Wednesday, November 25, 2015

[SGQ defers CIC payment; MCS adds MMC stake; 16 MPs want SB out; EBRD lends Khan Bank $70m; and Mongolia tops Central Asia in financial literacy]

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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

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Overseas Market

SGQ closed +1.69% Tuesday to C$0.30, 1878 trading -0.9% to HK$2.19 mid-day Wednesday

SouthGobi Announces Agreement with CIC for Deferral of Cash Interest Payments

HONG KONG, CHINA--(Marketwired - Nov. 24, 2015) - SouthGobi Resources Ltd. (TSX:SGQ)(HKSE:1878) (the "Company" or "SouthGobi") today announces the execution of a deferral agreement with China Investment Corporation ("CIC") for deferral of cash interest payments with below key terms:

1.    the Cash Interest payment originally due on May 22, 2015 and deferred to November 19, 2015 (the "2015 Half-Year Interest Payment") pursuant to the terms of the Deferral Agreement dated July 22, 2015 shall be due and payable as follows:

            i.        U.S.$1,000,000 on November 19, 2015;

           ii.        U.S.$1,000,000 on December 19, 2015;

          iii.        U.S.$1,000,000 on January 19, 2016;

          iv.        U.S.$1,000,000 on February 19, 2016;

           v.        U.S.$1,000,000 on March 19, 2016;

          vi.        U.S.$1,000,000 on April 19, 2016; and 

         vii.        U.S.$2,000,000 on May 18, 2016;

2.    the Cash Interest payment due on November 19, 2015 (the "2015 Issue Date Anniversary Cash Interest Payment") shall be due and payable in cash on May 18, 2016;

3.    the Deferral Fee (as defined in the Deferral Agreement dated July 22, 2015) payment due on November 19, 2015 (the "2015 Deferral Fee Payment") shall be due and payable in cash on May 18, 2016; and

4.    as consideration for the above deferrals, the Company agrees to pay CIC a deferral fee at a rate of 6.4% per annum on the above deferred payments.

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VKA closed +37.5% Tuesday to A$0.011 on the announcement, VKA trading +18.18% further Wednesday mid-day

Sale of Akoase Gold Project Update: ARL Commenced Honouring Contractual Obligation

November 24 -- The Board of Viking Mines Limited (Viking: VKA.AU) advises that Akoase Resources Limited (ARL) has commenced making payments to honour its contractual obligation to pay the second instalment of US$1,710,000 as required under the sale and purchase agreement for the Akoase Gold Project in Ghana, West Africa (Sale Agreement).

To date ARL has paid Viking US$360,000 of the overdue amount. Within the constraints of the recent Chinese central Bank restrictions, Viking and ARL are negotiating a new payment schedule for the balance of the overdue US$1,350,000 to be paid to Viking within as short a period as possible.

Notwithstanding the above and in accordance with the Sale Agreement Viking has confirmed to ARL that it remains in default under the Sale Agreement.

Akoase Sale Transaction Details

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XAM trading flat Tue-We at A$0.13

Xanadu Mines: Notice of EGM to Approve A$8.3 Million Placement

November 24 -- On behalf of the Board of Xanadu Mines Ltd (Xanadu or the Company) I am pleased to invite you to attend the Company's Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) which will be held at the offices of Computershare in Sydney on Wednesday, 23 December 2015.

This letter accompanies a Notice of Meeting in respect of the EGM. The Resolutions are set out in the Notice of Meeting and more details are provided in the Explanatory Memorandum accompanying the Notice of Meeting.

The Company is delighted with the strong support received from our existing and new shareholders. The funds raised from the successful Placement (A$8.3 million) and Share Purchase Plan will be deployed to continue to advance the Company's copper-gold exploration activities in Mongolia. Specifically, the funds raised will be used to reduce the Kharmagtai deferred acquisition consideration and support a winter exploration program at our Kharmagtai project.

The Kharmagtai project is currently growing towards a moderate-size copper deposit, with relatively high gold to copper ratios and a comprehensive work program, comprising approximately 15,000m of drilling will commence shortly to expand the limits and grade of the current deposits not included in the current resource inventory. In conjunction, drilling has been planned to test areas of porphyry and tourmaline breccia mineralisation under shallow cover.

I encourage you to read these documents and vote in favour of the Resolutions at the EGM.

Shareholders attending the EGM will have the opportunity to ask our CEO, Dr Andrew Stewart, questions at the Meeting. If you are unable to attend the Meeting and have a question that you would like to address to the Board, please email your question to our Company Secretary, Janine Rolfe, at prior to the EGM.

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Mogi: MCS brothers together own additional 7.85% stake (OJ 4.98%, Od 2.87%). 975 trading +3% Wed mid-day to HK$0.204

MCS Acquires 0.03% MMC Stake Off-Market, Total Holding 34.89%

17. Details of relevant event:


Relevant event code describing circumstances

Code describing capacity in which shares were/are held

Number of shares bought/sold or involved

Currency of transaction

On Exchange

Off Exchange

Before relevant event

After relevant event

Highest price per share

Average price per share

Average consideration per share

Consideration code

Long position








18. Total shares immediately before the relevant event:


Total number of shares

Percentage figure (%)

Long Position



Short Position



19. Total shares immediately after the relevant event:


Total number of shares

Percentage figure (%)

Long Position



Short Position



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Local Market

MSE Weekly Report: MSE ALL +1.71%, Market Cap +1.31% to ₮1.3 Trillion, ₮81.1 Million Stocks, 10.4 Billion T-Bills

November 23 (MSE) Mongolian Stock Exchange organized 5 securities trading sessions and made transaction of MNT10.2 billion with daily average transaction of MNT2,056,350,393.39 in period between 02 November 2015 and 06 November 2015.

Share trading:

86,168.00 shares of 37 joint stock companies worth of MNT81,144,406.99 were traded.

Most actively traded securities


Securities Name

Value /MNT/





















Most active brokerage companies 


Company Name

Value /MNT/







Standard investment




Darkhan broker




Ard capital group






Government retail bonds trading:

100,000 Government retail bonds worth of MNT10,000,000,000.00 /10 billion/ traded through one trading session. 

Most active brokerage companies for Government securities trading


Company Name

Value /MNT/



Novel investment








Daewoo Securities Mongolia 










2,057 government retail bonds traded on secondary market of Government securities trading and total of 401,215,120.00 transaction has been  made.  


Company Name

Value /MNT/



Novel investment




Daewoo Securities Mongolia 


As of 06 November 2015, market capitalization was MNT1,301,718,573,001.00 which indicated increased of 1.31% and MSE ALL index reached 921.16 units which indicated increased of 1.71% from the previous week.  

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MSE Trading Report: Top 20 -0.26%, Turnover 58 Million Stocks

November 24 (MSE) --

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10 Billion 12-Week 13.8% Discounted T-Bills, 67.9 Million 3-Year 15.75% Bonds Sold on MSE

November 24 (MSE) On 24 November 2015, 12 weeks Government retail bonds worth MNT10.0 billion with 13.80% annual interest rate and 3 years Government bonds worth MNT67.9 million with 15.75% annual interest rate traded successfully on primary market at Mongolian Stock Exchange.

