Wednesday, March 25, 2015

MetaStory: Official Screening of Marco Polo TV Series in Mongolia, 26 March

March 25 (MetaStory NGO) The creators of Marco Polo, American drama series is visiting Mongolia for official screening. Ten episodes of series is about 13th century Mongol Empire.  

Jon Fusco, writer of Hidalgo and Spirit: The Stallion of Cimarron, Dan Minahan, Director of Six Feet Under and other TV shows, and Richard Sharkey, Location Production Manager of Lord of the Rings trilogy, are coming to Ulaanbaatar for official screening for Mongolians. The screening will be held on 26th of March, at Hunnu Cinema. The screening will show the first two episodes of Marco Polo series.

One of the reason brought those creators to Ulaanbaatar is that the creators want more Mongolian talent to be involved in the upcoming 2nd season of Marco Polo that should be skillful of horse riding, archery, butchery, singing, playing traditional musical instruments, wrestling and making traditional handicraft.

There are 40-60 slots for people with characterful faces of young and old to represent Mongolians and provide depth and context to the scenes of one.

Mongolians are grateful for Netflix, for making “Marco Polo” a Netflix series, one of the most expensive ventures for Netflix; an estimate cost of 94 million USD was put into the project. "Marco Polo," is produced by The Weinstein Company, based on records of Marco Polo, 13th century explorer in Kublai Khan's court in Yuan dynasty with presenting Mongolian invasion in Asia. The series utilized Mongolian artists, from acting to score to be part of the series, and used Mongolian folk rock band’s music for the score. Additionally, one troupe is the recognizable Mongolian words can be heard throughout the series, which no other filmmaker really tried to do till Marco Polo. Lastly, the series describes Mongolian history and culture more authentically than any other foreign rendition of Mongolia.

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