Thursday, October 15, 2015

[Apartment prices continue to fall; GDF walks away from TTPP; TRQ provides $1 billion guarantee to TTPP; and US donates Wranglers to peacekeepers]

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Thursday, October 15, 2015

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Overseas Market

Guildford Coal 2015 Annual Report

October 14, Guildford Coal Ltd. (ASX:GUF) --


Positioned for delivery and rapid growth

$ 43.8m

Market capitalisation AU$ as at 30 June 2015

304 Mt

Coking & Thermal Coal Mongolian Resource Base

2.1 Bt

PCI & Thermal Coal Australian Resource Base

The Board's clear strategic direction is to transition the Company over the next 12 months, to a dynamic mid-tier, globally diverse resource and energy mining Company, which generates strong positive cashflows.

During 2014 / 2015, one of the key achievements towards this goal has been the commissioning of the Mongolian Baruun Noyon Uul (BNU) coking coal mine which has enabled the Company to transition from explorer to miner status. The Board plans to use this as a foundation for growth not only organically in Mongolia, but also through the potential acquisition of strong cash flow positive operating projects across the Asia Pacific.

      Mineral Resource Authority of Mongolia (MRAM) formally approved an increase in mining capacity (from 1.5 Mt in 2015 to 2.0 Mt in 2016)

      Commenced production at Barrun Noyon Uul (BNU)

      Direct Sales from mine gate to End User from BNU

      Additional licences obtained in Mongolia including Khar Servegen adjacent to BNU

      Demonstrated high value in use product from BNU

      Two offtake agreements secured for BNU coal

      Mining Development Licence approved for Queensland Springsure Project

      BNU mine received safety recognition

      Demonstrated low cost producers

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Local Market

MSE Trading Report: Top 20 -0.73%, Turnover 2.6 Million Stocks

October 14 (MSE) --

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10 Billion 28-Week 14.311% Discounted T-Bills on Offer at MSE

October 14 (MSE) --

1.    The issuer's name: Mongolian Ministry of Finance

2.    The purpose of the issuance of bond: State treasury cash management 

3.    Offering scope of securities: Offering to the public

4.    Type of securities: Government securities

5.    Face value: MNT 100,000 

6.    Discounted price: MNT 92,864.00

7.    Total amounts issued: 100,000 Units 

8.    Short-term securities performance: 

Government Securities name


Amount /units/

Value /billion MNT/

Maturity /week/

Form of Interest payment

Interest rate (percent)

Starting date of the order

Closing date of the trading










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Mongol Makh Expo JSC Delists from MSE

October 15 (MSE) According to Resolution No.:309 of Financial Regulatory Commission of 2015/63, auditing report requested by "Mongol Makh Expo" JSC and the resolution of the board meeting of the company on Oct 07, 2015, Order No.:301, CEO of MSE, the total number of 328,609 shares of "Mongol Makh Expo" JSC has been delisted from MSE and the company has been reorganized as a limited liability company.

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Tsuutaij JSC Changes Name to Orkhon Hugjil JSC

October 15 (MSE) According to the resolution No.: 204 of Financial Regulatory Commission of 2015, the auditing report of October 13, 2015 that requested by "Tsuutaij" JSC on making a change on listing  and the Order No.:302 of CEO of MSE; "Tsuutaij" JSC name changed to the "Orkhon Hugjil" on listing. 

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Historic low ₮1,997.26/USD set September 11

BoM MNT Rates: Wednesday, October 14 Close


































































































Bank rates at time of sending: TDB (Buy ₮1,988 Sell ₮1,997), Khan (Buy ₮1,986 Sell ₮1,995), Golomt (Buy ₮1,986 Sell ₮1,995), XacBank (Buy ₮1,988.5 Sell ₮1,995.5), State Bank (Buy ₮1,987 Sell ₮1,996)

MNT vs USD (blue), CNY (red) in last 1 year:

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BoM issues 188.9 billion 1-week bills at 13%, total outstanding +22.7% to ₮459.2 billion

October 14 (BoM) BoM issues 1 week bills worth MNT 188.9 billion at a weighted interest rate of 13.0 percent per annum /For previous auctions click here/

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₮10 Billion 28-Week 14.311% Discounted T-Bills Sold with ₮11.5 Billion Bids

October 14 (BoM) Auction for 28 weeks maturity Government Treasury bill was announced at face value of 10.0 billion MNT. Face value of 10.0 billion /out of 11.5 billion bid/ Government Treasury bill was sold at discounted price and with weighted average yield of 14.311%.

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Finance Ministry considers 2,030/USD rate for 2016 Monetary Policy Guideline

October 14 ( The Economical Standing Committee will discuss the project "Monetary Policy for 2016" as presented by the Bank of Mongolia in the near future. Even though, the Ministry of Finance is striving to tighten the state budget, by eliminating further Ministries and Agencies, it still considers the budget deficit to stand at 3%. Therefore, economists are attacking this 3% budget deficiency. The Ministry of Finance is considering setting the USD dollar at MNT 2030 and copper at USD 5137(per tonne) in the project of "Monetary Policy-2016".

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MP Khurelbaatar says 2016 budget bill to spend almost half of it on loan payments

October 14 ( MP Ch.Khurelbaatar today delivered a serious report in regards to the state budget. He said: "Mongolia set to pay MNT 663 billion for accumulated loan interests and MNT 2.4 trillion for the loan payment. Its total sum is up to more than MNT 3 trillion. But Mongolia is projected to generate revenues worth of MNT 6.9 trillion and set to spend nearly half of it for the loan payment. 

Moreover, the budget expenditures are estimated as more than MNT 7 trillion as we are expected to be left with just MNT 4 trillion to spare for other matters.

Ironically, we have become familiar with the report of the loan payment a day prior to the state budget discussion, thanks to the opposition party in the parliament. It is that we are not used to conduct an independent financial management system in the government activities.

Actually, Mongol Bank emphasized about the matter last year when it submitted the draft parliament resolution of "Primary Guideline on 2015 State Monetary Policies". In other words, the government was assigned to develop and implement the independent financial management system. Accordingly, Ministry of Finance developed the plan which guides when and how to pay off internal and external state debts and to manage financial activities. The draft plan was discussed but failed to be approved by parliament.

Thus, Ministry of Finance have not reported about the matter, justifying that the plan was not approved. On the other hand, we clearly see that the parliament resolution which previously assigned government to independently manage its operations has not been achieved.

Parliament will hold its regular session tomorrow at noon. But the discussions over the draft laws of 2015 state budget amendment and 2016 state budget will be held with the absence of the independent financial management system.

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UB Housing Price Index, September 2015: -2.2% MoM, -8.1% YTD, -11.1% YoY, +9.3% from Jan'13

October 14 (BoM) --

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Today's dilemma: Short term tactics or long term strategy?

by Zulbayar Badral,  Chevening Scholarship recipient currently pursuing an MSc in Global Finance at the University of Westminster in the UK. Previously, he was CEO of a consultancy firm in Mongolia and has worked in marketing, business development, and accounting in Mongolia and abroad. You can find him as @ZulbayarB on Twitter.

