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REGISTER NOW: One Day Left Until Inaugural UB Investment Forum, April 15

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Wednesday, April 15, 2015, State Cultural Palace, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

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UB FORUM: Ulaanbaatar Investment 2015 Business Forum Overview


The Mayor of Ulaanbaatar City and the Governor of the Capital City suggested organizing “Ulaanbaatar Investment-2015” business forum on 15th of April, 2015 cooperating with Ulaanbaatar City Chamber of Commerce. Governor issued A/233 "on the establishment of a working group," to organize the forum. The 15-member organizing group composed of Ulaanbaatar city mayor's office and the Chamber of Commerce members.

Forum objective:

"Ulaanbaatar Investment-2015" business forum is focused on Ulaanbaatar economic development; to protect the interests of businesses; the development of public-private partnerships; to revolutionize the business; creating a favorable business and investment environment and the vision is to develop a regional business center in the capital city.

Expected outcomes of the forum:

·         to increase private sector participation in the proposed investment projects, cooperation, and transparency of information in Ulaanbaatar city

·         Participants receive information about investment projects in Ulaanbaatar; procurement policies, procedures and plans and exchange opinions,

·         Discussions on brief presentations,

·         to develop, expand and improve the cooperation between the municipalities and the private sector

·         announce Partnership Declaration in Ulaanbaatar,

·         establish a Memorandum of Understanding on Cooperation

Forum format:

The forum is to hold on 15th of April, 2015 and divided into three parts.

a)      Main meeting,

b)      Session meeting,

c)      Reception

Main meeting is hold from 9 am to 12.30 pm for 3 hours 30 minutes in Central palace of Ulaanbaatar. During the meeting, conference brochures and present seven brief presentations including UB General Partnership; public-private partnerships; economic strategy; investment projects; glass procurement and tender; Friendly, intelligent UB; City housing programs. After the presentations completion public consultation will start. Main meeting includes 1,000 participants.

Session meeting starts at 2 pm until 5pm in Topaz, Crystal, Diamond conference rooms of Blue sky hotel at the same time for three main topics.  

Session meeting topics:

·         City, constructions and building

·         Infrastructure

·         Procurement

After discussing the outcomes and close the "Ulaanbaatar Investment-2015" forum The Mayor of Ulaanbaatar City and the Governor of the Capital City’s reception will be organized at 6 pm in Ulaanbaatar hotel. Reception is being planned to accommodate about 300 participants and include entertainment performances.

Expected participants of the forum:

·         Business Organizations

·         International Organizations

·         Embassies

·         Members of the State Great Hural (Parliament)

·         Members of city council

·         Non-governmental organizations and committees

·         Other

Total 1,000 participants.

The Organizing Committee:

·         Mayors Office

·         Chamber of Commerce in Ulaanbaatar

Issues to address:

·         setting payment fee for participants

·         to determine the date of the Memorandum and declaration

·         Whether organizing the forum continuously 

Link to UB Forum registration



MAIN FORUM: State Cultural Palace

8:30-9:00        Registration            

9:00-9:10        Opening

D.Battulga, Chairman of City Council

9:10-9:30        Presentation name:   “City would not develop without private sector”                

E.Bat-Uul, Mayor of  Ulaanbaatar City

9:30-9:45        Presentation name:   “City, private sector partnership ”    

J.Od, Chairman, Ulaanbaatar Chamber of Commerce

9:45-9:55        Presentation name:    “Economic Development Strategy of Ulaanbaatar City”  

N.Bataa, Vice Mayor of  Finance and Economic Affairs of Ulaanbaatar City

10:05-10:15    Presentation name:     “Housing program of Ulaanbaatar City”  

S.Ochirbat, Vice Mayor of Investment Affairs of Ulaanbaatar City

10:15-10:25    Presentation name:    “Private sector Initiative”                          

O.Amartuvshin, General Director, Ulaanbaatar Chamber of Commerce

10:25-10:35    Presentation name:     “Investment Projects”    

L.Narantuya, Head of Investment Agency of Ulaanbaatar City

10:35-10:45    Presentation name:    “Procurement and glass bid”         

Yu.Idertsogt, Head of Procurement  Agency of Ulaanbaatar City

10:45-10:50    Presentation name:     “Friendly Ulaanbaatar” program

Ts.Enhtsengel, Vice Mayor of Social Affairs of Ulaanbaatar City

10:50-11:00    Presentation name:    “Smart Ulaanbaatar” program   

Consultant of “Smart Ulaanbaatar” program

11:00-12:00    Panel Discussion:

