Wednesday, July 23, 2014

[Mongolia reaches free trade deal, to support Japan participation in TT, new MSE CEO visits London, and MNT sets another low]

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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

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Headlines in Italic are ones modified by Cover Mongolia from original


Overseas Market

Mogi: trading flat in early morning at 3.7c. Proactive Investors has a Price Target of 12.5c in next 6-9 months

Aspire Mining to supply Ovoot non-coking coal to Zavkhan power station

July 23 (Proactive Investors) Aspire Mining (ASX:AKM) has demonstrated the quality of its Ovoot Coking Coal Project in Mongolia, reaching a non-binding Memorandum of Understanding to sell up to 250,000 tonnes of oxidised coal per annum to Zavkhan Power Station.

Notably, this provides a potential revenue stream from a product that would otherwise have been considered a waste material.

Small quantities of oxidised (non-coking coal) would have been produced as part of the Ovoot Project mine plan and is not included in its Probable Coal Reserves of 255 million tonnes.

The MoU also covers the supply of 35 megawatts of power per year to the Ovoot Project from Zavkhan.

The Zavkhan Power Station, located 70 kilometres south of Ovoot, is currently been constructed by New Asia Group, which has a concession to build, own and operate this power station to supply northern Mongolia with power.

It is expected to be commissioned in late 2015.

Ovoot Coking Coal Project

Aspire Mining has made considerable progress on its wholly-owned Ovoot Coking Coal Project in north western Mongolia as well as the Northern Line Rail Line (NRL).

Current off take interest in Ovoot coking coal exceeds targeted production and the project is – along with Tavan Tolgoi – recognised as one of the key potential coal suppliers to Mongolia's Sainshand Industrial Park.

Non-binding MoUs have been reached with four Chinese and two Russian customers for the supply of up to 6.9 million tonnes per annum of coking coal

This covers 138% of initial annualised production rate of 5 million tonnes.

The company is currently awaiting approval for construction of the 547 kilometre NRL that will link the project to existing rail infrastructure.

Notably, it has already received financing interest for the US$1.3bn to construct NRL. It may also find funding support from Russian institutional investors for both NRL and Ovoot development.

Ovoot has an Open Pit Probable Reserve of 247 million tonnes of which 182 million tonnes is marketable coal with 9.5% moisture content and a further Underground Reserve of 8 million tonnes of which 6 million tonnes is marketable coal with 9.5% moisture content.

It also includes a 25 kilometre long extension to the east that includes the Hurimt and Zuun Del prospects that are highly prospective for additional coal resources in the Ovoot Lower Seam that sits just above basement rock. 

The Ovoot lower seam represents the largest of the three seam packages that have been identified within the project area.  

Testwork has also confirmed that Ovoot is capable of producing a premium blending coking coal that is classified by Chinese customers as "FM Premium Fat Coal", and by Russian customers as "Zh Fat Coking Coal". 

Indicative washed coking coal specification include a moisture content of 9%, ash 9%, volatiles 25 – 28%, sulphur 1.2%, Crucible Swelling Number 9 (highly desirable 9 being maximum rating), Maximum Fluidity Log 3.60, Maximum Dilation +300%, Gray King G11, G Caking Index +26, and RoMax 1.2.  

The high quality of Ovoot coking coal makes it ideal as a blending coal with lower quality or non-caking coals to produce a high quality end coke product. Successful trials have been completed that used a variety of low coking, thermal and oxidised coals derived from Australia, Mongolia and Russia on both a 50% and 25% blend basis.


The agreement with Zavkhan Power Station highlights both the quality and breadth of coal products that could be produced from Aspire Mining's Ovoot Coking Coal Project.

That oxidised coal, previously considered a waste material and thus excluded from the Probable Reserve of 255Mt, would provide an additional revenue stream is certainly a positive and could be the tip of a large iceberg.

Coupled with existing non-binding offtake agreements for its primary coking coal product, there is clear demand for coal produced from Ovoot.

While coking coal prices remain sluggish, this will have little impact on development of Ovoot as demand will be driven by very long term demand trends emanating out of China, (likely Russia) and the rest of Asia.

Proactive Investors continues to maintain a price target of $0.125 within 6-9 months for Aspire.