October 13 (UB Post) In the last few weeks, the public has been bombarded with much bad news regarding public funds and the current economic situation in Mongolia. News of a shortfall of 800 billion MNT in planned state revenues, temporarily halted government expenditures (except for public officer salaries and benefit accounts) resulting from discussion of next year's budget, a re-visiting of a savings account tax in 2016, and the introduction of a capital city tax gives everyone unpleasant thoughts about the financial outlook of Mongolia.

Of all the financial problems discussed above, the biggest one now is internationally sold Mongolian government bonds. Some of us are already very concerned about the repayment schedule for these bonds in 2017, 2018, and 2022. However, as I see it, this is not the priority concern for Mongolia at the present time.

Because the country is already struggling to put its house in order, in terms of its economic conditions, debt repayments with the help of tax collection and other state revenue is clearly out of the question. Therefore, it seems that a likely solution to resolve the current debt situation is to issue another international bond, let's say "Chinggis 2", when the first debt repayment is due. However, before issuing another bond, the government should pay more attention to improving its current credit rating in order to lower interest payment on the debt and negotiate a favorable repayment schedule.

It seems that the current conditions of international capital markets have turned in favor of Mongolia, especially if the country can manage its public financing and improve its credit rating as soon as possible to take advantage of the situation. As of now, developed nations such as the USA, Japan, and the UK are heavily indebted and not able to raise their interest rates.

Therefore, international investors are not interested in buying triple A rated bonds, even though they are considered to be the safest investments. Instead, their investments are flooding into emerging markets, which are able to offer better returns than developed economies can in the form of bond purchases or equity investments. I remind you that the interest rate is an inseparable part of any given bond valuation, therefore, the slightest change in the interest rate really affects public and private finances.

General government debt Total,

% of GDP, 2013

Canada                         105.7

France                          110.4

Germany                      81.6

Italy                             143.2

Japan                           239.3

United Kingdom           103.8

United States               122.7

Considering recent economic updates and news, I believe that Mongolia should pursue an economic policy of supporting growth instead of implementing austerity measures. Here, my logic dictates that 0 x 12,548,345 = 0, meaning any numbers multiplied by zero equal zero. Hence, simply introducing a belt-tightening policy is not going to help an already financially struggling country or attract any foreign investment.

Economic slowdown in China, disappearing commodity buyers, and other excuses frequently heard in Mongolian media should not be not be used by Mongolia. Since we are not like a far reaching province of China which is dependent upon their central government, Mongolia needs to have an independent economic policy, regardless of its neighbors' economic conditions.

Hence, it is really a good time to hold public discussions and ignore any excuses of roadblocks to economic growth, such as commodity price plunges or a dramatic fall in FDI, in order to overcome the current challenging period.

If we can manage to improve our governance, budget deficit, and the state credit rating in the near future, it will then be easier and cheaper to raise funds from international capital markets. Let's leave politically motivated brawls over the debt ceiling, at least for the time being, and let us focus on restructuring the debt and actively engaging in international capital markets by improving our credit rating first. We have debts to pay in 2017, 2018, and 2022.

Refinancing national debt with lower interest is obviously a better solution than a belt-tightening policy, which may bring the financially struggling country to its knees quickly.

International investment funds invest in developing countries which are able to meet with their criteria, in the form of bond purchases, equity investment, and financing of mergers and acquisitions

In order to diversify their portfolio and mitigate risks, investment funds employ many strategies, such as investing in commodities, stock indices, buying stocks and bonds and allocating them geographically. If Mongolia is able to improve its credit rating to a more favorable investment grade, then those funds can be used to buy our sovereign bonds in order to diversify its portfolio. This will help Mongolia to lower its funding cost and get a favorable benchmark rate for our international corporate bonds.

Instead of gaining short term political support for the upcoming major election by putting a huge effort into saving some petty money from public finances, Mongolia urgently needs to pursue medium to long term economic policies and take advantage of the current international capital markets.

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Wheat, potato, vegetable harvest at 68.5%, 96.3%, 96.9%

October 14 ( Preliminary, 265.0 thousand tons of grain, of which 252.3 thousand tons of wheat and 117.3 thousand tons of potato, 75.3 thousand tons of vegetable, 28.7 thousand tons of oil plants, 53.9 thousand tons of fodder plants are expected to be harvested.

As of October 13, grain harvest is at 68.5 percent and potato harvest is at 96.3 percent and vegetable harvest is at t 96.9 percent.

950 soldiers and more than 650 students are working for harvest.

Precipitation is expected at northwest of regions on October 15, east parts of regions on October 16 and north parts of regions on October 18. Winds from SW turn to the NW will reach 6-11 m/s and sometimes it will get stronger reaching 16-18 m/s with snow and dust storm.

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Open discussion held on Energy Conservation Bill

Ulaanbaatar, October 14 (MONTSAME) The working group for developing the bill organized an open discussion Wednesday, attracting officials from the Ministry of Energy and scholars of the energy sphere.

When introducing the bill to the gathered, a head of the working group A.Tleikhan MP said the shortage of power supply, started occurring from 2012, has been acting as a major factor to stagnate the developments in mining and construction sectors of Mongolia, thus affecting the economic growth of the country.

In 2013, he went on, apartments for 14 thousand households were built, some of which are not unattainable to access heat and power supply. Economical use of energy is in deep connection with social and economic issues, including the enhancement of economic competitiveness, introduction of environmentally friendly technologies, bringing about proper use of energy and provision of favorable living environment for the citizens, noted A.Tleikhan.

A deputy head of the Department for Strategy and Policy Planning of the Ministry of Energy G.Enkhtaivan gave a presentation on the international practices of energy saving, showing examples from the USA, Japan and India. He also gave information about the scope of the bill, once enforced, and ways of implementation.

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Politics & Legal

Parliament Agenda For October 14: Standing Committee Meetings

October 14 (GoGo Mongolia) Standing Committee meetings are scheduled for today.

1. State Structure Standing Committee meeting at 09AM.


      Amendments to draft law on State Great Hural, amendments to draft law on State Great Hural Procedure

2. Environment, Food and Agriculture Standing Committee meeting at 09AM.


      Draft law on animal genetic resources

      Revised version of draft law on waste management

3. Security and Foreign Policy Standing Committee meeting at 02PM.


      Draft resolution of State Great Hural on Amendments to the Annex to Regulation for Lands of Special Needs

Nuclear Energy Commission`s statement

4. Application Standing Committee meeting at 02PM. 


      To discuss the applications of citizens on improving the legal status of bag (group) and khoroo

      To approve action plan for 2015-2016 autumn session of State Great Hural

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Parliament Agenda for Oct 15: Plenary Session

October 15 (GoGo Mongolia) --

At 09AM:

1. Amendments to draft law on custom

·         Introduction by Minister of Finance B.Bolor

2. Amendments to draft laws on custom tariff, and custom taxes

·         Introduction by Minister of Finance B.Bolor

·         Introduction by MP D.Oyunhorol

3. Amendments to law on excise tax, amendments to draft law on stamp duty and amendments to draft resolution of State Great Hural on approval of customs duty rates of import good

·         Introduction by Minister of Finance B.Bolor

·         Introduction by MP D.Oyunhorol

4. Discussion on selection and resignation of Head of Standing Committee

·         Introduction by MP R.Gonchigdorj

5. Discussion of draft law to amend law on pardon marking 25th anniversary of permanent parliament establishment.

·         Introduction by MP D.Ganbat

6. Discussion of Constitutional Court's 2015 13th conclusion on dispute whether constitutional clause in 171.2 clause of 171th article in Parliament law of Mongolia is violated.

