Wednesday, November 12, 2014

DP Caucus Taps Amarjargal for PM, to Invite All Parliament Parties to Government

November 12 (Cover Mongolia) DP caucus leader MP D. Erdenebat just held a press conference announcing the decision made during caucus meeting today.

DP yesterday had chosen 3 candidates: MP R. Amarjargal, MP & Acting Cabinet Secretary Ch. Saikhanbileg, and MP & Chairman of Legal Standing Committee D. Ganbat. 27 out of total 35 caucus members had voted and unanimously chose Amarjargal as candidate for PM, from 30 who originally showed up to the meeting. PM Altankhuyag reportedly walked out of the meeting, and Saikhanbileg did not show up (unverified).

Next step is submitting the nominee for official approval by DP National Consultative Committee (NCC), which is to be called soon, according to Erdenebat.

DP rules state that the party leader must submit the candidate to the NCC, an issue that current leader Altankhuyag and its opponents are interpreting differently.

Erdenebat also said that invitations will be extended to all political parties in parliament for coalition talks.

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