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Mogi's Thursday, May 27, 2010 News

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Australia’s Hunnu expands coal business in Mongolia

May 26, PERTH ( – ASX-listed Hunnu Coal has acquired a 90% interest in the Tsant Uul coal project, in Mongolia, as part of its strategy to become a major coal developer in the South Gobi province.
Further, an independent geologist has started the process of calculating a Joint Ore Reserve Committee-compliant resource statement on both the Tenuun 2 project and the Unst Khudag coal mine.

Mongolia: Brewer Receives USD25 mln Loan to Diversify its Beer Business

May 24 - The EBRD is providing $25 million loan to APU, a private brewery operating in Mongolia, to support company's drive to expand production capacity and diversify its product range.
This project will help APU double its beer production capacity by 2014 and create new jobs. Additionally, due to the implementation of advanced technology, APU will be able to significantly improve its energy efficiency, cutting emissions and production costs.

FRONTIERS-Doing business in Mongolia a tightrope walk

(Reuters journalists have produced a special multimedia package on frontier markets including stories, video reports,
pictures, research and graphics. To see the full package click here)

BEIJING, May 27 (Reuters) - Mongolia sits atop billions of dollars of mineral wealth and its economy is poised to grow
rapidly, but foreign investors are finding that geopolitics hangs heavy over business in a nation caught between China and Russia.

Mongolia’s Uneasy Relationship With China

Fast-growing economic ties are contributing to a new interest in things Chinese among Mongolians – and to manifestations of hatred.

Central Asian energy resources and transport links have become crucial elements in China’s long-term economic and security strategy, even as Chinese imports now dominate many Central Asian markets. This is the third in a series of articles on the manifold impacts of China’s growing presence in the Central Asian region.

May 26 (Opinion Article) (

Australia falls behind Mongolia, global average on Internet speed

May 26 ( Australian Internet speeds are below average and behind the likes of Mongolia and Liechtenstein, according to Ookla's new Net Index tool.


May 27, Ozomatli will be the first western band to perform a free outdoor concert in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia - will also be extending outreach to the Dujiangyan, China earthquake zone.

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