·         Introduction by member of Constitutional Court D.Naranchimeg

·         Introduction by MP O.Baasanhuu

7. Operation report for 2016 of the Mongolian State Budget, Amendments to draft law on 2016-2017 budget adjustment

·         Introduction by Minister of Finance B.Bolor

·         Introduction by MP D.Battsogt

8. Amendments to law on 2015 Mongolian State Budget, Amendments to 2015 Budget Law for Human Development Fund, Amendments to Budget Law for 2015 Social Insurance Fund

·         Introduction by Minister of Finance B.Bolor

·         Introduction by MP D.Battsogt

9. Operation report for 2016 of the Mongolian State Budget, Amendments to draft law on 2017-2018 budget adjustment

·         Introduction by Minister of Finance B.Bolor

·         Introduction by MP D.Battsogt

10. Amendments to law on 2016 Mongolian State Budget, Amendments to 2016 Budget Law for Human Development Fund, Amendments to Budget Law for 2016 Social Insurance Fund

·         Introduction by Minister of Finance B.Bolor

·         Introduction by MP D.Battsogt

11. Draft resolution of State Great Hural on Amendments to the Annex to Regulation for Lands of Special Needs

·         Introduction by MP O.Sodbileg

12. Draft Resolution of State Great Hural on Approval of 2015 Monetary Policy Directions

·         Introduction by the President of Bank of Mongolia N.Zoljargal

·         Introduction by MP Ts.Bayarsaihan

13. Draft law on energy saving and affiliated other drafts

·         Introduction by the Minister of Energy D.Zorigt

·         Introduction by MP A.Tleihan

14. Draft law on Hygiene affiliated other drafts

·         Introduction by the Minister of Health and Sports G.Shiilegdamba

·         Introduction by MP D.Sarangerel

15. Revised draft law on legal status of the Mongolian Red Cross Society

·         Introduction by the MP N.Enhbold

·         Introduction by MP A.Bakei

16. Amendments to law on value added taxes, amendments to law on budget, amendments to law on custom tariff and amendments to draft law on custom taxes

·         Introduction by the Minister of Finance B.Bolor

·         Introduction by MP L.Erdenechimeg

17. Amendments to draft law on State Great Hural, amendments to draft law on State Great Hural Procedure

·         Introduction by the MP M.Batchimeg

·         Introduction by MP H.Temuujin

18. Amendments to draft law on

·         Introduction by the Minister of Justice D.Dorligjav

·         Introduction by MP Ts.Oyungerel

19. Amendments to draft law on border and affiliated other drafts

·         Introduction by the Minister of Justice D.Dorligjav

·         Introduction by MP Ts.Nyamdorj

20. Draft law on animal genetic resources

·         Introduction by the Minister of Food and Agriculture R.Burmaa

·         Introduction by MP Su.Batbold

21. Revised draft law on waste management and affiliated other drafts

·         Introduction by MP Ts.Oyungerel

·         Introduction by MP S.Oyun

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Mongolia stirs controversy with new corruption law

October 14 (New Europe) International watchdog groups have called on lawmakers in Mongolia to veto a new bill that would grant amnesty to individuals being investigated for corruption.

"This is a blatant attempt by politicians to grant themselves impunity," Jose Ugaz, who chairs Transparency International, said in a press release. "Anyone accused of corruption must be investigated."

As reported by the news site Transitions Online (TOL), Mongolia's president vetoed sections of a similar law in August that would have granted amnesty to people currently serving prison terms, following a campaign by Transparency International and the UNCAC Coalition, an international umbrella group representing more than 300 civil society organisations.

But now a parliamentary committee has tabled a new version of the vetoed law with the same amnesty provisions, the watchdog groups say.

Mongolia ranked 80 out of 176 countries last year in Transparency International's Corruption Perception Index.

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Independent MPs say OT Dubai Deal is not beneficial to Mongolia

October 13 (UB Post) Independent Members of Parliament called a press conference yesterday to inform the public about last Friday's response from the Prime Minister to questions about the Oyu Tolgoi underground mine development, stating concerns about the financing deal struck in Dubai this spring.

"The Prime Minister has finally responded to our questionnaire, however the answers were really sad," commented the MPs who are not affiliated with any political parties, adding, "In accordance with the first deal from 2009, Mongolia was to receive net profit starting from 2023. But the Prime Minister's working group has revealed that the period to gain net profit has been delayed to 2037 (Mogi: huh?), as Mongolia has received financing of seven billion USD for underground mine construction through the Dubai deal. We wonder why the Justice Coalition is staying silent, with no opposition, when Oyu Tolgoi issues are in such a difficult situation. During the last meeting of the 2015 Spring Parliamentary Session, the Mongolian People's Party promised to introduce conclusions on the Dubai deal soon. However, the report still hasn't been made. The Prime Minister said not to politicize Oyu Tolgoi, but we can't observe these actions in silence, when it turns out that Mongolia will not gain any profit from that huge mine which could feed our country for many years."

At the press conference MP S.Ganbaatar said, "Mongolia is in foreign debt of 21 billion USD and is considering salary deductions. In 2009, when the Oyu Tolgoi deal was signed, we had no debt. In 2039 when the deal is concluded, we will be seeing value from the mine for only for the second year, which means Mongolia is getting almost nothing. Even though we receive royalty taxes of five percent, we pay money equivalent to three percent for management expenses. I am being blamed for telling the truth.

"There are many regretful measures on the budget. Approximately two billion USD is being saved by deducting salaries and liquidating agencies. Meanwhile, it was decided to spend a whole 17.5 billion USD (Mogi: million I'm sure) only for getting advice from an American firm, and 10 billion USD of it has been already been spent."

After the press conference, independent parliamentarians answered questions from correspondents.

What is the position of independent parliamentary members on the Cabinet's decision to liquidate and integrate agencies?

We think the Procurement Office should exist. We had bitter experiences with procurement being carried out at every ministry and raising disputes, making the health ministry the construction ministry. It was the correct decision to unite the functions of procurement at every ministry. Budgets for environmental protection and fighting air pollution were cut. We see both correct and incorrect decisions in the budget amendments.

What is wrong with financing for Oyu Tolgoi's underground mine development?

It was estimated that 4.2 billion USD in investment was needed for the underground mine, however, investment of six billion USD was approved with the Dubai deal. This six billion USD won't come to Mongolia. Rio Tinto has the right to spend its liabilities. Mongolia's land and licenses are pledges as collateral. The Dubai deal was printed in English and Mongolian and then it was signed, but Ch.Saikhanbileg claimed at a parliamentary meeting that the Dubai deal should be translated into Mongolian. Then we asked him whether the Mongolian copy of the agreement was lost in Dubai. There are lots of suspicious things about the Dubai deal.

Independent parliamentarians signed a request to impeach the Prime Minister. How many other parliamentarians have signed it so far?

