacekeeping exercise Khaan Quest 2016 at the Five Hills Training Area near Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia.

The training prepared MAF members for an upcoming United Nations peacekeeping mission in South Sudan, where threats such as minefields are common. 

With temps dropping 20 degrees colder than the day prior, and winds gusting to 35 mph, MAF soldiers huddled together in a flapping classroom tent and listened intently to classes taught by U.S and Canadian explosive ordnance experts who were nearly yelling to be heard over the wind.

"We're equipping the MAF with the skills necessary to counter improvised explosive devices and stay safe while executing peacekeeping missions," said Army Sgt. Andy Hicks, an explosive ordnance disposal technician with the 388th Clearance Company, 841st Engineer Battalion. "They are learning how to get out safely if they find themselves in a minefield, which is sometimes common in areas where peacekeeping missions take place." 

After the classes, the soldiers filed outside and mounted vehicles that took them to a simulated minefield and executed the practical application portion of their training. 

The instructors led them through scenarios such as identifying mines, properly marking locations of mines or unexploded ordnance, and probing for mines using issued gear as well as repurposed everyday objects.

A common thread through all the training lanes during Khaan Quest is the new experiences of each service member and the adjustments to operating in a foreign land.

According to MAF 1st Lt. B. Enkhtuvshin, a lot of the members of the armed forces around the world are out of their element in Mongolia. 

"The weather is a little crazy out here and many times you can see all four seasons in one day," said MAF 1st Lt. B. Enkhtuvshin. "The Americans as well as service members from many other nations have had to embrace a lot of cultural differences here. We are very appreciative of their ability to accept and embrace our customs and share their own with us." 

As the training progressed through the day the troops split into pairs and practiced minefield extraction techniques in separate lanes and set flags to mark potential threats as they proceeded down their individual routes. 

The students conducting the training weren't the only ones gaining new insights.

"This is my first time doing any type of multinational training and I'm really glad I got the opportunity to come here," said Hicks, a Lilburn, Georgia, native. "Our aim is to provide our partner nation with new knowledge to keep them safe with their missions for the United Nations. Just like this knowledge is new to them, this environment is new to us. Yesterday, it was calm and about 60 degrees outside. Today there are high winds, it's about 40 degrees, and we are bundled up and fighting through." 

As the training concluded, the service members exited the training area and mounted vehicles for the return to their main encampment.

As each of the different multinational platoons rotate through the training the instructors realize they are gaining knowledge and insights from their students that they're teaching. This interaction and sharing of experiences is one of the primary objectives of Khaan Quest this year. 

"It's been amazing to work with other units and our foreign partners, and it's interesting to see that they have different ways of approaching the same challenges," said Hicks. "I was raised to always get along with other people and listen more than speaking. Being an intent listener is important and you can really learn a lot from people by listening and getting their opinions and views."

MAF members are scheduled to continue this training in order to continue preparation for upcoming UN peacekeeping missions.

"U.S. Forces are well-known to the world, so it's an honor to learn from them and if they can also learn from Mongolians, that's valuable to us," said Enkhtuvshin. "This exchange of knowledge and learning is the best part of this exercise and we look forward to future opportunities to continue this learning." 

Khaan Quest is hosted by the Mongolian Armed Forces, co-sponsored by U.S. Pacific Command, and supported by U.S. Army Pacific and U.S. Marine Corps Forces, Pacific. Khaan Quest, in its 14th iteration, is the capstone exercise for this year's Global Peace Operations Initiative program, and includes more than 40 nations and approximately 1,400 participants.

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Intergovernmental economic commission meets in Vienna

Ulaanbaatar, May 25 (MONTSAME) The Fourth Intergovernmental Economic Cooperation Commission meeting of Mongolia and the Republic of Austria took place in Vienna on May 23, chaired by Mongolian Mining Minister R.Jigjid and Austrian Deputy Minister of Science, Research and Economy B.Gierlinger.

The sides exchanged views and reached some agreements on strengthening economic ties, especially in taking certain steps towards cooperation in energy, finance, commerce, investment, agriculture and tourism.