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MEC: Annual Report 2014

July 22, Mongolia Energy Corp. Ltd. (HKEx:276) --

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Asia Resources: Annual Report 2014

July 22, Asia Resources Holdings Ltd. (HKEx:899) --

With regards to the Mongolia Iron Mine ("Mongolia Mine") business, the latest Mongolian Government's environmental law is still an issue which the Group's management is continually trying to clarify and resolve; therefore the operating activities of the Mongolia Mine continued to be suspended in order to minimize the expenses being incurred.

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Mogi: in case you wanted to know what they were up to after exiting Mongolia

FeOre to Acquire Oil Project in Kyrgyzstan After Selling Mongolian Iron Ore Assets

July 23 -- FeOre Limited (FeOre or the Company) is pleased to announce that it has entered into a binding memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Gain Diligence Limited (the Seller) to acquire 100% of Quangas Poly Ltd (the Target Company) (the Transaction). This potentially could lead to the establishment of profitable oil production operations in the Kyrgyz Republic (or Kyrgyzstan) and other countries in Central Asia.

The Transaction is a result of FeOre's board actively identifying suitable resource assets for the development of the public listed company. Subject to satisfaction of conditions precedent (including shareholder approval), the Transaction will result in FeOre owning an interest in oil & gas projects located in Kyrgyz Republic.

The Chairman of FeOre said that "Since selling its Mongolian iron ore assets, FeOre has actively sought to acquire valuable commodity assets in the Central Asian region that have the potential to maximise shareholder return. The Board believe that the Transaction presents an opportunity to be positioned as one of the key international oil & gas suppliers starting from Kyrgyzstan. If shareholders do not approve the transaction, the Board will continue to put its greatest effort in sourcing alternative solutions and will present any alternatives to the shareholders."

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Local Market

MSE News for July 22: Top 20 +0.69% to 16,396.86, Turnover 5.4 Million

Ulaanbaatar, July 22 /MONTSAME/ At the Stock Exchange trades held Tuesday, a total of 9,728 shares of 18 JSCs were traded costing MNT five million 369 thousand and 116.90.

"Global Mongolia Holding" /6,130 units/, "E-trans logistics" /1,500 units/, "Genco tour bureau" /850 units/, "Nako tulsh" /320 units/ and "Moninjbar" /200 units/ were the most actively traded in terms of trading volume, in terms of trading value--"Talkh chikher" (MNT one million 238 thousand and 500), "Global Mongolia" (MNT one million 211 thousand and 472), "Tavantolgoi" (MNT 804 thousand and 885), "UB-BUK" (MNT 579 thousand) and "Sor" (MNT 359 thousand and 645).

The total market capitalization was set at MNT one trillion 680 billion 979 million 868 thousand and 712. The Index of Top-20 JSCs was 16,396.86, increasing by MNT 112.59 or 0.69% against the previous day.

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Acting MSE CEO visits London, meets LSE, LCH.Clearnet, FTSE, EBRD

July 22 (InfoMongolia) The Acting CEO of MSE JSC D.Angar has paid an official working visit to London UK between July 15th and July 18th and visited to London Stock Exchange, LCH Clearnet (London Clearing House later renamed LCH.Clearnet which cleared derivatives and commodities for a number of the London exchanges) and FTSE (a British provider of stock market indices and associated data services as well as to EBRD European Bank of Reconstruction and Development accordingly.

During this visit, the Acting CEO of MSE has met with the management officials of above mentioned organizations and discussed about further possible scopes to get through new financial products to Mongolia's stock market by creating required work-breakdown structures in terms of attracting the foreign investors' interest to increase reputable mutual trust and benefits with Mongolian Stock Exchange.

The Advisor at the Embassy of Mongolia in United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland S.Gankhuyag has accompanied with the Acting CEO of MSE through overall visits and meetings during the visit days respectively.

(Mogi: no picture taken with LSE?)

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Mogi: ResCap's brokerage business has been merged into MIBG

MSE Terminates Memberships of ResCap, London Asia Capital, Sankhuugiin Hugjil Invest

July 22 (MSE) According to Financial Regulatory Commission Resolution No.211, dated on 11 June 2014 and resolution No.153, dated on 07 May 2014, "Rescap Securities" LLC, "London Asia Capital Mongolia" LLC and "Sankhuugiin hugjil invest" LLC's membership rights have been terminated by the decree No.2014/06 of MSE Board of Directors on 30 June 2014 based on article No.7.3.1, No.7.3.17 of Charter of Mongolian Stock Exchange. 