We believe that the Dubai deal is not beneficial to Mongolia and made a request to impeach Prime Minister Ch.Saikhabileg. So far, 14 Members of Parliament have signed the official request letter. When the Oyu Tolgoi issues will be delivered to an arbitration court someday, we should be left with the fact that the State of Mongolia did not approve of the Dubai deal.

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Bill Submitted to Boost Eco-Friendly Farming, Safe Domestic Food Industry

Ulaanbaatar, October 14 (MONTSAME) A draft law on land farming initiated by the government was submitted on Wednesday to R.Gonchigdorj, a Vice Speaker of the State Great Khural (parliament).

A draft initiator said the law on land farming will help create a legal environment for boosting environmentally-friendly farming and for providing the domestic food industry with healthier and safer raw materials. The draft law also reflects opinions and proposals from some Ministries and authorities of agricultural industry.

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FM submits draft amendments to customs, excise tax, stamp duty laws

Ulaanbaatar, October 14 (MONTSAME) The Minister of Foreign Affairs L.Purevsuren Wednesday submitted to R.Gonchigdorj, a Vice Speaker of parliament, draft amendments to several laws and parliamentary resolution. He said these drafts should be discussed and adopted urgently.

The package of documents includes draft amendments to the laws on customs, on customs tariff and taxes, on excise tax and on stamp duty and a draft resolution of parliament on approving percentage and size of customs tax on import products.

Current laws on the excise tax and other related laws must be amended urgently because Mongolia bears a responsibility for maintaining the same tariff and commercial agreements of members of the Marrakesh Agreement on establishing the World Trade Organization (WTO). Moreover, this law should be amended in order to fully realize the Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) with Japan, Purevsuren said.

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New version of Law on Int'l Agreements submitted

Ulaanbaatar, October 14 (MONTSAME) Minister of Foreign Affairs L.Purevsuren presented a draft new wording for the law on international agreements to R.Gonchigdorj, one of the Vice Speakers of parliament, on October 14. 

The currently effective law on international agreements was adopted in 1993, was amended in 1998 and 2012. Due to the indeterminate scope of the law effect, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has been handling the monitoring over the translations of sales agreement, which are supposed to be regulated under international corporate law, and of other international agreements. Moreover, the process of joining an international agreement takes place in two procedures, namely signing by an associated cabinet member and ratification by parliament, because the law does not reflect all regulations of Vienna Convention on the Law on Treaties. The law is also deficient in regulations on publishing the international agreements and treaties. Consequently, the court is often not able to use the international agreement of treaty articles.

The new wording of this law has eight chapters and 37 articles, all free of the above and other problems.

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Bill submitted on exempting import electricity from customs, VAT

Ulaanbaatar, October 14 (MONTSAME) L.Purevsuren FM submitted a bill on granting imported electric power an exemption from customs and value-added taxes to the Vice Speaker R.Gonchigdorj.

The FM said that in 2014, "Western region energy system" state-owned company accumulated revenue of 14.538 billion Togrog (USD 7.291 million), was granted 7.0 billion Togrog of government incentives, and spent 18.396 billion, which left the company in balance deficit of 3.857 billion. The company was in deficit of 0.9 billion in 2012, of 3.7 billion in 2013, and in 3.9 billion in 2014, he went on, and is expected to see pre-estimated deficit of 4.1 billion MNT this year according to the 2015 business plan.

The parliament's Standing committee on economy issued a resolution last February regarding the implementation of measures towards the energy and petroleum spheres, and directed the authorities to exempt customs and value-added taxes from imported electric power from China and Russia to the "Western region energy system". "The cabinet discussed this resolutionn and resolved that a buill on this issue is to be sent to parliament," he said.

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Immigration Agency starts survey of foreigners

October 14 ( The Executive Agency of the Mongolian Government and the Mongolian Immigration Service on 12th October began a consolidated enumeration, the purpose of which is to identify all those people who are living in Mongolia for personal and other reasons. Thereby, the registration of official and unofficial immigrants and international representative agencies which are operating across Mongolia will be improved. The enumeration is due to end on 13th November.

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France refuses to invest in TT Power Plant Project on climate change reasons

October 14 ( Process of Tavan Tolgoi (TT) Power Plant Project was introduced to the Prime Minister today and MP M.Enhsaihan delivered negative and positive news to PM.

The negative was that the Government of France has decided not to make an investment to all projects affiliated to the coal. In order to implement the decision of its Government, France announced to quit from TT Power Plant Project or joint consortium that is comprised of GDF Suez of France, Sojitz of Japan, POSCO Energy of Korea and Mongolia's Newcom Group.

United Nations Climate Change Conference will be be held in France on November. In scope of this event, France has started to take such actions.

However, the positive was that as one of the biggest investor to OT, Turquoise Hill has released the financial guarantee worth of up to US$ 1 billion to help raising funds for TT Power Plant Project.

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Turquoise Hill provides $1 billion guarantee to TT power plant project

Ulaanbaatar, October 14 (MONTSAME) The Prime Minister Ch.Saikhanbileg Wednesday convened M.Enkhsaikhan, the Minister of Mongolia, and B.Byambasaikhan, Executive Director of the "Erdenes Mongol" company, at the "Hour for solution" weekly meeting to receive reports on current process of mega-projects.

M.Enkhsaikhan reported that one of the biggest investors of the Oyu Tolgoi project--"Turquoise Hill Resources" company--has issued a financial guarantee of one billion UD dollars for raising money for a construction of the power plant of the Tavantolgoi mine. "This is an expression of trust of the company in works at the ground mine of the Oyu Tolgoi," Enkhsaikhan noted.

After him the PM said the governmental started the biggest construction in the energy sector, and emphasized that investment matters for the "Booroljuut" and "Tevshiin Gobi" power stations were forwarded during his visit to China. "A construction of the 5th Thermal Power Station has launched after the establishment of selling and purchasing contracts. An investment for the 'Baganuur' power station has been tackled positively as well. All the good news definitely will promote trust of both domestic and foreign investors," the Premier stressed.

He ordered the "Erdenes Mongol" company Executive Director to maintain the positive tendencies and obliged M.Enkhsaikhan to pay attention to starting the construction of the Tavantolgoi's power plant in spring of 2016.

Financing and constructions of ground mines of Oyu Tolgoi are continuing normally, in accordance with the plan, B.Byambasaikhan said and stressed the Turquoise Hill Resources company's financial guarantee for the Tavantolgoi power plant has given investors opportunities and a confidence in low expenses and high benefits of the project. He also said the financing for the OT project has been transferred to banks. 

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Mongolia Signs Deal to Develop Tsagaan Suvarga Copper Mine

By Michael Kohn

October 14 (Bloomberg) -- Mongolian govt signs Investment Agreement with Ulaanbaatar-based Mongolyn Alt Corp. to develop Tsagaan Suvarga copper and molybdenum project, according to statement on govt website.

* Investor fully responsible for project; govt won't own shares

* Mine to produce 310,000 tons of copper concentrate and 4,000 tons of molybdenum annually

* Tsagaan Suvarga is 560km southeast of Ulaanbaatar in Mandakh county, Dornogov province

* Agreement first under 2013 Investment Law

* Mongolyn also to build Khokh Tsav cement plant with capacity of 1m tons

* Mine and cement plant require $1.3 billion investment

* NOTE: FLSmidth Wins $43 Million of Orders From Mongolian Customer



ASEM organizers meet private companies on providing car services

October 14 ( Head of the Organizing Team for 11th ASEM summit and Secretary General of Ministry of Foreign Affairs D.Gankhuyag held discussion with representatives from private companies on the matter of providing car and bus services for the summit attendees.