Intergovernmental agreement on Comprehensive Partnership in Mineral Resources was inked. The sides also reached a principal agreement on launching the second stage of financial cooperation agreement.

In the margin of this event, meetings of mining analysts and of business representatives were organized.

The Austrian side offered to arrange specialization programmes for Mongolian physicians at the Medical University of Graz.

During the meetings, Minister of Mining R.Jigjid exchanged opinions on opportunities of cooperation in mineral resources sphere with Mr C.Schoenbauer, deputy minister of the Federal Ministry of Science, Research and the Economy.

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Ambassador to Turkey attends World Humanitarian Summit

By B. Khuder

Ulaanbaatar, May 25 (MONTSAME) Ambassador of Mongolia to Turkey participated in the 2016 World Humanitarian Summit held on May 23-24 in Istanbul, Turkey. He met with some officials to proceed Mongolian proposals for further reflection in a document released from the Summit.

In the opening speech at the summit, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon stated that there are about 60 million people displaced every year and 125 million people in need of humanitarian assistance across the globe, while Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan expressed readiness to render all necessary support to three million Syrian and Iraqi refugees hosted in Turkey, and called on other states to take actions on humanitarian affairs.

The first day of the summit was addressed by world leaders including German Chancellor Angela Merkel; Kuwaiti Emir al-Jaber al-Sabah; Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev; Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko; Georgian President Giorgi Margvelashvili; South Korean Prime Minister Hwang Kyo-ahn; and Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras. They pledged to boost their efforts to tackle the world's humanitarian crisis.

The World Humanitarian Summit, organized by the UN, the first of its' kind, brought together representatives from 125 UN's member states that mainly focused on these five cores: 1) raising political leadership to prevent and end conflicts; 2) upholding the norms that safeguard humanity; 3) leaving no one behind; 4) changing people's lives – from delivering aid to ending the need; and 5) investing in humanity.

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Mongolia folklore artists perform at World Humanitarian Summit

Ulaanbaatar, May 25 (MONTSAME) Mongolian artists staged a folklore performance for the World Humanitarian Summit held in Istanbul Turkey, on May 24. Artists included dancers and singers from Tarialan soum of Uvs and Tsagaannuur soum of Khuvsgul.

Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Mongolia to the Republic of Turkey B.Batkhishig congratulated the performers and extended thanks to the Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TIKA).

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Health, Education

World Bank Procurement: Early Grade Math Assessment Expert for Education Quality Reform Project


24 June 2016


24 May 2016






IDA 54880

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Culture, Society

TWESCO and the Institute of History and Archaeology of Mongolian National Academy of Sciences Signed Memorandum of Cooperation

May 23 (TWESCO) Today, the International Turkic Academy (TWESCO) and the Institute of History and Archaeology of Mongolian National Academy of Sciences, signed a memorandum of cooperation.

The conditions of the document are aimed at strengthening of cooperation between Kazakhstan and Mongolia, improving and increasing the international status of the researches. The parties focus on the studies of nomadic civilization, researches of the history and monuments of ancient Turkic and Mongolian eras, and on archeology, archeography and the Turkic-Mongolian relations.

This document was signed in the framework of the forum "The Great Steppe" by the Head of the TWESCO Darkhan Kydyrali and Director of the Institute of Archaeology and History Mr.Chuluun Sampildondov.

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TWESCO Organizes International Archaeological Expedition in Mongolia

May 25 (TWESCO) Today, the Head of the International Turkic Academy (TWESCO) Darkhan Kydyrali had a meeting with the Director of the Institute of History and Archaeology at the National Academy of Sciences of Mongolia Çhuluun Sampildondov.

On the meeting within the framework of the memorandum of cooperation, signed at the Forum "The Great Steppe"  the sides discussed issues on organizing an archaeological expedition to Turkic ancient ritual complex Shveet ulaan  with the aim of systematic study of the ancient complexes in the steppes of Mongolia, holding joint activities.