Bellow member brokerage companies participated in the bond trading as follows: 

3 months Government bond 

Companies' name



"Tenger Capital" LLC



"Novel investment" LLC



"Monsec" LLC






"Standart Investment" LLC 



 "Ard Capital Group" LLC



 "BDSec" JSC



 "Daewoo Securities Mongol" LLC



 "Ace and T Capital" LLC



 "Secap" LLC





2. 3 years Government bond 

Companies' name



"Monsec" LLC



"Novel investment" LLC





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Historic low ₮1,997.26/USD set September 11

BoM MNT Rates: Tuesday, November 24 Close


































































































Bank rates at time of sending: TDB (Buy ₮1,988 Sell ₮1,996), Khan (Buy ₮1,986 Sell ₮1,995), Golomt (Buy ₮1,984 Sell ₮1,994), XacBank (Buy ₮1,988 Sell ₮1,995), State Bank (Buy ₮1,986 Sell ₮1,995)

MNT vs USD (blue), CNY (red) in last 1 year:

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BoM issues 257.5 billion 1-week bills at 13%, total outstanding +2.3% to ₮658.75 billion

November 23 (BoM) BoM issues 1 week bills worth MNT 257.5 billion at a weighted interest rate of 13.0 percent per annum /For previous auctions click here/

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BoM FX auction: US$10m sold at ₮1,993.7, CNY9m at 311.4, accepts $26.98m MNT, CNY50m CNY swap offers

November 24 (BoM) On the Foreign Exchange Auction held on November 24th, 2015 the BoM has received bid offers of USD 27.4 million in a rate between MNT 1992.00-1994.01, bid offers of CNY 29.2 million in a rate between MNT 310.10-311.90 from local commercial banks respectively. The BoM sold USD 10.0 million in a rate of MNT 1993.70 and CNY 9.0 million in a rate of MNT 311.40.

On November 24th, 2015, The BoM has received MNT Swap agreement buying bid offer equivalent to USD 26.98 million and CNY Swap agreement selling offer equivalent to CNY 50.0 million from local commercial banks and the BoM has accepted the offers.

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Mongolia Central Bank Short-Term Debt Rises 57% to $2.14b

November 23 (Bloomberg) -- Mongolia's central bank had a short-term external debt of $2.14b at the end of the third quarter compared to $1.36b at the same period yr ago and $1.78b at the end of the
second quarter, the central bank reported on it's website.

* General government external debt position at the end of the third quarter was $3.54b compared to $3.6b at the same period yr ago

* "We continue to interpret that the bank is incurring debt to maintain politically motivated peg of MNT to USD below 2000" Dale Choi, founder of Mongolian Metals & Mining, said in an note to clients

* NOTE: With higher external debt, the fiscal and external accounts are more exposed to exchange rate risks and increased volatility in the international financial market, World Bank reported in its November Mongolia Economic Update.



Mongolia Manipulating Currency for Political Gains, Analyst Says

November 19 (Bloomberg) -- The Bank of Mongolia is manipulating the tugrik for political reasons that stem from public concerns over depreciation beyond the level of 2000 to the dollar, Dale Choi, head of the Mongolia Metals and Mining research firm, wrote in a note to investors.

* Exchange rate trend without intervention could send tugrik to 2500/USD, said Choi

* Stability of tugrik under 2000 level comes at high cost of external debt

* Significant depreciation in MNT would increase inflation pressures, creating political fallout for ruling Democratic Party ahead of 2016 Parliamentary elections

* Enhanced flexibility would improve cost effectiveness for minerals exporters and increase corporate profits in tugrik terms

* NOTE: between March 2013 and March 2015 the tugrik depreciated 40% against the USD in nominal terms; central bank supplied foreign exchange to banks via foreign exchange auctions, with net sales of foreign exchange reaching over $3 billion in 2013-14, according to the World Bank.

* MORE: World Bank Forecasts Near Flat Growth for Mongolia in 2016



INSIGHT: Mongolia at the Frontier of Vulnerability

By Tom Orlik

November 18 (Bloomberg Intelligence) -- Mongolia's resource-intensive economy has been hit with a triple blow. Growth in its big neighbor China has halved to around 7% in 2015 from a peak of more than 14% in 2007. Directly related to China's slowdown, prices for Mongolia's main commodity exports have slumped.

Compounding the difficulties, frictions with Rio Tinto over development of the Oyu Tolgoi mine has cast a pall over foreign investor confidence. Put it together and GDP growth has fallen to an expectation for about 3.5% in 2015 and 2016 from an average of about 8% in the five years before the global financial crisis.

Mongolia and China GDP, YoY % 

(Chart available in ECWB.)

Mongolia's policy makers have responded with aggressive stimulus. The fiscal deficit was close to 11% of GDP in 2014, according to the International Monetary Fund. Money supply expanded 42% year on year. Overseas bond sale revenue offset the shortfall in foreign direct investment. That did the job in preventing a sharper slide in growth -- but only at the expense of increasing concerns about debt sustainability and financial stability. The government is now taking steps to reign in the stimulus. The central bank raised rates at end 2014 and again in early 2015. October saw sweeping budget cuts announced.

Fiscal Balance and Money Supply 

(Chart available in ECWB.)

Mongolia still has some major factors working in its favor. Its mineral wealth is estimated to be worth $1-$3 trillion – a lot to share in a country of just three million people. The start of exports from the first stage of the Oyu Tolgoi mine has helped narrow the current account deficit. The government expects work on the second stage to get on track in 2016. China's continued efforts to develop its western regions should be advantageous, given Mongolia's border with China's hinterland.

Trade Balance and Exchange Rate 

(Chart available in ECWB.)

Even so, realizing those benefits requires the country to get its own economic house in order. A rate hike cycle in the U.S. looks set to start soon, perhaps before the end of 2015. The lesson of recent history is that U.S. tightening cycles are not good news for economies with both external and internal vulnerabilities -- like Mongolia's. Wide sovereign spreads compared with other frontier markets, and low equity prices for Mongolian miners, show the markets believe there is still considerable work to do.

Frontier Market Bond Spreads

(Chart available in ECWB.)



Mongolia Jan.-Oct Copper Concentrate Exports Rise 10% Y/y

By Michael Kohn

November 13 (Bloomberg) -- Mongolia's copper concentrate exports increased to 1.2m tons from 1.09m tons a year earlier, the National Statistical Office said on its website.