Due to termination of membership, the companies' clients will be transferred to other brokerage companies according to the relevant legislation.

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FRC Approves Tushig-Uul JSC's 10-for-1 Stock Split

July 21 (MSE) Based on Financial Regulatory Commission resolution No.248, of June 25, 2014, Clauses 50.2, 57 of Mongolian Stock Exchange's "Listing rules" and "Tushig-Uul" (MSE:TUS) JSC's request, and according to Mongolian Stock Exchange Chief Executive Officer's Resolution No.106 of July 21, 2014, listing amendments were made to "Tushig-Uul" JSC and its 434,577 shares were split into total of 4,345,770 shares and nominal value  per share changed from MNT 100 to MNT 10.

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FRC Approves Altan Taria JSC's Delisting Request

July 21 (MSE) Based on Financial Regulatory Commission Resolution No.:176, dated on 21 May 2014, clause No.:64, 59.1 of "Listing Rule" of MSE,  respectively,  listing report made on a request of "Altan taria" JSC, dated on 6 June 2014 and "Altan taria" JSC's total of 494,000 shares has been delisted.

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Mogi: a couple of days of billion trades and 190 huh?

MSE Average Daily Turnover Increases 22.9% in First Half to 190.1 Million

July 21 (MSE) As of the first half of 2014, MSE's average daily turnover increased by 22.9%, and reached at MNT 190,135,862.32.

Total turnover for the first six months of 2014, was increased by 4.9% or by MNT 604.8 million compared to the same period of last year. 

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Renamed Eermel Seeks to Double Textile Capacity

July 22 (Mongolian Economy) Eermel, a state-owned company, requested to change its name. CEO, D. Angar, of the Mongolian Stock Exchange, decided to change the name of Eermel to Arig Gal. This company is listed in the securities registration section of the MSE and is one of the top 10 companies listed in the exchange.  

Under its new name, Arig Gal is planning to expand its operation according to a new business plan that will incorporate 180 additional jobs. There are currently 780 employees in total working for the company. Arig Gal is also planning to increase its textile capacity from 200,000 units to 390,000 units. By 2016, the enterprise is expected to create MNT 3.6 billion of clean profits. This year alone, Arig Gal increased the amount of luxury products by 45% with the help of the Chinggis Bond

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BoM MNT Rates: Tuesday, July 22 Close





































July MNT vs USD, CNY Chart:


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BoM FX auction: US$26.4m sold at 1,847.32, CNY80.5m at 298.05, accepts $10.6m MNT swap bids

July 22 (Bank of Mongolia) On the Foreign Exchange Auction held on July 17th, 2014 the BOM has received bid offer of USD and CNY from local commercial banks. The BOM has sold 26.4 million USD as closing rate of MNT 1847.32 and 80.5 million CNY as closing rate of MNT 298.05.

On June 22nd, 2014, The BOM has received MNT Swap agreement bid offer in equivalent to 10.6 million USD and accepted the offer.

See also:

·         FX Auction Statistics

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Mogi: reminding you that 8% loans now make 68.4% of all outstanding mortgages. That's in May when it was 1.6T out of 2.4T. now it's passed 1.7T

8% Mortgage Program Update: ₮536.1 Billion Refinanced, ₮1.2 Trillion Newly Issued

July 20 (Cover Mongolia) As of July 20, 536.1 billion (₮537 billion as of July 17) existing mortgages of 18,519 citizens (18,511 as of July 17) were refinanced at 8% out of 853 billion (₮852.7 billion as of July 17) worth requests.

Also, 1,199.3 billion (₮1,195.4 billion as of July 17) new mortgages of 21,345 citizens (20,553 citizens as of July 17) were issued at new rates out of ₮1.2 trillion (₮1.2 trillion as of July 17) worth requests.