Total of 330 cars and buses to transport the summit attendees are expected to be arranged by private entities, especially member companies from "Mongolian Automobile Distributors Association.

With exchanging views on the matter, two sides agreed to hold further discussion and to cooperate.


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Leather and Cashmere Products Fair 2015, October 15-19, Misheel Expo

October 14 ( "Leather and Cashmere Products - 2015" fair which set to be held for the 9th year will traditionally take place during October 15 - 19.

Local companies creating end products with leather, cashmere and other wools will present their products at the fair to be exhibited at Misheel Expo.

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MPP poll finds 96% of participants against city tax

October 14 ( The Mongolian People's Party (MPP) Commission for Ulaanbaatar and the MPP Group in the City Representative Council has conducted a poll of 30,000 citizens regarding city tax. This took place on 3rd-7th October. As the result, the 95.9% of the online participants and 51.1% of the express study participants have concluded that: "The City Tax was a bad decision during the economic crisis in Mongolia".

The details of the poll are as follows:

-31.9% of the all participants were young people, aged 18-35.

-41.1% of the all participants were aged 36-55.

-27% of the participants were aged older than 56.

Also, 51.5% of them have higher education.

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DP Leaders Head to China for Asian Political Parties Conference on Silk Road

Ulaanbaatar, October 14 (MONTSAME) Speaker of parliament and Chairman of the Democratic Party (DP) Mr Z.Enkhbold Wednesday flew to China to take part in the "Asian Political Parties' Special Conference on the Silk Road". 

The October 14-16 event will be attended also by G.Batkhuu MP, the secretary of the DP; S.Odontuya MP, a board member of the Union of Democratic Women (UDW); and L.Erkhembayar, the DP's acting secretary-general.

Mr Enkhbold is supposed to address the opening of the measure and to meet Zhang Dejiang, the Chairman of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress of China. Moreover, the President of the People's Republic of China Mr Xi Jinpin is expected to receive the Mongolian delegation.

The International Conference of Asian Political Parties (ICAPP) was launched in Manila in September 2000 to promote exchanges and cooperation between political parties from different Asian countries and with various ideologies; to enhance mutual understanding and trust among Asian countries; to promote Asia's regional cooperation through the unique role and channel of political parties. Since its inception, the ICAPP has grown steadily in both membership and influence. At first, few people thought that it would be possible to bring together competing governing, opposition and independent political parties in Northeast Asia, Southeast Asia, Central Asia, West Asia, Middle East and Oceania.

The ICAPP meetings have been visionary, cordial, constructive and successful. Simply by bringing together Asia's political leaders in fraternal assemblies regularly, the ICAPP has become a positive force for mutual understanding among Asian countries and peoples. And now more than 370 political parties in 53 countries in the region with diverse political and ideological backgrounds are eligible to participate in ICAPP activities.

Eight General Assemblies of the ICAPP, which have been held in Manila in 2000, Bangkok in 2002, Beijing in 2004, Seoul in 2006, Astana in 2009, Phnom Penh in 2010, Baku in 2012 and Colombo in 2014, brought together political leaders in the region to exchange opinions and communicate with each other, and helped strengthen unity among Asian countries and propel Asia along the road toward stability and prosperity.

The ICAPP Standing Committee, which is comprised of the leading political parties from 23 countries representing different sub-regions of Asia, has also been meeting regularly, more than twice a year since 2004, to organize ICAPP activities and programs in an effective and concerted way.

ICAPP special conferences and workshops have also been convened on key challenges in the region. The first special conference was held in Seoul in May 2008 on the topic of state subsidies for mainstream political parties as a means to prevent political corruption. Another special conference was held on the making of new democratic constitution in Kathmandu, Nepal, in June 2009. Since then, special conferences have been more focused on the issues targeted by U.N. Millennium Development Goals: on poverty alleviation in Kunming, China, in July 2010; on natural disasters and environmental protection in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, in May 2011; on development and people's access in Nanning, China, in September 2011; on promoting green development and building a beautiful Asia together in Xi'an, China, in May 2013; and on women's leadership and empowerment in Seoul, Republic of Korea, in September 2013. 

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Foreign Ministry hosts discussion on "promoting Mongolia through arts and culture"

October 14 ( The Ministry of Foreign Affairs hosted a discussion themed "Propagandizing Mongolia through arts and culture: Range and potentials" on October 13, 2015. The discussion became a part of works to draw up a program on propagandizing Mongolia abroad. 

During the discussion, representatives of the State University of Arts and Culture, the Capital City's Authority of Arts and Culture and cultural figures delivered reports and expressed their views.

The authorities of cultural organizations, also producers, artists, musicians, singers and journalists shared views on the matter. They considered matters such as a complex policy on propaganda for Mongolia, an appropriate policy on cultural propaganda, its frames and strategy. 

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Ministry considers better ways of propagandizing MongoliaMontsame, October 14


President's Chief of Staff meets Belarusian Ambassador

Ulaanbaatar, October 14 (MONTSAME) Chief of Staff of the President's Office P.Tsagaan received October 13 the Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Belarus to Mongolia Mr S.V.Chepurnoi. Tsagaan extended congratulations to the President of Belarus A.G.Lukashenko on winning his fifth presidential election and on a cancellation of economic sanctions from Europe.

Present was also an adviser at the Belarusian Embassy M.S.Snopko.

The sides exchanged opinions on mobilizing the cooperation initiatives discussed at the meeting of Mongolian President Ts.Elbegdorj and his Belarusian counterpart A.G.Lukashenko during the Summit of BRICS and the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO), held in Ufa of Russia this July 9.

Mr Tsagaan and the Ambassador also touched upon ways of promoting the cooperation in new economic spheres while maintaining the long-time friendly relations.

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Ambassador of Belarus Stanislav Chepurnoy meets Chief of Staff of the President of Mongolia Puntsag TsagaanMFA Belarus, October 14


U.S. donates 35 Jeep Wranglers to Mongolian peacekeeping operations

October 13 ( Today, the ceremony to hand over U.S government aids which include 35 "Wrangler" vehicles built in army purpose to the Mongolian Armed Force (MAF) was held at the Ministry of Defense.

This equipment will allow the Mongolian military to deploy its forces more efficiently and rapidly for Peacekeeping Missions in Africa and elsewhere.

As part of the donation, MAF received 15 Jeep J-8 transport vehicles, 16 Jeep J-8 patrol vehicles, and 4 Jeep J-8 Ambulance, which will enhance the MAF's Peacekeeping capabilities and sustainment weather operating in Mongolia's challenging terrain.

The ceremony was attended by the Minister of Defense Ts.Tsolmon and related officials.

The Minister stated: "The defense sector is the crucial part of the partnership between two countries. The Mongolian Armed Force in cooperation with the United States army has successfully implemented UN peacekeeping activities in Iraq and Afghanistan."