* Value of these exports fell to $1.89b from $1.93b

* Coal exports fell 22% y/y to 11.6m tons from 14.9m tons yr earlier; value fell to $468.5m from $683.9m

* Gold exports rose 21% y/y to 9.5 tons from 7.9t; value rose to $356.6m from $324m yr earlier

* Crude oil exports rose 16% to 6.6m barrels from 5.7m barrels yr earlier; value fell to $327.8m from $554.8m

* Total exports were $3.93b in the first 10 months compared with $4.6b yr earlier

* China purchased 83.5% of Mongolia exports in the first nine months, worth $3.28b



TDB 2017s Gain a Point to 98.5/99.5, Mongolia Sovereign 2018s Half to 93.4/94.6

ASIA CREDIT CLOSE: IG flat, but widening at long end

SINGAPORE, Nov 23 (IFR) - The Asian ex-Japan iTraxx investment grade index was flat on Monday, as were most regional equity indices, while the Australian iTraxx edged 1bp wider.

Recent issues were little moved, but the performance of the three-tranche USD offering from Huarong Asset Management issued earlier this month pointed to less appetite for longer tenors.

While the 3- and 10-year pieces each widened 1bp on Monday, the shorter 3- and 5-year tranches have tightened 4bp and 8bp since pricing two weeks ago at T+175bp and T+215bp, respectively. In contrast, the 10-year has widened 7bp and stood at T+277bp on Monday.

Petronas' 2025s widened 2bp on Monday, while its 2020s and 2022s edged out 1bp.

In high yield, Mongolia's sovereign 2018s gained half a point to 93.4/94.6, while Trade and Development Bank of Mongolia's 2017s gained a point to 98.5/99.5.

Kaisa Group's U.S. dollar bonds were unchanged after the company confirmed it had received a restructuring proposal from Farallon Capital, but indicated it would press ahead with its original restructuring offer. The bonds were anchored in the low 70s.

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Politics & Legal

16 parliament members support dismissing PM Saikhanbileg says MP Uyanga

November 24 ( During the regular Autumn session of the State Great Khural (Parliament of Mongolia) commenced on October 01, 2015, MP Gantumur UYANGA suggested to dismiss Prime Minister Ch.Saikhanbileg to the Parliament.

She blames PM Ch.Saikhanbileg for signing agreement on Oyu Tolgoi Underground Mine Development and Financing Plan at unacceptable conditions on May 18, 2015 during his working visit to the United Arab Emirates.

According to MP G.Uyanga, Oyu Tolgoi LLC will not pay any tax until 2048. In this case, Mongolia can lose some six billion US dollar due to the deal. However, Prime Minister Ch.Saikhanbileg said that it is a plan not a contract, and in case of a dispute it cannot be used as a valid document.

On November 23, MP G.Uyanga (Justice Coalition) announced the names of parliament members who support her to the public. Moreover, Mongolian parliament will have to discuss her proposal officially if number of members supporting her reaches twenty. However, she has signature of only 16 parliament members so far.

Members of Parliament for dismissal of Prime Minister Ch.Saikhanbileg:

1. R.Amarjargal (Democratic Party, DP)

2. O.Baasankhuu (Justice Coalition)

3. B.Bat-Erdene (Mongolian People's Party, MPP)

4. Su.Batbold (MPP)

5. J.Batsuuri (MPP)

6. Kh.Bolorchuluun (Independent member)

7. Ts.Davaasuren (Independent member)

8. S.Ganbaatar (Independent member)

9. Ts.Nyamdorj (MPP)

10. Yo.Otgonbayar (MPP)

11. O.Sodbileg (MPP)

12. A.Tleikhan (MPP)

13. G.Uyanga (Justice Coalition)

14. L.Tsog (Justice Coalition)

15. D.Khayankhyarvaa (MPP)

16. J.Enkhbayar (MPP)

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Five non-parliament parties demand cabinet's dismissal

November 24 ( The five parties, which do not have any seats in Parliament, namely, the United Patriots' Party, the All-Mongolian Labor Party, the Civil Movement Party, the Mongolian Liberal Party, and the Development Program Party held a press conference on 24th November, during which they demanded that the Government should be dismissed. They have blamed the Government that does not have the ability to see reality.  Also, they noted that: "S.Erdene who has set him on fire in front of journalists did so as a protest to the blind policy of those in power in Government".

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Mongolia Tavan Tolgoi CEO Dismissed After Union Chief's Protest

By Michael Kohn

November 16 (Bloomberg) -- Batbileg Batbayar, chief executive officer of state-owned coal miner Erdenes Tavan Tolgoi JSC, has been relieved of his duties, Mongolia's Mining Minister Jigjid Rentsendoo says Friday at a press conference in Ulaanbaatar.

* Batbileg to be replaced on interim basis by T. Bilgee, an ETT board member and director of legal affairs

* Batbileg's dismissal follows Friday's protest at layoffs and job insecurity by ETT labor union chief, S. Erdene

* NOTE: Erdene set himself on fire at an earlier press conference although he was sufficiently unharmed to walk away from the incident

* "Given the current circumstances, a decision has been made to dismiss Batbileg," says Jigjid

* NOTE: Batbileg has been in the job since May

* NOTE: Tavan Tolgoi is a $4 billion coking coal deposit and foreign firms are bidding to develop it



Mongolia urged to tackle corruption as its economy booms

Mongolia's growing corruption problem needs to be a priority for its government, the OECD has urged.

November 23 (Public Finance International) The central-Asian country is large, landlocked and sparsely populated. It is poor and its development has been very slow, especially after a decade of devastatingly severe storms in winter.

But following the discovery of vast reserves of high-grade coal, as well as copper and gold, Mongolia has begun rapid social and economic development. The discovery of these extractives is expected to triple the country's economy by 2020 and push millions of its people up into the global middle class, the OED said.

However, corruption is a significant problem. The OECD notes in its report, Anti-Corruption Reforms in Mongolia, that exploration of the country's mineral resources only "exacerbated governance and corruption challenges" for the "fledgling democracy".

"Mongolia has started a number of important reforms...but they are far from producing sustainable results," it said.

The OECD report commends the Independent Authority Against Corruption of Mongolia (IAAC) for its active work on prevention, public awareness and investigations. But it said action should have been taken to increase the capacity of the institution and enable it to fully deliver on this very broad mandate.

It calls on Mongolia to reject the introduction of any amnesty laws that would grant protection from prosecution for corruption or lead to termination of cases currently being investigated by the IAAC.

Other recommendations include adopting the new anti-corruption strategy without delay, bringing national legislation in line with international standards and reforming the civil service, political party financing and the judiciary.

However, the report also notes Mongolia's achievements including: the development of public administration procedures; a well-functioning national audit office; and the adoption of the Glass Accounts Law, which saw the formation of a transparent system of reporting on the financial transactions of public organisations. 

Link to article

Link to OECD report, adopted on October 9


Int'l Forum Held on Managing State-Controlled Assets

Ulaanbaatar, November 23 (MONTSAME) This action kicked off Monday in Ulaanbaatar with a topic "Specializing a structure of asset management of the financial sector and ensuring financial stability by developing the second market".

It has been co-organized by the representatives of the Asian Development Bank (ADB), asset management corporations of China, South Korea and Thailand, savings insurance corporations of South Korea, authorities of Mongolia's Ministry of Finance, the Bank of Mongolia and officials of commercial banks.