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Mongolian Traveler Spends on Average $1,622 on Overseas Trips

July 22 (Mongolian Economy) The Ulaanbaatar City Tourism Department in joint collaboration with Mongol Bank and the National Tourism Center conducted research among Mongolians who have traveled to foreign countries during the first half of 2014. This study aims to clarify how much money people spend during each trip. The average person, as of 2014, spends USD 1622 which is 3.1 times higher than the average amount in 2005. In addition to personal spending, the research is concerned about which countries Mongolians visit and how long they stay for.  

Apart from international transportation, the second highest expenditure is shopping. Another interesting find is that over 80% of Mongolian travelers arrange their trips individually, meaning they required no assistance from travel agencies. 97% of all travelers also spent less than 30 days in each country. The research also shows that 44% of Mongolians travel for holidays and vacations. 32% of travel is related to foreign and business purposes, 12% is related to medical care, 7% is related to education and another 5% is work-related. 

If we look at all of the countries that Mongolians travel to, the investigation shows that they spend the most money in the United States and Canada whereas they spend the least amount of money in Russia. This is because rather than visiting larger cities, they visit areas such as Lake Baikal and Itgelt Khamb, a monastery in Ulaan-Ud – the capital of Buryiad territory. These locations are close to the border of Mongolia, meaning less capital is required to travel to these areas. 

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Mongolia Will Support Japanese Participation in TT Says Elbegdorj

July 22 ( The official visit of the President of Mongolia begun yesterday in Tokyo when the President landed in the country of sunrise with large number of private and state owned enterprise representatives including directors of Erdenes MGL, Erdenes TT and Erdenes OT.

He visited the parliament addressed Japanese government and businesses  inviting them to Japan and to confirm that Mongolia is open for business for Japanese. Also, the President emphasized that Japan always helped Mongolia in critical times in history, in this regard, he thanked the People of Japan. He openly confirmed that Mongolian government will support Japan's participation in Tavan Tolgoi coking coal mine.

Mongolia, solely dependent on export of raw materials plans to build refineries, power plants, windfarms and smelters that would create added value goods. For that, it needs advanced technologies that Japan could help investing and assisting technologically.

Mongolia will sign a Economic Cooperation Agreement with Japan during this visit, signing parties are the President of Mongolia and the Prime Minister of Japan.

Mr. President also stated that PRC's President Xi Jinping official visit is August 18th and Russian Federation's President Vladimir Putin will visit the country 3 days after on 21st.

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Canrim Resources June Update

July 2014 (Canrim Resources) --

Greetings from Ulaanbaatar Mongolia,

The past month has been one of measurable progress for Canrim Resources Pte Ltd. Ranjeet Sundher, the company's Founder, and Scott Osheroff, Vice President of Corporate Development, spent much of June in Ulaanbaatar meeting with the company's local team, composed of Turbat Demchigsuren, Canrim's Country Manager and Bolderdene Banzaragch, Senior Exploration Manager. We also met with a number of government and private industry representatives. All-the-while, Glenn Griesbach, Vice President of Resource Development, has continued his due diligence on potential mineral properties for acquisition.

On July 1, during the final session of Parliament before the summer recess, Parliament issued a Decree on amendments to the Minerals Law, an event Canrim previously, conservatively budgeted to occur in October-November. One of these amendments involved a lifting of the moratorium on the issuance of exploration licenses, thus assigning responsibility for the issuance (and renewals) to the Minerals Resource Authority of Mongolia (MRAM). We expect MRAM to enact relevant procedures soon after the mid-July Naadam national holiday and will follow developments closely to ensure we remain in the pole position for the acquisition of new exploration licenses. 

Canrim has positioned itself as a first-mover in the acquisition of mineral projects. Canrim's management team has over 50 years combined experience in Mongolia with a track record of several successful exits in the minerals sector. We have the ability to be quick and agile in the execution of our business model (with a full season of due diligence already behind us). Being proactive during the time it will take MRAM to begin reissuing new licenses, Canrim's geological team continues to review existing mineral licenses for potential acquisition. Canrim is interested in the secondary market for licenses, as on July 1 the life of licenses was increased from nine to twelve years, at one stroke improving the attractiveness of scores of licenses. We continue to identify and short-list available projects by way of technical due diligence and commercial discussion. 