Professor C. Sampildondov highly praised the great scientific potential of the TWESCO, and assured that they will contribute to the study of nomadic civilization of the international organization. The heads of both organizations agreed to hold Shveet ulaan international expedition in August 2016, and to organize a meeting to unite archeologists of the Turkic world.

After the meeting, D.Kydyrali presented to Mr. Ch.Sampildondov valuable publications of the Academy.

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"Adidas-wearing" Mongolian mummy being restored

May 25 ( Uzuur Gyalan is a remote place in the Munkh-khairkhan soum of  Mongolia's westernmost Khovd Aimag (province). Here a joint archaeological team from the Khovd Provincial Museum and Khovd University has unearthed some truly amazing finds; among them the preserved remains of a person rolled in felt and wearing centuries-old Adidas-like boots! Along with the mummy were the remains of a sheep, a horse, a saddle, a horse bit and collar, deels (traditional clothes), wooden and iron bowls, utensils and a leather and felt bag containing tools for embroidery.

The restoration of these finds has started in Ulaanbaatar at the Cultural Heritage Restoration Laboratory of the Ministry of Education Culture and Science. The treasures are being registered, cleaned and strengthened.

But how old are they? According to preliminary research, they date back 1500 years to around the 6th or 7th century. This judgment is based on a comparison of the clothing and other items.

Among the finds are some packaged items. The Ministry has confirmed that these "priority" objects are to be X-rayed this week.

According to the specialists, the restoration of the treasures will continue until January or February 2017.

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It also falls to historians to explain the origin of the Bulgarian Cyrillic alphabet: archaeologist

Sofia, May 24 (FOCUS) It also falls to historians to explain the origin of the Bulgarian Cyrillic alphabet. That is what archaeologist Prof. Ovcharov said for Radio FOCUS in a commentary on the monument of the Cyrillic Alphabet in the Mongolian capital Ulan Bator

He stressed that the Asian country [Mongolia] was one of the few non-Slavic countries benefiting from Bulgarian Cyrillic writing. The professor shared future plans related to Mongolia. 

"We have an idea to make a room of the Cyrillic alphabet in Mongolian schools, where students to find literature in Cyrillic and information about Cyril and Methodius because not everyone knows about them and their work. Naturally, this is also related to money - a trip to Mongolia is not an easy job, the country is some 6,000 km far from Bulgaria. But the fact is that we continue our work in this direction. We have an idea and see what the situation in Kazakhstan is - another country which uses the Cyrillic alphabet. Maybe it will be one of the extensions of our project in the coming years", the professor said.

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Int'l prehistoric and ancient petroglyph conference approaches

Ulaanbaatar, May 25 (MONTSAME) "Arts immortalized on Rocks: History, Concept and Discussion" dubbed international scientific conference will take place on May 30 and 31 in Best Western Premier Tuushin Hotel of Ulaanbaatar.

"We are already familiar with the fact that Mongolia is rich with minerals and beautiful landscape. The less known fact here is that Mongolian rocky mountains accommodate the historic heritages of humanity. There are more than 500 petroglyphic complexes in our country", said P.Tsagaan, the chief of staff of the President's Office and recalled the registering of Altai Mountain petroglyphs to the UNESCO List of World Cultural Heritages.

P.Tsagaan is the leader of Petroglyph Project and a member of The International Union of Prehistoric and Protohistoric Sciences (UISSP).

He went on to note that, for example, there are about 65 thousand rock paintings in 10 km area of Altai Mountains. "To study and get au fait with such amazing ancient artworks, 15 renowned scholars will come to Ulaanbaatar to converse with 100 Mongolian scientists at this conference", he said.

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International Day featured culture of Mongolia at Richmond CWA

May 25 (Hawkesbury Gazette) THERE weren't any scruffy ponies being tied up by men with long black moustaches and pointy hats outside CWA Richmond's premises on Wednesday, May 25, but that's only because no-one told them there was Mongolian tucker on. 