The gathered are discussing ways of introducing asset management actions in our financial sector's structure and adjusting it to Mongolian legal environment. The Bank of Mongolia pays special attention to creating of a structure for selling non-standard assets to the second market, managing it in appropriate ways and implementing the actions for a long time. 

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Khan Bank and EBRD sign USD 70 million facility to support MSMEs and trade finance

November 23 (Khan Bank) The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) and Khan Bank,  one of the largest commercial banks in Mongolia, have signed a package of facility agreements for a total amount of USD 70 million to support Mongolian micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) and trade finance. 

Norihiko Kato, Chief Executive Officer of Khan Bank and Mr. Matthieu D. Le Blan, Head of EBRD's Mongolia Resident Office signed the agreements. 

Facilities include  a USD 30 million senior loan  for long term financing for promoting MSMEs and Value Chain Financing (VCF), USD 10 million for Sustainable Energy Efficiency projects, USD 10 million for financing MSMEs under Direct Risk Sharing Program, and USD 20 million increase in Khan Bank's existing trade credit line for supporting trade finance business.   

Khan Bank has a long term relationship with EBRD. EBRD's strong support has enabled Khan Bank to provide the MSME sector with long term, innovative lending. 

During the signing ceremony, Norihiko  Kato, CEO of Khan Bank commented: "We are delighted to continue our partnership with EBRD and very much appreciate their support in long term funding and introducing new facility that to support our customers' businesses in the energy efficiency, value chain financing and risk sharing program with EBRD. 

Matthieu D. Le Blan, Head of EBRD's Mongolia Resident Office said: "The MSME/VCF Loan will contribute to market expansion by increasing the availability of longer tenor funding to private MSMEs, including areas outside of Ulaanbaatar. The Energy Efficiency Loan will contribute to a positive demonstration of energy efficiency investments and promotion of products new to the economy as well as to building capacity of Khan Bank in sustainable energy lending. The Risk Sharing Facility will further enhance the competition in the Mongolian banking sector by enabling Khan Bank to service the lending needs of large and medium-sized private clients in longer-term loans. The increase in the TFP limit will support the development of Khan Bank's trade finance business and export-import operations of its corporate clients".

During the decline of foreign direct investment and slowdown of economic growth, by receiving a large amount of financing from the prestigious international financial institution, Khan Bank has strengthened its capacity to continue providing long-term lending services to its customers and business entrepreneurs, and to expand its operational scope into wider areas.

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Japan-Mongolia Business Matching Event to Be Held in Tokyo, December 10

Ulaanbaatar, November 23 (MONTSAME) The Mongolian Embassy in Japan has announced that it will organize "Japan-Mongolia Business Matching Event" on this December 10 in Tokyo, Japan, dedicating it to representatives of private sector of Mongolia who are to attend "Invest Mongolia Tokyo" conference which is going to run on this December 9.

It expected that the forthcoming event will attract 60 representatives, including MPs of Mongolia, some Government officials and business delegations--from mining, finance, real estate, commerce, agriculture and other spheres.

To come into effect this year, the Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) will have an importance in expanding of the bilateral trade and economic cooperation. This business matching event will be a great opportunity to network with the Japanese companies interested in doing business in Mongolia, the Embassy's website says.

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SPECIAL REPORT: How Microinsurance Affected Mongolian Herders Rebuilding After Drought

November 20 (MicroCapital) At European Microfinance Week yesterday, Veronika Bertram-Hümmer of Deutsches Institut für Wirtschaftsforschung Berlin (the German Institute for Economic Research) and Leibniz Universitat Hannover presented research on how insured and uninsured herders in Mongolia recovered from the 2009-2010 drought that killed 22 percent of the livestock in the country. Insured households received an average payout of USD 312. None used the money to buy livestock, instead optingto buy food, pay off loans and improve their livestock shelters. Uninsured households were more likely to sell animals, presumably to offset the negative impact of the drought on their incomes. In terms of rebuilding assets, the effect of microinsurance appeared to be largest after two years, at which time the insured households had an average of 27 percent more assets than those that had been uninsured during 2009-2010.

This story is part of a sponsored series on European Microfinance Week, which is held each November by the European Microfinance Platform (e-MFP), a 125-member network located in Luxembourg. MicroCapital reported live throughout the event.

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Ulaanbaatar City Development Corporation: Vacancy Announcements

"Ulaanbaatar Development Corporation" (UBDC) JSC is UB City owned company established as per the resolution of the Capital city Citizen's Representative Khural in accordance with the "Constitution of Mongolia", "Company Law", "Law on State and Local Property" with a purpose to implement UB City Development projects utilizing Public-Private Partnership being Investment and Financing arm for UB City.

UBDC is announcing following professional vacancies:

-       Senior Business Development Specialist – 1

-       Senior Investment Analyst – 2

-       Lead PPP Specialist – 1

-       PPP Finance Specialist – 1

-       PPP Legal Specialist -1

-       Senior Risk Specialist - 1

-       Internal Auditor - 1

-       Accountant -1

-       Executive Officer - 1


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Vice Chairwoman of China NPC Standing Committee Yan Junqi arrives in UB

November 23 ( Upon an invitation of Vice Chairman of the State Great Hural (Parliament) of Mongolia, Miyegombo ENKHBOLD, Vice Chairwoman of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress /NPC/ of the People's Republic of China, Yan Junqi arrived in Ulaanbaatar today morning /2015.11.23/ to participate in a joint meeting of a regular exchange mechanism between the PR of China and Mongolia.

Vice Chairwoman of the Standing Committee of the NPC, Yan Junqi is accompanied with over twenty officials led by a member of the Standing Committee of the NPC, Vice Chairman of Foreign Affairs Committee, Chairman of China-Mongolia Friendship Group at the NPC, Cao Weizhou and a member of the Standing Committee of the NPC, Vice Chairman of National Committee, Vice Chairman of China-Mongolia Friendship Group at the NPC, Yun Fen.

Delegates were welcomed at the "Chinggis Khaan" International Airport by a member of the State Great Hural (Parliament), Vice Chairwoman of Democratic party group at the Parliament, a member of Mongolia-China parliamentary group at the State Great Hural, Mrs. S.Odontuya; a member of Parliament, a member of Mongolia-China parliamentary group at the State Great Hural, Mr. D.Terbishdagva; Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the People's Republic of China to Mongolia Mr. Xing Haiming and other officials.

Today afternoon, the Vice Chairwoman of Standing Committee of the NPC, Yan Junqi will be paying a courtesy call on Chairman of the Parliament of Mongolia, Zandaakhuu ENKHBOLD as well as to meet the Vice Chairman of the Parliament, Chairman of Mongolia-China parliamentary group at the State Great Hural, M.Enkhbold respectively.