Mongolian Economic Update:

Notable transactions and developments during the first half of 2014:

1.    January 8: Altan Rio Minerals Ltd. announced equity facility of up to $10 million with European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD)

2.    June 13: Aspire Mining Limited bought into a joint venture project with Noble Group through a 50% purchase of the Ekhgoviin Chuluu LLC joint venture

3.    June 20: GDF SUEZ S.A. signed a Concession Agreement with government for construction of a $1.2 billion, 415 megawatt, power plant in Ulaanbaatar

4.    July 1: Amendments made to Minerals Law

5.    July 1: Moratorium on issuance of exploration licenses lifted

6.    July 1: Life of exploration licenses extended from nine to twelve years

7.    July 1: Petroleum Law passed

We look forward to updating you again on our progress and developments in Mongolia. In the meantime, if you wish to learn more about Canrim Resources, I encourage you to email us directly at Our team will be delighted to speak with you and share our vision for the company's future.


Ranjeet Sundher

Director and CEO

Canrim Resources Pte Ltd.

About Canrim Resources Pte Ltd.

Canrim Resources Pte Ltd. is a Singapore-incorporated holding company, controlling several subsidiaries established for the purpose of developing minerals-related business activities in Mongolia. With over 50 years management experience in Mongolia's resource sector, as well as offices in Singapore and Ulaanbaatar, Canrim Resources Pte Ltd. has positioned itself as a strong player in the Mongolian minerals sector, seeking to execute on transactions of minerals licenses in both the primary and secondary markets, in addition to select infrastructure projects. Mongolia remains one of the most under-explored geologically attractive regions in the world and is strategically positioned near to the commodity consuming nations of China, Russia, South Korea and Japan. 

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Japan, Mongolia ink free trade agreement

Tariffs on vehicles, beef will be cut or reduced

July 22 (Kyodo) Japan and Mongolia reached a basic accord on a free trade deal during a summit in Tokyo on Tuesday evening, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said.

The trade pact features Ulan Bator abolishing its tariffs on most Japanese automobiles in 10 years.

The amount of trade between Japan and Mongolia is relatively small, but Tokyo could leverage closer economic ties to boost their political relations. Japan has often relied on Mongolian assistance in negotiating with North Korea over the abduction issue.

During his summit Tuesday with President Tsakhia Elbegdorj in Tokyo, Abe vowed to provide support for facilitating Mongolia's exports and sustainable economic development, as a complementary package of an economic initiative Tokyo announced at a summit last year.

In the FTA negotiations, which began in 2012, Japan called on Mongolia to eliminate a 5 percent tariff on Japanese car imports, while Ulan Bator asked Tokyo to remove or significantly reduce its 38.5 percent tariff on Mongolian beef.

Mongolia has diplomatic ties with North Korea and has provided venues for contact between Japanese and North Korean officials to discuss the abductions of Japanese in the 1970s and 1980s, an issue that has prevented the two countries from normalizing bilateral relations.

At Tuesday's summit, Abe was expected to ask Elbegdorj for further cooperation on the abduction issue. Tokyo and Pyongyang have recently resumed talks on the matter, and North Korea has launched a special committee to investigate the victims' fate.

In 2013, Japan's exports to Mongolia were valued at ¥29.3 billion and Mongolia's exports to Japan at ¥1.9 billion.

Japan's main export items to Mongolia include used passenger vehicles, which account for some 45 percent of the total. Tokyo has also called on Ulan Bator to ease restrictions on foreign investment to facilitate Japanese firms' businesses in such sectors as energy and infrastructure.

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Japan and Mongolia prepare to sign free trade deal on Tuesday: reports

TOKYO, July 23 (AFP) Japan and Mongolia will sign a free-trade deal when their leaders hold talks in Tokyo later Tuesday, reports said, as Japan looks to tap the country's fast-growing economy and huge natural resources.

Tokyo is also hoping the deal will deepen ties with Mongolia as it tries to resolve the case of Japanese citizens abducted during the Cold War by North Korean agents, leading dailies the Asahi and Yomiuri reported.

Mongolia is one of the few countries that has formal diplomatic relations with Pyongyang.

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and Mongolian President Tsakhiagiin Elbegdorj are due to hold talks on Tuesday evening, with the trade agreement likely to be announced during the summit, according to the reports.

Terms of the planned deal include Mongolia scrapping five percent of tariffs on Japanese car imports, while Japan would trim its levies on Mongolian beef, the Asahi said.