Moderator:       E. Dolgion, Director, Bloomberg TV

Panelists:         E.Bat-Uul, Mayor of Ulaanbaatar City

Robert Schoellhammer, Country manager, Asian Development Bank

J.Od, Chairman, UB Chamber of Commerce

O.Amartuvshin, General Director, UB Chamber of Commerce

12:00-12.25     Q&A Session

12:25-12:30    Declaration signing ceremony             

E.Bat-Uul, Mayor of Ulaanbaatar City

J.Od, Chairman, Ulaanbaatar Chamber of Commerce

12:30-12:40    Children’s Choir

12:40-13:30    Lunch

Break-Out Sessions: The Blue Sky Tower


Duration:          14:00-15:15

Tea Break:        15.15-15:45

Break-Out Session 1. Ger district redevelopment and Urban Planning

Presentations: Sh. Gankhuyag             Ger Area Development Agency, Director

Ts. Erdembayar            Investment issues of Redevelopment

Moderator:       O.Amartuvshin             Executive Director, UB Chamber of Commerce

Panelists:         S.Ochirbat                    Vice Mayor of Urban Development and Investment Affairs of UB City

S.Tsedensodnom         Deputy of Public Affairs, Procurement Agency of UB City

M.Nyambayar               Head of Redevelopment Department, General Planning Agency of UB City

G.Zagdsambar             Head of Cadastral Department, General Planning Agency of UB City

B.Nemekhbayar           General Director “ZAG” LLC

B.Naranzul                    Director “NAZY Group” LLC

Duration: 15:45-17:00

Break-Out Session 2. Infrastructure, Financing

Presentations: D.Otgonbayar               Infrastructure projects implementing in UB City

D.Nanzaddorj               Road network projects implementing in a year of 2015

Moderator:       B.Batsaikhan                Founder and Director, Mongolian Investment Fund

Panelists:         N.Gantumur                 Vice Mayor of Transportation and Infrastructure Affairs of UB City

D.Nanzaddorj               Head of Road Agency of UB City

L.Narantuya                  Head of Investment Agency of UB City

L.Saintugs                    Head of Project Unit of Ger district

D.Otgonbaatar             Head of Project and cooperation Department of Mayor Office

D.Achit-Erdene             President, MICC


Duration:          14:00-15:15

Tea Break:        15:15-15:45

Break-Out Session 1. Procurement of UB City

Presentation:   Yu.Idertsogt                 Investment plan and processes year of 2015

Moderator:       L.Oyuntuya                   Head of Mongolian Budget Professionals Union

Panelists:         Ts.Buyandalai               Vice Mayor of Labour and Social protection affairs of UB City

Yu.Idertsogt                 Head of Procurement Agency of UB City

Duration: 15:45-17:00

Break-Out Session 2. Made in UB

Presentation:   B.Odgerel                     Brief information on activities of “Made in Ulaanbaatar” program

Moderator:       E. Dolgion                    General Editor of Bloomberg TV

Panelists:         T.Bat-Erdene                Vice Mayor of Ecology and Green Development Affairs of UB City

M.Dondogdorj             Deputy of Industry Affairs, Industrial and Agricultural Agency of UB City

G.Bilguun                     Head of Small and Medium industry policy regulation agency, Ministry of Industry

G.Galsannyam             Executive Director, “Tugs dards” LLC

Ch.Ganbat                    General Director, “Gazar Shim” LLC

D.Lkhagvajav                General Director, “Yanmal” LLC

S.Enkhbayar                 General Director, “Ayaani Khatan” LLC


Duration: 14:00-15:15

Tea Break: 15:15-15:45

Break-Out Session 1. International Financial Centre, Arbitration

Presentations: Andrew Allen                City UK and International Financial Centre, British Embassy

Roth William                 International Financial Centre, Deloitte

Moderator:       E.Temuulin                   Head of Economic Development Agency of UB City

Panelists:         N.Bataa                        Vice Mayor of Finance and Economic Affairs

Roth William                 Deloitte

Andrew Allen                Embassy of United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

B. Naidlaa                     Mongolia Bankers Association

Ts. Munkh-Orgil            Lawyer

Christoph Weldersee   Ecological Sequestration Trust

D. Angar                       Mongolia Stock Exchange

B.Batsaikhan                Mongolia Opportunity Fund

Duration: 15:45-17:00

Break-Out Session 2. Friendly Ulaanbaatar, Tourism

Presentation:   E.Battulga                    City tourism and project

Moderator:       Z.Altanzul                     Executive Director, “Trans Capital” non-bank financial institution

Panelists:         Ts.Enkhtsengel            Vice Mayor of Social development Affairs of UB City

Ch.Gerelchuluun          Head of Mayor Office of UB City

B.Purevdorj                  Head of Foreign Citizen and Citizenship Office

E.Battulga                    Head of Tourism Agency of UB City

S.Munkhbat                  Head of Mongolian Hotels Union

D.Gansukh                   Head of Mongolian Restaurants Union

Sh.Nergui                     Member of City Tourism Board

Link to UB Forum registration



6th Floor, NTN Tower
Baga Toiruu, Chingeltei District 1
Ulaanbaatar 15170, Mongolia
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