Monday, August 25, 2014

Consolidation Services, Inc. submits application with FINRA for name change to Mongolia Holdings, Inc.

August 25 -- The name Mongolia Holdings, Inc. better differentiates the Company's brand and highlights its focus on business opportunities in the rapidly developing nation of Mongolia.

Consolidation Services, Inc. (the "Company"; OTC:CNSV) is pleased to announce that it has filed an application with the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) for a name change from Consolidation Services, Inc. to Mongolia Holdings, Inc. The new CUSIP number: 60937J 100 was issued to the Company upon submission of its application.

On August 16, 2014, the Company’s Board of Directors approved an amendment to the Certificate of Incorporation to change the name of the Company to Mongolia Holdings, Inc. At the annual meeting held on November 30, 2012, a majority of the stockholders of the Company’s common stock authorized the Board to change the name.

The Company filed a Certificate of Amendment to the Certificate of Incorporation with the Secretary of State of Delaware on August 19, 2014, which was effective that same day.

Company CEO, Gary Kucher, commented: "Management is confident that the name 'Mongolia Holdings, Inc.’ will help investors to better identify us with the strategic focus of our business in Mongolia.”

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About the Company:

Mongolia Holdings, Inc. (formerly Consolidation Services, Inc.), through its wholly owned subsidiary Mongolia Equipment Rental Corporation, is the Hertz Equipment Rental franchisee for Mongolia. This exclusive franchise allows the Company to operate a business of renting, selling and maintaining equipment for use in construction, mining, materials-handling, commercial and industrial activities in Mongolia under the unique plan and system of Hertz Equipment Rental Corporation and Hertz Equipment Rental System.

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