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Vice Chairwoman of NPC Standing Committee of China arrivesMontsame, November 23

Yan Junqi heads Chinese delegation to, November 23


Vice Chairwoman Yan Junqi Pays Courtesy Call on Mongolia Speaker Z. Enkhbold

November 23 ( On November 23, 2015, Vice Chairwoman of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress /NPC/ of the People's Republic of China, Yan Junqi paid a courtesy call on the Chairman of the State Great Hural (Parliament) of Mongolia Zandaakhuu ENKHBOLD.

At the beginning of meeting, Vice Chairwoman of the Standing Committee of the NPC of the People's Republic of China, Yan Junqi thanked the Speaker Z.Enkhbold to receive the delegates and conveyed a warm greetings from the Chairman of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress, Zhang Dejiang.

During the meeting, Vice Chairwoman Yan Junqi said, "The official visit conducted by the Chairman Z.Enkhbold to the People's Republic of China in 2014 was very fruitful, where, a Memorandum of Understanding to establish a permanent mechanism of cooperation between the State Great Hural and Standing Committee of the National People's Congress was signed by parties. The People's Republic of China and Mongolia are neighboring countries as well as economic partners and in this regard, the two states should to further enhance its political mutual trusts. I believe, parliamentary exchanges and cooperation would play an important role to boost inter-parliamentary partnership. In the frameworks of this visit, we are interested to exchange views on the development issues of two countries, its strategic policies and how to link some major projects of the two economies".

Speaker of Parliament Z.Enkhbold noted, "I am glad that the Memorandum of Understanding to establish a permanent mechanism of cooperation between the State Great Hural and Standing Committee of the National People's Congress inked a year ago has been implementing today. Also, Mongolia's one of the priority foreign policies is to develop a friendly neighboring relations as well as a long term sustainable mutually beneficial cooperation. Furthermore, Mongolia is interested to continue an active inter-parliamentary collaboration and in this term, I wish a notable achievement to today's joint meeting, which is the first event to establish a permanent mechanism of cooperation between the State Great Hural and Standing Committee of the National People's Congress".

Following the meeting with Speaker Z.Enkhbold, delegates headed by Vice Chairwoman of Standing Committee of the NPC, Yan Junqi were got acquainted with activities of the State Great Hural and held a meeting with the Vice Chairman of the Parliament, Chairman of Mongolia-China parliamentary group at the State Great Hural, Miyegombo ENKHBOLD.

Link to release


Deputy Speaker of Mongolia Parliament M. Enkhbold Receives Vice Chairwoman Yan Junqi –, November 23


Vice Speaker of Chinese Parliament Visits Bogd Khaan Palace Museum

Ulaanbaatar, November 24 (MONTSAME) Ending her visit, Ms Yan Junqi, the Vice chairwoman of the Standing committee of the National People's Congress (NPC) of China, legged the Bogd Khaan's Palace Museum  November 24.

She and accompanying her delegation saw the precious artifacts preserved in the summer and winter palaces of Bogd Khaan.

Mongolia had eight Bogd Khaans in 1639-1924. The palace museum, then- a sacred monastery and -a palace, belonged to the last Bogd Jibzundamba Hutagtu. The latter had assembled the best architects in Mongolia and other Buddhist regions and had them build seven palaces in 1893-1903 for himself. The Eight Bogd Khaan was consecrated as the theocratic monarchy of Mongolia on December 29 of 1911. The date is now celebrated as the anniversary of the National Freedom Movement.

Link to article


19th Mongolia-Russia Intergovernmental Committee Meeting Taking Place in Chita, Russia on November 22-24

November 23 (GoGo Mongolia) 19th meeting of Mongolian-Russian Intergovernmental Commission for Trade, Economic, Scientific and Technical cooperation will be held on 22-24th November in Chita, Russian Federation. Minister of Foreign Affairs of Mongolia H.E.Mr.L.Purevsuren and Minister of Natural Resources and Environment of Russian Federation H.E.Mr.S.E.Donskoi will lead their respective delegations during the meeting. The parties will discuss wide range of cooperation matters and measures for implementation in future.

Public Relations and Media Department of Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Link to release


President Elbegdorj Opens Mongolia-France Business Forum in Paris

November 23 ( The President of Mongolia returned to Ulaanbaatar on 21st November from his state visit to France. When in Paris, President Ts.Elbegdorj and Mongolian Industry Minister D.Erdenebat officially opened the Mongolia-France Business Forum. Both made speeches. The organizers noted that: "The Mongolia-France Business Forum is a beneficial for enabling entrepreneurs to extend their business and find good partners". Approximately 100 business representatives from the two countries participated and exchanged views. The companies represented were primarily from the mining, construction, energy, industrial and technological sectors.

Link to article


President Elbegdorj concludes official visit to France

November 23 ( President of Mongolia Tsakhiagiin Elbegdorj returned to Ulaanbaatar after an Official Visit to the French Republic at the invitation of the French President Francois Hollande.

On the sidelines of the visit, President Elbegdorj held official talks with President of France and met with the President of the French Senate Gerard Larcher and French Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Development Laurent Fabius.

Also, the President of Mongolia gave opening remarks at the Mongolian-French Business Forum and met with French representatives of agriculture and cultural organizations.

Link to release


Italy talks creating supply chain for value added products to buy from Mongolia

November 23 ( On 21st November, Mongolian Industry Minister D.Erdenebat continued his European mission travelling to Italy from France. Whilst in Rome, he had a meeting with the Italian Deputy Minister of Economic Development, Carlo Calenda, who expressed his appreciation for Mr Erdenebat's visit and noted his plans to travel to Mongolia in the future. During the meeting, the sides discussed co-operation in creating a supply chain for value-added products which Italy will buy from Mongolia. Related to this, Italy wishes to buy Mongolian leather.

Link to article


Industry Minister Continues Europe Tour with Czech Republic

November 24 ( The Minister of Industry Mr. D.Erdenebat continues his visit to Europe, with working in Czech Republic on November 22-23.

The Minister D.Erdenebat held the meeting with his peer Yan Mladek. Two sides highlighted at the meeting that there is sea of opportunities to cooperate in industrial, energy and infrastructure sectors.

The layout work to refurbish Erdenet's thermal power plant is being developed with the assistance from Czech side. Also, Mongolia has been conducting HR workshop for mining mapping in cooperation with Czech.

The Minister D.Erdenebat said: "We are highly interested to import new technologies and facilities from Czech to Mongolia. Thus, both sides must overcome facing problems and reach common understanding in order to enable Mongolian companies to partner with and purchase technologies from their Czech peers."

Moreover, Minister Yan Mladek expressed: "Czech Republic is keen to cooperate with Mongolia in industrial and mining sectors. Czech companies are willing to supply mining facilities and machinery to Mongolia, as Czech Slovak Trade Bank expressed its interest to cooperate with Development Bank of Mongolia."

Link to article


Mongol Bazalt Signs $18 Million Purchase Order in Italy

November 23 ( MP and Minister of Industry Mr. D.Erdenebat continues his visit to Europe. He held the meeting with Secretary of Italian Foreign Commission and MP Antonia Razze and Minister of Labor Massimo Bassino and discussed intergovernmental cooperation.