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First Tajik-Mongolian Political Consultation to Be Held in Dushanbe

Dushanbe, 13.10. 2015 (NIAT "Khovar") .- The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Tajikistan Sirodjidin Aslov received State Secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Mongolia Gankhuyag Damba, who visited Dushanbe in order to take part in the first Tajik-Mongolian political consultations. During the conversation the sides exchanged views on topical issues of bilateral and multilateral relations between Tajikistan and Mongolia in the context of the implementation of earlier agreements on the results of the meeting between the two leaders in September 2014 in Dushanbe. The sides also discussed the issues of expanding the legal framework of the Tajik-Mongolian cooperation in various fields of mutual interest.

Link to release


Foreign Minister holds meeting with Deputy Foreign Minister of Iran

October 14 ( The Minister for Foreign Affairs of Mongolia, Mr. Lundeg PUREVSUREN held meeting with the Deputy Minister for Foreign Affairs and Head of International Training and Research Center affiliated to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Mr. Hadi Soleimanpour on 14 October, 2015.

During the meeting, Minister L.Purevsuren expressed his willingness to promote relations with Iran in all areas through political dialogue, trade, economic, cultural and educational cooperation.

Dr. Hadi Soleimanpour noted that there are many prospects and opportunities to enhance friendly relations and cooperation between the two countries and pledged to support Mongolia's candidature for 2015 election to the United Nations Human Rights Council.

Furthermore, Deputy Minister expressed that the Iranian Government is willing to train Mongolian students in Persian language and history under the Government scholarship program.

Both sides emphasized the effective cooperation in studying the Il-khanate dynasty history, and exchanged views on the forthcoming 2nd Meeting of the Joint Research Committee and preparations for the International Conference on "Gerege: The values of the 13-14th Century Asian Civilization", scheduled to be held in Ulaanbaatar on October 27-29, reports the Press and Public Relations Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. 

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Mongolia and Iran want to forward tiesMontsame, October 14


Mongolia and Iran to collaborate in researching their historical ties

Ulaanbaatar, October 14 (MONTSAME) Mongolia and Iran must study history of their ancient ties and keep their traditions, R.Bold has said, an advisor to the President

He expressed such a view on Wednesday at a meeting with Iranian delegation--Mr Hadi Soleimanpour, an executive director of the Center for International Research and Education at Iran's Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and Mr Ali Biniaz, the First Secretary of Iran's Embassy in the People's Republic of China.

After having highlighted the long-year history of the Mongolia-Iran ties, Mr Bold emphasized that it is necessary to boost the bilateral relations in culture and education and to co-organize cultural days dedicating all to the 45th anniversary of the Mongolia-Iran diplomatic relations marked in 2016. He also invited the Iranian scholars and researchers to the 11th international session of Mongol studies which will run here next year.

Mr Bold underlined that the visit of the Mongolian President to the Islamic Republic of Iran in 2012 made a basis for bringing the bilateral relations into a new level. "It is important to fulfill works reflected in a cooperation memorandum between the two Foreign Ministries, established in 2013 in accordance with a concurrence of the President's visit," he said and appreciated the curent visit of the Iranian delegation, "it means that your side is attaching a great significance to these works". He also thanked Iran for caring for the 700-year old Tomb of Olziit Khaan and registering it in the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

In response, Mr Hadi Soleimanpour emphasized a significance of deepening the bilateral relations and having young Mongolians realize unique heritage of ancient custom, history and culture of our countries.

Republic of China. A deputy president of the Academy of Sciences of Mongolia T.Dorj; and the Ambassador of Mongolia to Iran also attended the meeting.

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PM discusses MCC 2nd compact with new US Ambassador

October 14 ( Today PM Ch.Saihanbileg received Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the United States of America to Mongolia Ms. Jennifer Zimdahl Galt on the occasion of her presentation of Letter of Credence.

Two parties have discussed on intensifying the activities for Second Millennium Challenge Corporation Compact. PM Ch.Saihanbileg expressed his hope that this compact will be implemented in important sector, which is to contribute significantly to the economic and social development of Mongolia.

UN Ambassador mentioned that Mongolia is successfully developing the democracy besides friendly relations and cooperation with the US in politics, economy, humanitarian activities, defense and other sectors.

PM noted that we should focus on enriching such relations and cooperation with economic substance. Moreover, he expressed his proposal to increase the number of students to be studied in US, reported by the Press and Public Relations Department of the Government.  

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PM Ch.Saikhanbileg converses with US Ambassador GaltMontsame, October 14

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Campaign launched to save 5500 children with 1,000 donations

October 14 ( The 25th Television Channel and the "Scald Restoring Department at the National Traumatology Center" has launched a project called "1000 Tugrik", the purpose of which is procure equipment and medication of treating scalds and burn injuries. The donation campaign will take place from the 12th to the 19th October. With the money collected, the organizers hope to procure an automatic skin cutter and cold storage for skin grafts and donor skin. Also, they will buy a reserve supply of artificial skin.

In Mongolia, approximately 7000 people suffer from scald and burn injuries, annually, 80% of which are children under three years of age. Unfortunately, there is a 70% fatality rate because. 

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Annual Military Drafting Begins in UB, 16-18 October

October 14 ( During a meeting of the UB City Recruitment Office (CRO), it was confirmed that the second recruitment of this year will commence on 16th-18th October. The working team confirmed that the preparations for the recruitment have been completely provided. Also, the heads of the CRO informed that the all call-up-sheets have been delivered to their destination. All activity related to the recruitment in UB will be undertaken in accordance with instructions from the City Mayor's direction. This year's price of the correlated army-service is MNT 4.6 million.

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Renowned Turkish historian looks to foster academic ties

October 13 (UB Post) Renowned Turkish historian and Prof. Dr. Ilber Ortayli visited Mongolia from October 8 to 13, to develop cooperation in the field of science and history between Turkey and Mongolia.

Within the frames of his visit, he will present a lecture titled "The Ilkhanate History", on October 9 at the Mongolian Academy of Sciences.

He paid honor to monuments of Bileg Khan and Kul Tigin, in Kharkhorin, Uvurkhangai.

He also presented a lecture titled "Jami al-tawarikh" (Compendium of Chronicles) at the Mongolian University of Science and Technology, and "Museum Studeis" lecture at Bogd Khaan Palace Museum on October 12.

The main goal of his visit was to establish cooperation with Bogd Khaan Palace Museum.

Ilber Ortayli said, "I have worked as director of the Topkaki Palace Museum in Istanbul from 2005 to 2012. Over three million tourists visit our museum, and we have lots of sponsors. I toured around Bogd Khaan Palace Museum and really liked it. The exhibits of the museum are so incredible and have kept Mongolian culture. Also I think exhibits in Bogd Khan Palace Museum are related to Mongolian Buddhism."

"The building of the museum is a little bit old and it has no sponsors. I heard that the state doesn't care much about the museum. I'd like to increase the number of tourists and local audiences who want to see Bogd Khan Palace Museum", he added.

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Workshops Launch in Mongolia for Preservation of Shoroon Bumbagar Necropolis and its Mural Paintings

October 14 ( Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, 9 October 2015 – Within the framework of a UNESCO/Monaco cooperation a joint workshop on the stabilization of archaeological tombs and preservation and conservation of ancient mural paintings at the site of Shoroon Bumbagar will be held in Ulaanbaatar and Bayannuur from 19 October-7 November 2015.