The agreement will also likely include a so-called investor-state dispute settlement (ISDS) clause, which allows firms to pursue compensation claims if they think government policy has damaged their investment, it added.

Japan-Mongolia trade stood at 31.20 billion yen (US$307 million) last year.

Resource-rich Mongolia, wedged between Russia and China, has seen big economic growth in recent years as global firms eye its vast natural resources.

In May, Pyongyang agreed to reinvestigate the kidnapping of Japanese citizens during the 1970s and 1980s, in what appeared to be a significant breakthrough on an issue that has long hampered Tokyo's relations with the isolated country. They have no formal diplomatic ties.

Japan earlier this month lifted some of its own sanctions on North Korea following the apparent deal.

North Korean agents kidnapped dozens — and possibly hundreds — of Japanese citizens to help train spies in language and customs. The actual number and fate of some of the abducted remains a point of contention, with Tokyo saying Pyongyang had not come clean on the issue.

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President Elbegdorj Seeks to Make Joint Statement with Abe during Japan Visit

Ulaanbaatar, July 22 /MONTSAME/ In Japan with the working visit, the President of Mongolia Ts.Elbegdorj Monday received Mr Hayashi Motoo, a head of the group for developing the Japan-Mongolia relations at the Liberal Democratic Party of Japan (LDP); his deputy Mr Shiozaki Yasuhisa; and Mr Nishimura Yasutoshi, the group's secretary-general.

Thanking the President for visiting Japan, Mr Hayashi said the Mongolia-Japan intergovernmental ties have been developing successfully and that his country is also paying a great deal of attention to boosting of the inter-parliamentary relations with Mongolia.

"We actively run inter-parliamentary visits and meetings, and fully support Your efforts, Mister President, in promoting the cooperation in the private sectors' sphere. Meetings and visits of MPs are fruitful when they run with a participation of the private sectors," Mr Hayashi emphasized.

In response, the leader of Mongolia said that a purpose of his visit "is clear--to hold negotiations with the Prime Minister Mr Shinzo Abe and to sign a joint statement". A Mongolia-Japan business forum within this visit is to have a great importance, Mr Elbegdorj added and underlined an importance of  making stronger the bilateral cooperation. 

Present at the meeting were Mr S.Khurelbaatar, the Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Mongolia to Japan; Mr Ch.Saikhanbileg, a head of the Cabinet Secretariat for Government; Mr D.Gankhuyag, the Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs; and Mr L.Purevsuren, an advisor to the President on foreign policy.

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Mongolia Expresses Condolences over MH17, Backs OSCE Declaration on Crash

Ulaanbaatar, July 22 /MONTSAME/ Mongolia fully supports actions of the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) for the Trilateral Contact Group (Russia, Ukraine, OSCE) to create conditions for a sustainable ceasefire and end the violence in Ukraine, and expressed condolences to families and relatives of the people killed during the crash of the Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 in Ukraine.

This statement was made by Mr G.Batjargal, the Permanent Representative of Mongolia to the United Nations Office in Vienna, following a declaration by the OSCE on the tragic plane crash.

The OSCE Permanent Council adopted the declaration on July 18 of 2014 on the matter, calling for access to the site and for an independent investigation.

"Representatives of the OSCE's 57 participating States at the Permanent Council adopted a declaration on the tragic crash of the Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 in Ukraine. In a consensus decision, all 57 participating States of the OSCE expressed their strong support to the efforts of the Trilateral Contact Group (Russia, Ukraine, OSCE) to create conditions for a sustainable ceasefire, to be agreed swiftly, and to be observed by all concerned, thus putting an end to violence in eastern Ukraine," the declaration says.

The Declaration also calls for immediate, safe and secure access to the site and surrounding area for the OSCE Special Monitoring Mission and other representatives of relevant international organizations.

It also called upon all those in the area to preserve the crash site intact, including by refraining from destroying, moving, or disturbing wreckage, equipment, debris, personal belongings, or remains.

In the Declaration, the Permanent Council also supports calls for an open, transparent and independent international investigation, in co-ordination with the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), including with participation of technical and forensic experts from the Ukrainian, Malaysian, and Dutch governments as well as other technical and forensic experts and relevant regional bodies.