Also, Mongolian "Mongol Bazalt" Joint Venture and Italian "Gamma Meccanica" LLC signed the agreement worth of USD 18 million to purchase mineral wool construction materials from the Italian company. The establishment of the agreement was attended by five sides including Mongol Bazalt Company and Intensia San Paolo Bank, which will issue bank loans to the Mongolian company under the guarantee of Italian Government Agency "Sachi". Also, the Development Bank of Mongolia and Sachi Government Agency signed cooperation agreement. Ministry of Industry highlights that the cooperation agreement between Gamma Meccanica and Mongol Bazalt is going to be fundamental for mutual partnership in the industrial sector in the future.

Source: The Ministry of Industry

Link to article


Czech Export Agency Ready to Support More Mongolia Projects

Ulaanbaatar, November 24 (MONTSAME) The Mongolian Minister of Industry D.Erdenebat has met with authorities of the Czech Export Guarantee and Insurance Corporation (EGAP), within his visit to the Czech Republic.

The EGAP's leaders pointed out that the corporation is giving insurance services to several projects being implemented in Mongolia.

Saying that insurance companies have a big importance in projects' realization, the Minister pointed out that our producers want to purchase the European-made facilities and equipment.

After this the sides have exchanged views on technologies projects that could be implemented in Mongolia. The EGAP has expressed a readiness to support projects on the industrial sector in Mongolia.

Link to article


Industry Minister meets Czech Export Bank officials

Ulaanbaatar, November 24 (MONTSAME) In the Czech Republic recently, Mongolia's Minister of Industry D.Erdenebat has met with Mr Karel Bures, a director of the Czech Export Bank (CEB) and other administrative officials, to exchange views on projects in Mongolia, their financing and further cooperation.

Mr Karel has hoped that ongoing joint projects, being implemented in Mongolia, will contribute to the trade and economic development of the two countries.

Erdenebat said that, despite one year after the establishment of the Ministry of Industry, the Mongolian parliament adopted a state policy on industry which reflects investments issues for supporting the export, heavy and light industries. He said Mongolia needs to introduce Czech-made facilities and technologies in order to boost export-oriented industry, its policy, as well as the small- and middle-sized productions.

Then, the parties have affirmed that there are many ways to develop mutually-beneficial economy and to finance joint projects.

Present at the meeting were D.Zumberellham, the Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Mongolia to the Czech Republic, and other officials.

Link to article


Najib denies pension money invested in Mongolia

Finance Minister says domestic and international investment portfolios from 2010 to September 30, 2015 have amounted to RM39.05 billion.

KUALA LUMPUR, November 23 (Free Malaysia Today): No investments of funds by the Retirement Fund Incorporated (KWAP) was ever made in Mongolia, said Prime Minister Najib Razak.

Najib, who is also the Finance Minister, clarified that the domestic and international investment portfolios from 2010 to September 30, 2015 have amounted to 39.05 billion.

"This consists of RM29.32 billion in equity in loans and private loan securities, RM29.32 billions in loans and private loan securities.

"RM29.10 billion in Malaysian government securities, RM6.16 billion in currency market deposits, RM1.09 billion in properties, RM1.12 billion in private equities, RM5.18 billion in foreign equities, RM2.82 billion in international fixed incomes, RM3.91 billion in foreign properties.

"But up until September 30, 2015, KWAP has no investment in Mongolia," Najib explained.

The Finance Minister made this clarification in a written Parliamentary reply to Johari Abdul's (PKR-Sungai Petani) verbal request for Najib to list KWAP investments in the last five years.

SRC International was a subsidiary of 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB) when it took a RM4 billion loan from KWAP in 2011. It was subsequently absorbed as a subsidiary of the Finance Ministry.

Link to article


No KWAP investments in Mongolia: NajibThe Sun Daily, November 23

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Health, Education

Mongolia Ranked 43rd Globally with 41% of Population Financially Literate

Ulaanbaatar, November 24 /MONTSAME/ Mongolia was ranked 43rd in the very first Global Financial Literacy Survey which was released on November 18 by the US Standard & Poor's Ratings Services LLC.

Mongolia topped the countries of Central Asia according to the survey.

The survey results come from interviews conducted with more than 150,000 adults in more than 140 countries who were tested on their knowledge of four basic financial concepts: numeracy, interest compounding, inflation, and risk diversification. The data were collected in 2014 by Gallup as part of the Gallup World Poll and analytical support was provided by researchers at the World Bank Development Research Group and the Global Financial Literacy Excellence Center (GFLEC) at the George Washington University.

By the survey, 41% of the Mongolian population is regarded as people with financial knowledge, while 38% of Russian population completed the test correctly, being ranked 55th place.

Denmark, Norway and Sweden topped the survey, whereas South Asian countries, Afghanistan and Angola stayed on bottom of the list. 

Link to article

Link to survey page (includes FinLit quiz)


"The Secret History of Mongolia" to be first local content to penetrate global market

November 23 ( We had the short interview with Mr Rentsengyin Battsengel, painting artist and initiator of "Let us introduce The Secret History of Mongolia to the world" project. He will be speaker at "Content Summit" to be held in upcoming month, sharing his ideas on topic of "What is the advantage of Animated Film for Mongolians?".

Let us start the interview about "Chinggis Khaan" animated film.

I have been creating illustration contents based on "The Secret History of Mongolia" for 28 years. For last 8 years, I have been implementing the project called "Let us introduce Secret History of Mongolia to the world".  We have currently developed the fundamentals of "Chinggis Khaan" animated film.

We aim with the film to spread Secret History of Mongolia, which is invaluable work reflecting Mongolian history and traditions, and to present accurate and authentic information of who we are.

It is such difficult to create a feature film based on the topic; for example, it is necessary at least to hire world-known actors to be recognized. However, we have a potential to create an animated film.

As planned, we are going to release the animation at the end of 2017.

Until today, a number of movies and works based on Chinggis Khaan or Secret History of Mongolia have been presented. What do you think is the standout work out of them?

Actually, there is not one, which I am fully satisfied with. For example, Inner Mongolia's Chinggis Khaan series was initially considered as the fine work for me. However, after studying the topic and conducting related researches for a number of years, I have realized that the series also lack of certain features.

Children are not fully familiar with The Secret History of Mongolia because of its understanding difficulty for them. What age of children will the animated film target? 

Yes, it is obviously difficult for children to digest the work because it does not have fantasy or fiction parts and presents only real events. So, we are trying to create the film for children, which will be received without troubles.

Our film is appropriate for 8 year olds and above.

How do you see the future of contents based on Mongol theme?

We, Mongolians, are just starting to create Mongol contents. However, China has created a lot of works and contents featuring Mongolian history and traditions. Namely, the animation sector has been developing rapidly in China.

For example, they have already developed a number of animated films based on the Secret History of Mongolia; such as the story starting the friendship between Temujin (Chinggis Khaan) and Jamukha (his best friend and villain). Also, a Chinese businessman has developed 37 works based on Geser and Jangar stories.