With the aim of supporting the preservation and conservation of cultural heritage in Mongolia with a particular focus on the archaeological tombs at the site of Shoroon Bumbagar and to enhance Mongolian capacities to ensure the safeguarding of its mural paintings, this workshop is jointly organized by UNESCO, the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science of Mongolia, the Mongolian National Commission for UNESCO and the Center of Cultural Heritage of Mongolia.

Combining theoretical sessions with practical field exercises, two renowned international experts –geologist/engineer and painting conservator/restorer – will explore together with a selected group of national experts, the different conservation mechanisms for both the stabilization of the tomb and the preservation of its mural paintings.

The UNESCO/Monaco Funds-in-Trust project "Capacity-Building and Awareness-Raising for the Preservation, Conservation, Visibility and Sustainable Management of the Archeological Site of Shoroon Bumbagar of Mount Maikhan was launched in late 2014 covering a period of four years. The main objectives of the project are to improve the capacities of Mongolia's authorities and experts for the stabilization, conservation and preservation of the Shoroon  Bumbagar necropolis, a spectacular royal tomb discovered in Bulgan Province in 2011 containing ancient remains dating back to the 6th and 7th century AD. The project also aims to sensitize local authorities and communities in Mongolia on the importance of the protection of archeological cultural heritage.

Since 2009 the Principality of Monaco has been supporting Mongolia's endeavor to safeguard its valuable cultural heritage through awareness-raising and capacity-building activities carried out in order to combat the illicit trafficking of cultural objects in the country.

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Nature, Environment

Water Governance Forum takes place in State House

Ulaanbaatar, October 14 (MONTSAME) A "Water Governance" forum was organized October 13 at the State House by Ministries of Environment, Green Development and Tourism and of Education, Culture and Sciences, with a collaboration of "Education for Sustainable Development Project" international organization.

Government officials in charge of water management along with scientists and researchers made presentations on water reserves, current water consumption, further solutions to major problems and other related issues.

Present were the State Secretary of the Ministry of Environment, Green Development and Tourism Ts.Tsengel and the head of the Ministry's Department of Land Management and General Water Policy G.Monkh-Erdem.

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Bio-diversity conservation project to run with German funding

Ulaanbaatar, October 14 (MONTSAME) A seminar ran October 14 to mark a launch of the Biodiversity and Adaptation to Climate Change Project, to be implemented in 2015-2020. The project has been resolved to be funded in a scope of the Mongolia-Germany Intergovernmental Agreement on Non-Refundable Aid, inked in 2013.

Government of Germany is donating 11.5 million EUR to the project, the Government of Mongolia will give funding of 6.65 billion MNT (2.92 million EUR).

State Secretary of the Ministry of Environment, Green Development and Tourism Ts.Tsengel opened the seminar and introduced four stages of the project: improving of management plans for special protection areas and nearby regions; implementation of approved management plans; strengthening of special protection area network on both national and regional levels; and cooperation in training, policy and research.

The project is, so far, the largest in terms of the areas with special protection, focuses on capacity-building in the areas, and aims at conserving biodiversity and promoting the sustainable livelihoods of the locals. The project's first stage will involve central, eastern and Khangai regions, and will select and implement proposed minor project that meet the larger project's objectives. 

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Swiss Agency organizing regional conferences of small-scale miners

October 14 ( Small-scale miners hold central regional conference on October 14 - 15 in Darkhan Uul province.

Western regional conference will be organized in Bayankhongor province on October 21-22 as eastern and Gobi regional conference is to be held on October 28-29.

The conference under the name of "Economic benefits to rural regions by small-scale mining" is organized by Swiss Development Agency's sustainable small-scale mining project. Also, senior local experts from Human Rights National Commission are invited to the conference to exchange views with attendees.

The conference's objective is to provide appropriate information to attending parties and to promote economic benefits of the mining to regional areas.

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Paleontologists Uncover A Nest Of Baby Dinosaurs In Mongolia's 'Dragon's Tomb'

October 14 (Forbes) A rare nest of baby giant hadrosaurs has been discovered by paleontologists in Mongolia's Gobi Desert. The area this fossil nest was found in is known as the "Dragon's Tomb" as it has produced a vast amount of fossils of this giant hadrosaur, Saurolophus angustirostris, since its discovery in 1947. This find is described by Leonard Dewaele of Ghent University and colleagues in PLOS ONE.

Although S. angustirostris is extremely common in these rocks of the Nemegt Formation, this is the first time embryonic remains of this species have been described. Additionally, this nest of 3-4 individuals was found associated with eggshell fragments. It is rare to find eggshells present with an embryonic dinosaurs, but it is very useful because then it allows a specific eggshell type to be associated with a specific species or group of dinosaur.

A variety of clues that indicate these dinosaurs are definitely perinatal specimens. The first clue is the length of the skulls, which are only about 5% the length of the adult S. angustirostris. Also, when magnified the bones appear spongey and lack ossification at specific joints, which indicate these were very young animals at the time of death.

The characteristic head crest of S. anguistirostris isn't seen in these fossils, but unfused skull bones indicate that this feature had likely not yet appeared at that stage of development. Lead study author Leonard Dewaele explains, "The poorly developed crest in Saurolophus babies provides evidence of ontogenetic crest growth within the Saurolophini tribe."

This discovery gives a unique look into the growth of this feature over the life span of this enigmatic extinct animal.

Geological evidence around the fossil indicates that this nest was laid along a river bank. They likely died at some point close to birth and were subsequently buried by the migrating river system. All signs indicate these were baby dinosaurs, but it remains impossible to say whether they died before or during birth.

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While searching for tomb of Genghis Khan, archaeologists make a 4,000-year-old discovery

October 14 (The Blaze) Genghis Khan, the notorious Mongolian leader from the 13th century, might have a documented history of his conquests but one important mystery remains.

Where is he buried?

Here's more from a UCLA news release issued a few years ago to give you some insight into the legend:

According to legend, Genghis Khan lies buried somewhere beneath the dusty steppe of Northeastern Mongolia, entombed in a spot so secretive that anyone who made the mistake of encountering his funeral procession was executed on the spot. Once he was below ground, his men brought in horses to trample evidence of his grave, and just to be absolutely sure he would never be found, they diverted a river to flow over their leader's final resting place.

Khan's grave is presumably in a region bordered by Mongolia's Onon River and the Khan khentii mountains near his birthplace in Khentii Aimag, and some experts believe his sons and other family members were later buried beside him. The researchers, however, have little additional information to go on. Directly following Khan's death in 1227, the area around his tomb was deemed forbidden by the emperor's guards, and later in the 20th century, by strict Russian occupation, which prohibited Mongolians from even talking about Genghis Khan because they felt it might lead to nationalist uprising. Only since the 1990s have researchers been allowed in the area, and several other research teams have tried unsuccessfully to locate the tomb.

Well the fascination over the hidden burial site has not escaped the Travel Channel's second season of "Expedition Unknown." Last week its host Josh Gates took on the legend of King Aurthur and this week he looks at Genghis Khan.

"From the forbidden mountains of outer Mongolia to the punishing deserts of western Africa, we're going off the map investigating the greatest legends in history," Gates said in a statement.

The Travel Channel shared an exclusive video with TheBlaze ahead of tonight's show of a discovery made while searching for the grave.