The Permanent Council called on all participating States and other actors to support the steps and to refrain from any interference with an international investigation.

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Trade, Economy, Investment, Mining, Defense, Agriculture, Education, Health on Canada FM's Mongolia Agenda

Ulaanbaatar, July 22 /MONTSAME/ The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Canada Mr John Baird will pay an official visit to Mongolia this July 23-25.

In frames of the visit, our  FM L.Bold and his Canadian counterpart will hold official talks to discuss issues of developing the bilateral trade and economy, cooperation in investment, mining, defense, agriculture, education and health sectors, and will seek opportunity of elevating the Mongolia-Canada relations into a comprehensive partnership level. In addition, the sides will exchange views on the cooperation at international and regional arenas and other matters. At the end of the talks, the Ministers will sign a joint statement.

This is the very first visit to Mongolia by a Foreign Minister of Canada.

Canada's FM will be received by the President Ts.Elbegdorj, Premier N.Altankhuyag, and a Vice Speaker M.Enkhbold.

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Mongolia Seeks Dutch Assistance in Agricultural Development

Ulaanbaatar, July 22 /MONTSAME/ A member of parliament J.Batzandan Monday received visiting Mr Henk Bleker, a former State Secretary for Economic Affairs, Agriculture and Innovation of the Netherlands.

Mr Bleker thanked Mongolia for inviting him and expressed a willingness to cooperate with Mongolia.

Mr Batzandan noted that Mongolia is developing farms and is modifying its traditional nomadic agriculture, and said our side wants to collaborate with the Netherlands in the agricultural sector and to introduce the Dutch experiences, technologies and techniques.

In response, Mr Bleker promised that his country will collaborate with Mongolia in this sphere after having conducted an advanced research

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Local Government Summit of Northeast Asia Being Held in Ulaanbaatar

Ulaanbaatar, July 22 /MONTSAME/ The 19th Local Government Summit in the Northeast Asia kicked off Monday in Ulaanbaatar city.

The participants are proposing developing of the transit transport between provinces and regions and co-organizing arts and cultural measures for the disabled. Moreover, the local leaders have issued a declaration on works to be done in 2015 in order to boost the regional cooperation in investments, industry, business, education, culture and sport fields, to seek chances to realize joint projects, and to develop the transport and logistics network.

The declaration also says about easing the border and customs forms as well as the visa requirements, paying attention to creating nice conditions for tourism, exchanging information and experiences in combating air pollution, waste, desertification and climate changes, and about participating together in  vital meetings at the regional level.

The Local Government Summit includes Mongolia's Tov aimag, Russia's Primorsky Krai, South Korea's Gangwon Province, China's Jilin Province and Japan's Tottori Prefecture. These provinces hold the annual summit in order to conclude works done and to determine future works. They also run forums of economics, environments and media and such meetings between provinces.

In 2013, Mongolia cooperated with Tottori Prefecture in health and agricultural sectors, for example, medical staff of Tov aimag had practice in the central hospital of the Prefecture, and were given  medical facilities and apparatus, moreover, agronomists were trained in Japan to learn greenhouse farming.

The regular Local Government Summit is continuing.  

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Social, Environmental and Other

New Policy to Increase Forests to 10% of Mongolia Territory

July 22 (Mongolian Economy) The government is creating a new policy to preserve forests in Mongolia where 10% of the country is made up of forested areas. The nation currently has the needed legal base and national capacity to preserve these lands, however Mongolia lacks a reliable capital source to implement required measures. Between 2000 and 2010, 72 measures were taken in order to combat deforestation, but only with an 82% implementation rate.  

A previous policy, called Green Fort, initiated its first phase in 2005 and is expected to last until 2015. These results produced a rate of 13%, an incredibly low number. The new policy will integrate the Green Development Policy and will aim to solve socioeconomic and environmental issues. However, it will need a fund of MNT 220 billion until the year 2020, or MNT 880 billion until 2030.  The necessary capital will be collected from the budget, international loans and aid, and private sector capital and loans.  

Mongolian provinces have subsections in charge of preserving forests in their designated areas. Soums have 36 subsections dedicated to forest maintenance as well. These facilities are there to enhance the rehabilitation of forestry, increase forest reserve usage, and protect the environment, primarily through the Ministry of Environment and Green Development.  