However, they have one common problem, which is that they are not able to display properly Mongolian traditions and its features. Instead, we do not have such troubles so that we have a potential and an advantage over others in this business.

Link to article


Vidant, Brody School of Medicine mend hearts of two Mongolian children

GREENVILLE, N.C., November 23 (WNCT) – Just a few weeks ago, 20-month-olds Suvdaa Munkhbayar and Sukhbat Batzaya wouldn't have the energy to play, have fun and learn about their environment.

Both were born with heart defects which required surgery that they didn't have access to in their home country of Mongolia.

Suvdaa had a hole in the bottom wall of her heart. Sukhbat also had a hole, and he had a blockage in the artery to his lungs.

"If he hadn't gotten [surgery], he'd probably not have survived past four or five years old," Dr. Charles Sang, pediatric cardiologist, said.

International relief organization Samaritan's Purse and its Children's Heart Project connected the children's respective families with Vidant Medical Center and the Brody School of Medicine.

The two families arrived in late October to stay with a host family in Cove City during the surgeries.

"When I arrived, I met with American people and they're so hospitable and polite," Nyamka Davaasuren, Sukhbat's mother, said through a translator.

Ainslie Guion hosted the two children's families.

"It's a huge blessing," Guion said. "You get to become close friends with someone from the opposite side of the world."

Dr. Sang said the children are progressing well.

"They've done great. They didn't stay in the hospital less than a week and they both went home and they've done very well," Dr. Sang said.

Suvdaa and Sukhbat are the 33rd and 34th Children's Heart Project patients treated at Vidant Medical Center.

Link to article (and video)


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Nature, Environment

Snow Leopard Trust: Death of Sumbe Tomorsukh

With deep sadness, we've learned of the death of Lkhagvasumberel (Sumbe) Tomorsukh, Camp Manager and Research Assistant with our Mongolia partner organization, Snow Leopard Conservation Foundation. He was 27 years old.

November 17 (Snow Leopard Trust) Below is a tribute to Sumbe, written on behalf of all of us here at the Snow Leopard Trust by his friend and colleague, Dr. Koustubh Sharma.

The Mountain Climbing Machine that went away too soon…

He climbed the mountains like an ibex. He ran on steep slopes where most of us would barely manage to crawl. He cared for snow leopards and ibexes as if they were his own. He helped his colleagues and communities selflessly. He was a young promising researcher who hailed from the water-rich Khuvsgul province, but had taken to the arid Gobi desert as his second home. He was our treasured Mountain Climbing Machine. We had never imagined we would need to use past tense while describing Lkhagvasumberel Tumursukh, fondly known as Sumbe.

Sadly and shockingly, we lost Sumbe last week. Sumbe's death is currently being investigatedHis body was found in the Khuvsgul area last week and the funeral was held at his home earlier this week.

We met Sumbe for the first time in 2009, when he joined our camera trapping team as a student intern in the South Gobi to assist with the long-term ecological study on snow leopards (LTES). He was a young, honest and strong lad who didn't speak much English, but had the passion to work in the mountains. He worked with a diverse team  of Mongolian and non-Mongolian researchers and volunteers.

Within days he understood what it took to look for appropriate sites and set up camera traps, and soon enough he learnt how to set up camera traps in the field on his own. Everyone was so impressed with him that he was almost immediately absorbed into the team at Snow Leopard Conservation Foundation (SLCF) led by Bayara Agvaantseren,  Mongolia Program Director. Sumbe was hired full time in 2012 and became the primary Research Associate for Snow Leopard Trust's Long-term Ecological Study (LTES) in Mongolia, and also conducted research throughout Mongolia for Snow Leopard Conservation Foundation (SLCF), the partner organization to Snow Leopard Trust. Coming from a family with deep connections with nature, he was a natural with all the new tasks he undertook.

Sumbe became an indispensable member of our team. He was our key researcher in the field conducting prey surveys using double-observer methods, helping with camera traps set up, tracking down snow leopard collars whose satellite communication was broken or expired, managing the research centre, maintaining good relationship with the local communities, and assisting with collaring snow leopards.

He began assisting with surveys and conservation programs in other parts of the country where Snow Leopard Conservation Foundation was operating. He also enrolled for his Master's degree in the University, and as part of his dissertation conducted valuable surveys in the Tost Mountains in South Gobi using the method of double-observer counts. One of the finest papers on prey abundance using this methodology in the field came recently with Sumbe as the lead author. He also co-authored other scientific papers that focused on snow leopard population dynamics and snow leopard diets. He was developing into a fine scientist.

Sumbe had a never diminishing flame in him to learn and improve his skills. He spent several weeks in India, honing his statistical skills and knowledge about ecology while staying and studying with colleagues at Nature Conservation Foundation. This is when he also took a formal course in English.

In July 2014 Sumbe was awarded a grant from CREOi to travel to the United States to increase the capacity within Mongolia for snow leopard research and animal handling and care based on practices utilized by Sound Equine Veterinary Hospital Director, Dr. Cary Hills and Fish and Wildlife Department cougar experts as well as veterinarians at the Woodland Park Zoo.  Sumbe eagerly developed and built upon his own skills and understanding of animal care including the safe handling of large mammals, helping him increase his ability to assist in the long-term ecological study with his ungulate studies as well as to assist in the snow leopard collaring project.

Sumbe was to present his work at the upcoming Student Conference on Conservation Science in the coming spring. His paper for oral presentation was selected by the conference organizers. He had also earned a spot to spend a month in UK to intern with some of the finest zoos, honing his skills on handling wild animals.

Sumbe will be missed sorely. Thinking of him will continue to bring a smile to us forever, but will also pain our hearts, for he left us much too early. His never-ending energy, unfailing enthusiasm and unmatched compassion will inspire us always.

Link to release


Mongolian-Russian team collars second snow leopard

Ulaanbaatar, November 23 (MONTSAME) A research team, led by environmental scientists of Mongolia and the Russian Federation, have put a GPS collar around a snow leopard's neck

It happened during their expedition in Tsagaan Shuvuut (White Bird) natural reservation in Sagil soum of Uvs aimag October 26-November 16.

Collaring a snow leopard with GPS allows the researchers to keep track of the animal's location and movement, monitor and get necessary information about the habitat's life. During the collaring, the  scientists took a blood sample and all kinds of measurements from the male snow leopard, weighing 39 kg. The team named him "Orgil" ("summit" in Mongolian). This the second snow leopard they have collared.

The research team included Mongolians N.Lkhamsuren, a zoologist and a specialist at the State Special Protection Area Administration of the banks of Uvs Lake; O.Tserenjav, a preservationist of the Tsagaan Shuvuut natural reservation; and B.Monkhtsog, an academician at Mongolia's Academy of Sciences and the director of Mongolia Leopard Center; and the Russians–Aleksandr Kuksin, a deputy director in charge of academic researches of the Uvs Lake Depression Natural Reservation Administration; Andrei Poyarkov, an academician at the Moscow-based Ecology-Evolution Institute named after A.N.Severtsov; a senior specialist Dmitrii Aleksandrov; and Dr Jose Antanno Ernamdee-Blanco.  

