Monday, February 25, 2013

Petitions to have the world spell Ulaanbaatar & Chinggis Khaan correctly



Mogi here.


First thing first. Thank you for being loyal subscribers to CoverMongolia NewsWire. Deeply appreciate the support.


Now, down to business:


I’ve created 2 petitions that are very big pet peeves of mine, and I’m sure of most, if not all Mongolians, and others who know the real deal.


So, I wanted to ask your support for these important causes of mine and would very much appreciate it if you could sign the petitions and also help spreading the word:


PETITION: Please spell Mongolia's capital correctly: It’s “Ulaanbaatar,” not “Ulan Bator”


PETITION: It’s “Chinggis Khaan” not “Genghis Khan”


Big thanks and best regards,



“Mogi” Munkhdul Badral

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