The Ministry of Industry and Agriculture is the body in charge of wood preparation and the processing industry. The General Inspection Agency of Mongolia will enforce standards and related forest laws and regulations. Lastly, forest fire issues will be secured by the National Emergency Management Agency of Mongolia. 

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Washington marathon raises money for Mongolian students

July 22 (The Western Front) This is the first year the Windhorse Half Marathon partnered the Blue Sky Education Project with the Bellingham Sister City Association to raise money for education in Mongolia.

The 13.1-mile half marathon, held on Saturday, July 19, began and ended at Fairhaven Park in Bellingham.

"[The Windhorse Half Marathon] is a really low-key race," race coordinator Cami Ostman said. "It starts at Fairhaven Park. They head out on the trail and they turn around at roughly 6 1/2 miles and come back."

Mark Cook, a United States Navy Chaplain and University of Washington alumnus, finished first overall with a time of 1:32.49, just 1 minute and 12 seconds off the race record set in 2012 by Bryan Marenstein and Chris Bates.

"I love it when races have charities and raise awareness for good causes," Cook said. "I was in Afghanistan in March and April and just saw firsthand how other places in the world need all the help they can get."

This race was designed by the Blue Sky Education Project to raise money for underprivileged children in Tsetserleg, Mongolia to attend school, which is one of Bellingham's sister cities, Ostman said.

"While education is free for a lot of Mongolians, you have to have uniforms and school supplies," Ostman said. "Sometimes those kinds of things can actually prevent people from getting an education."

Iggy Munkhuu, Western alumna and former resident of Mongolia, said the money the BSEP raises even the smallest amount helps the kids get supplies needed for their education.

"If they don't have those supplies they're not going to school and they won't have an education," Munkhuu said. "Enabling their future, that's an amazing thing."

To participate in the race, runners paid a $30 fee or $35 if they signed up on race day, Ostman said.

This year was the first year that the Blue Sky Education Project officially partnered with the Bellingham Sister City Association to host the race, Ostman said.

"In the past they were definitely there supporting us," Ostman said. "This year we are actually splitting the funds between them and the Blue Sky Education Project."

The BSCA promotes understanding between international cultures and develops grassroots relationships between individuals at the municipal level, race coordinator Ross Grier said.

Grier said that the BSCA is essentially a world peace movement, events like the Windhorse Half Marathon move us closer to world peace.

The two main projects that the BSEP runs are the student sponsorship program and the teacher education program, Smith said.

Through the teacher education program, BSEP gives students full ride scholarships to attend college for a teaching degree, Smith said.

"I was born and raised in Mongolia and I can see that's one of the main things that can stop poverty and help people to change their lives—education," Smith said.

Currently, there are approximately 120 children in Mongolia benefiting from the student sponsorship program in five rural towns, Smith said.

This year's half marathon was a success, despite the rainy weather, Ostman said.

"We had several first time half mar athon runners," Ostman said. "That is always very fun to see people finish their first ever half marathon."

Seventy-four runners and two dogs completed the 4th annual Windhorse Half Marathon. The groups are still raising funds and discussing where exactly the money will go, Ostman said.

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Mongolia Wins First Match to Top Group at East Asian Football Cup Qualifying

July 22 (InfoMongolia) The Mongolian National Football Team has been participating in the preliminary competition round 1 of the EAFF East Asian Cup 2015 which has been taking place between July 21st and July 25th in the Guam (United States island territory of Guam in the western Pacific Ocean).

In their first match, Mongolian team took the first glorious lead 4:0 against the North Mariana Islands National Football Team on July 21st, 2014. On the other side, the same group competitors such as Guam National Team and the Macau National Team held 0:0 draw; so the Mongolia leads the group with 3 points at this stage.

These four teams will play all against each other and the winner of this group will be qualified to the preliminary competition round 2 of the EAFF East Asian Cup 2015 in the same group with Taiwan, Hong-Kong and North Korea.

The Mongolian National Team will make its second match against the Guam National Team on July 23rd; and next, they will play against Macau on July 25th according to the fixed schedule.

21 July 2014, 15:00

Mongolia 4−0 Northern Mariana Islands

21 July 2014, 17:30

Guam 0−0 Macau

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