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Mongolia grabs two gold, two silver, 2 bronze from Qingdao Judo Grand Prix

November 23 ( The Qingdao Judo Grand Prix 2015 Olympic qualification tournament, held in China from November 20 to 22.

Total of 19 judokas represented Mongolia in the tournament, out of 375 judokas from 59 countries. Mongolian judokas successfully competed in the tournament and won 6 medals (2 golds, 2 silvers and 2 bronzes)

International Sports Master D.Sumiya won a gold medal in the women's 57 kg by defeating World Championship bronze medalist from Germany Roper Miryam.

Olympic gold and silver medalist N.Tuvshinbayar secured a gold medal in men's 100 kg.

International Sports Master D.Tumurkhuleg competed in the men's 66 kg category and won a silver medal.

World champion and State Honored Athlete M.Urantsetseg secured a silver medal in the women's 48 kg.

International Sports Master A.Tsolmon won a bronze medal in the women's 52 kg.

O.Uuganbayar won a bronze medal in the men's 81 kg category.

Next, the Mongolian national judo team will compete in the Jeju Grand Prix from November 26 to 18 in South Korea, and Tokyo Grand Slam, to be held from December 4 to 6 in Japan.

Link to article


Mongolia comes 2nd in Qingdao Grand PrixMontsame, November 23


Mongolian chess player wins Malta Open 2015

November 23 ( Chess tournament Malta-Open 2015, which took place on November 15-21, has been won by Mongolia's Bayarsaikhan Gundavaa.

B.Gundavaa won 8 points out of 9 games with 7 wins and 2 draws. The second place was taken by a German player. This was the second win of Gundavaa in this tournament: he triumphed in 2014.

Malta Chess Open has been organized for the 5th time in row. This year, the event was attended by 205 players from over 30 nations.

Bayarsaikhan Gundavaa has the highest position among Mongolian chess players in the ranking of the World Chess Federation. He ranks the 80th best player in Asia.


Link to article


Mongolian Chess Master wins "Malta-Open", November 23


Harumafuji ends two-year title drought

FUKUOKA, November 22 (Kyodo) – Mongolian yokozuna Harumafuji captured his seventh career title in his comeback from injury, despite a final-day defeat at the Kyushu Grand Sumo Tournament on Sunday.

Harumafuji (13-2) looked like he had squandered his chance of winning the championship in regulation when he got blasted out by ozeki Kisenosato (10-5) in the day's penultimate bout at Fukuoka Kokusai Center.

But Hakuho (12-3), the only other wrestler left in the title race, missed the chance to force a championship playoff when he was forced out by fellow Mongolian yokozuna Kakuryu (9-6) in the last match of the 15-day basho.

The championship title was the first in two years for Harumafuji, who missed the entire Autumn Basho in September and most of the Nagoya tournament in July due to a right elbow injury.

"I wanted to win the championship with a victory but I am happy I could respond to expectations of the fans (over the course of the tournament)," said Harumafuji.

Hakuho, who was also coming back from injury, blew a great chance to capture a record-extending 36th Emperor's Cup, finishing on a three-bout losing streak.

Yoshikaze (8-7) took the Technique Prize for the second tournament in a row.

In September, Yoshikaze beat both Hakuho and Kakuryu as well as two ozeki and was awarded both the Outstanding Performance Prize and the Technique Prize.

No Outstanding Performance Prize was awarded for the first time in three tournaments.

In other bouts, Goeido sent sekiwake Tochiozan (8-7) to the dirt with a headlock throw to retain his ozeki status.

Ozeki Terunofuji beat No. 6 maegashira Kotoyuki (8-7) and finished with a 9-6 mark.

Georgian komusubi Tochinoshin (7-8) overpowered seventh-ranked Kyokushuho (9-6), but struggling sekiwake Myogiryu's (2-13) tournament hit a fresh nadir as he was shoved down by popular rikishi Endo (4-11).

Link to article


SUMO/ Harumafuji loses match but wins seventh career championshipThe Asahi Shimbun, November 22


D.Jargalsaikhan Elected Vice President of International Woodball Federation to Fourth Term

November 24 ( The General Assembly of the International Woodball Federation (IWbF) took place last weekend in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. During the meeting, the President of the IWbF, Dr. D.Jargalsaikhan was re-appointed as Vice President. D.Jargalsaikhan was first elected to the IWbF executive committee in 2007, and chosen as the Vice President in 2011 and 2015.

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Art, Entertainment

Mongolian Opera Theater to stage first Seoul performance on December 6

November 22 (The Korea Herald) The Mongolian State Academic Theater of Opera and Ballet will stage operas by Rossini, Verdi, Mozart and Puccini for their first Seoul performance in a concert on Dec. 6 to mark the 25th anniversary of Mongolia's diplomatic relations with Korea.

The Mongolian Gala Concert, hosted by the Mongolian embassy, will feature Mongolia's traditional music and dance and feature 60 instrumentalists and six singers, including Mongolian opera singer Amartuvshin Enkhbat, who was recently recognized as the BBC Cardiff Singer of the World 2015.

Founded in 1963, the theater has performed 57 operas and 57 ballets by Mongolian and foreign composers around the world. It hosts over 100 performances a year, including some 80 operas and ballets and 20 classical and special performances. 

The event is sponsored by the Korean Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, Hyundai Motor Group, POSCO Energy, Mongolian Airlines, Korean Air, Halla Group and Dongkwang Construction. 

The concert is free and begins at 5 p.m. at the Universal Arts Center in Seoul. For more information, visit or call 010-2892-4652 or 010-2825-7371.

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State Philharmonic to Stage Works of Mozart on Nov 27

November 23 ( "Works of V.A.Mozart" concert to be held once at Mongolian State Philharmonic Orchestra on November 27th at 7PM.

Under the "Classic Music" project, Mongolian State Philharmonic Theater delivers works of the world`s best composers to provide valuable contribution to the musical education of the public.

Last Saturday, "Bayan Mongol" jazz orchestra performed "City Swing" concert.

Ticket for the concert is now available at the

Link to article


Talk with Me: Tugs Saruul, International Model

November 22 (Star TV) --

Link to video

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Travel by train from Ulaanbaatar to Paris

November 23 ( Mongolian passengers can now travel to Paris by train. On 20th November two representatives of "Ulaanbaatar Railway" went to Paris, in order to represent Mongolia at the International Rail Conference which will take place on 28th November. The rail journey to Paris will take nine days. To date, it has not been possible to buy a ticket from Ulaanbaatar to Paris at the ticket booking office. Representatives of the ticket section at "Ulaanbaatar Railway" said: "The price of a ticket from Uiaanbaatar to Moscow is currently MNT 365,000 and the Russian side is at present reposnisble for the cost of the onward ticket from Moscow".  This is likely to change after the International Rail Conference.

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