It was CWA Richmond's International Day, which this year is on Mongolia. If you check out Mongolian cuisine on Wikipedia, it only rates two lines, mentioning a lot of dairy, steamed meat dumplings and deep -fried meat pies, with few vegetables. 

So CWA ladies didn't have a lot to go on when coming up with a menu for the day, but settled on steaming delicious Mongolian Beef with rice. Dessert was apple crumble with home-made yoghurt, representing the dairy part of Mongol diets.

Posters made by members on aspects of Mongolia and its people and culture covered the walls, and vice president Margaret Tye provided the Mongol hordes – peg dollies dressed up in Genghis Khan type costumes, one at each place setting. 

Mayor Kim Ford was amongst the happy throng who came for the Mongol fare.

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16 Mongolian judokas to take part in Guadalajara World Masters

Ulaanbaatar, May 25 (MONTSAME) 16 judokas of the Mongolian national team have been selected by the International Judo Federation to compete in the Guadalajara World Masters of high-ranking judokas to be held on May 27-29 in Mexico.

This tournament will be the last international tournament to award Olympic qualification points to judokas. As of today, Mongolian 13 judokas have satisfied the condition of receiving Olympic quotas out of 14 men and women's weight divisions.

The Mongolian squad included G.Boldbaatar, D.Amartuvshin, G.Kherlen, Ts.Tsogtbaatar (men's -60 kg), D.Tomorkhuleg, D.Altansukh (-66 kg), S.Nyam-Ochir, G.Odbayar (-73 kg), N.Dagvasuren, O.Uuganbaatar (-81 kg), B.Temuulen (+100 kg), M.Urantsetseg (women's -48 kg), M.Bundmaa, A.Tsolmon (-52 kg), D.Sumiya (57 kg), Ts.Monkhzaya, Ts.Tserennadmid (-63 kg) and Ts.Naranjargal (-70 kg).

Gold medal winner of each category will be awarded with a cash prize of USD 6,000, silver medalist--USD 4,000, and bronze medalist--USD 2,000.

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On the roof of the world: Mongolian conquers Everest, again

May 25 ( Last week B.Tseveendash, a Mongolian mountaineer, reached the summit of Everest. Information is scant, but it would appear that he finally got to the summit on Saturday 21st May at around 10:00 am, local time.

This is the third time that B.Tseveendash, who is an International Master of Sport, has climbed Mount Everest. Detailed information has still not been provided.

In 2012, he reached the peak of Everest, climbing from the Nepalese side. Later, in 2015 during his second ascent, he had to stop the climb when the catastrophic earthquake hit the Himalayas; on that occasion, B.Tseveendash was climbing from the Tibetan side. On this, his third ascent, he has once again tackled the world's highest peak from the Tibetan side. He began the climb on 6th April.  

May is the best time to climb Everest. It can be noted that, Honorary Sportsman G.Usukhbayar reached the peak of Everest, eleven years ago on 30th May 2005.

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Art, Entertainment

Her Story: Ariunaa Suri - Passion for the Nation

Wednesday, May 25

10:30 - 10:5016:30 - 16:5019:30 - 19:50

Thursday, May 26

4:30 - 4:50

May 25 (NHK World) Fashion designer Ariunaa Surenjav is attracting rave reviews for her stunning creations that combine Western influences with traditional Mongolian nomadic dress. She uses many different materials including Mongolian cashmere and sheepskin. Her designs feature species threatened due to the destruction caused by mining, and she highlights the need for environmental action as she tries to protect the traditions of Mongolia in danger of loss through economic development.

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Khurd rock band to perform for finale of military competition

Ulaanbaatar, May 25 (MONTSAME) The Fourth "Mongol Tsergiin Javkhaa" (Spirit of Mongolian Soldier) 2016 competition's finale is to take place this Saturday on Chingis Square.

On the same day, the Orchestra of Wind Instruments and the Military Music and Dance Ensemble will perform at 19.00. Later, Khurd rock band will stage a concert at 21.00. The band is famous for its songs about patriotism and love story of dedicated soldiers.

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