Though only a 56-second clip, it's cool none-the-less. Gates along with archaeologists at a site near the ancient capital of Karakorum, modern-day Kharkhorin, brushed dirt off a male human skull. Travel Channel revealed to us that it did not belong to Genghis Khan, but was from a 4,000-year-old tomb.

Watch the clip:

A study published earlier this year in the journal PLOS One detailed a crowd-sourced effort to search satellite images for the tomb, described as "an archaeological enigma that lacks any historical description of its potential visual appearance." This effort eventually led to a National Geographic expedition of 55 archaeological sites that could be in the region where he was buried.

Dr. Albert Yu-Min Lin with the University of California, San Diego, who led this an other studies to discover the burial site of Genghis Kahn, said in a statement a few years ago that researchers were turning toward advanced visualization technologies because "there are few clues and no factual evidence about Genghis Khan's burial."

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Mongolian senior wrestlers grab bronze medals at Veteran World Championships

Ulaanbaatar, October 14 (MONTSAME) Mongolian wrestlers captured medals in the 2015 Veteran World Championships took place on October 13-18 in Athens, Greece.

This year's World Championships attracted record-breaking 700 wrestlers from 41 countries, and it was the first-ever to feature Veterans divisions for women's wrestling. They competed in weight categories of men's 58, 63, 69, 75, 85, 97, 130 kg; women's 48, 53, 58, 63, 69 and 75 kg in seven age divisions.

Our wrestlers T.Batnasan and Sh.Bayanmonkh grabbed bronze medals in the men's 58 and 130 kg of "B" division (41-45 years old), respectively.

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Art, Entertainment

TV Talent Juggernaut Rolls Into Land Of Genghis Khan

October 15 (Bloomberg) "Such and such a country's Got Talent" is a staple for TV viewers and producers around the world. It's one of the most successful formats of all time, and only a handful of countries have been able to resist its bid for global domination. Until now, they included Mongolia. But the juggernaut has proved unstoppable, as Bloomberg TV Mongolia's Dulamkhorloo Baatar reports.

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Inspired by Zaya - N.Bayaraa, Entertainment Event Organizer

October 14 ( "Future of Mongolia is not just mining. Instead I believe our future is dependent on educated, intelligent and multifaceted youth". I want to proudly introduce those talented and educated young professionals to others.

Editor E.Ariunzaya

This episode features show manager N.Bayaraa. He invited many foreign DJs in Mongolia and successfully organized many events and parties including Fashion Festival and Exotic Fashion. He is definitely one of the young representatives Mongolian youths should be proud of. Currently, he is creating application which is expected to be boomed in international market. I highly recommend youths to watch this episode. For the full interview please click here.

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Mongolian circus performers win WuQiao Silver Cup

October 14 ( The "WuQuao International Circus Festival" took a place on 29th September- 7th October in Shijiazhuang City of Hebei Province, China. The best circus performers from Germany, Russia, Mexico, Canada, USA, France, North Korea, and Mongolia have participated in this "A-Class" circus festival. During the festival, the Mongolian circus team, headed by the B.Zolbayar with T.Budas producer took the highest points for their spring board performances. As a result of their outstanding performance the Mongolian team was awarded with the Silver Cup of the "WuQuao International Circus Festival".

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Tragic opera Lucia di Lammermoor to pre­miere in Ulaanbaatar

October 14 ( The Mongolian State Academic Theater of Opera and Ballet will stage "Lucia di Lammermoor", a tragic opera by Gaetano Donizetti on October 17, 18 at 05PM for the first time.

Korean producer An Hu Won has been working on the production of the opera. Interestingly, works of Italian composer Gaetano Donizetti have never been performed at the stage of Mongolian State Academic Theater of Opera and Ballet.

Prices for the tickets are ranging between MNT 10.000, 20.000, 30.000 (USD 5, 10, 15) according to the seats and are available now at the ticket office of The Mongolian State Academic Theater of Opera and Ballet and

For more information, please contact at 70110389, 99196609, 88044508, 99024933, 99194570.

On October 17th,

  • Lucia - State Honored Artist U.Uyanga
  • Lord Enrico Ashton, Lord of Lammermoor; Lucia's brother - Ch.Enhtaivan
  • Sir Edgardo di Ravenswood - B.Gombo-Ochir

On October 18th,

  • Lucia - U.Urantsetseg who lives and works in Italy has arrived in UB to perform in opera as Lucia. She has been working in Italy since her graduation as opera singer. "Lucia di Lammermoor" is her first opera in Mongolia.
  • Lord Enrico Ashton, Lord of Lammermoor; Lucia's brother - State Honored Artist and Audience Prize Winner of  BBC Cardiff Singer E.Amartuvshin
  • Sir Edgardo di Ravenswood - G.Enhbold

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Romeo and Juliet comes to Mongolia after 19 years

October 14 ( The first performance of "Romeo and Juliet" choreographed by director S.Genden was held at the Children and Youth Theatre back in 1966, with Ts.Gotov and actress B.Enkhtuya starring in the main roles.

In 1996, some 30 years later, a new choreographed version by the director Ch.Naidandorj was performed. The actors, O.Gerelsukh and G.Altanbaganaplayed the part of Romeo, the actresses I.Odonchimeg and G.Urnaa that of Juliet.

Now, 19 years later, with new choreography by State Prize Winner and State Drama Theatre Director, N.Naranbaatar, "Romeo and Juliet" is again ready for the stage. In the main roles, are the young actors, O.Dulguunand N.Dulguun-Ayush.

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Photographer G. Gan-Ulzii opens "Nomad Mongol" solo photo exhibition

October 14 ( "Nomad Mongol" photography exhibition which showed everyday livings of Mongolians by photographer and traveler G.Gan-Ulzii opened today.

By the way, I really liked the color of the pictures which is all black and white. I recommend you to visit at the exhibition and enjoy with these fascinating photos.

The exhibition will open to the public until October 21 at Blue Mon Art Gallery.

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Photo Report from Golden Eagle Festival 2015

October 14 ( Each year Kazakh hunters in Bayan-Ulgii province join the renowned Golden Eagle festival with their trained Golden Eagles, known as Berkut (Burged in Mongolian), to enter them into competitions testing speed, agility, and accuracy. Ceremonies, dance performances, traditional Kazakh games, a parade in the provincial capital's city square, and a Kazakh play in honor of the hunters and their eagles.

Bayan-Ulgii is the westernmost province of Mongolia bordering with Russia and China. The province is well known for the majestic Altai Mountains as well as being the home to the Kazakh nomads, who sought a sanctuary and came to join Mongolia in the early 20th century. The Kazakh nomads have their language, distinct culture and traditions.

This annual Mongolian festival, which celebrates the Golden Eagle as well as the hunters' traditional culture, is arranged by the local Kazakh community and members of the Berkut Association, a community-based conservation organization. Next year the Golden Eagle festival is on 1-2 October.

One of the well-known photographers in Mongolia, Mr. Batzaya is sharing photos from his most recent trip to the Golden Eagle Festival with GoGo travelers. Mr. Batzaya is not only a photographer but also a seasoned traveler, who has extensively travelled Mongolia and the globe. More of his wonderful works can be found at and

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