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Mogi's April 19, 2010 Morning News

PE firm rethinks Laos/Cambodia fund

April 18 (FT) ...

This, according to Marvin Yeo, managing partner of south-east Asian private equity firm Frontier Investment and Development Partners, means that investment in China’s neighbours has become an option for those interested in China itself.
The Mongolia vehicle will be launched in the second quarter of 2010 and will focus on sectors including mining, renewable energy and distribution. Though Mongolia has just 2.6m people in an area the size of France and Germany combined, the discovery of minerals makes it valuable to China.

Little chance for Mongolian companies to develop Tavantolgoi

April 16 ( The Government meeting on Tuesday could not discuss the Tavantolgoi issue as planned because most of the Ministers had just come back from foreign visits and pleaded lack of preparation. The ordinary people still do not know what the Government’s intentions on Tavantolgoi are. Minister for Finance S.Bayartsogt has told media two consortiums will be selected as operator companies, but who they are and how they will be selected remains uncertain.

There is, however, a feeling that the policy to support national companies is not going to be followed. Not one of the 11 in the running after the first phase of selection has even the slightest scent of Mongolia. The Government has not indicated how Mongolian companies will play a part.
The Government has to present the draft Tavantolgoi policy to Parliament before the Spring session is halfway through. Officials are working overtime to make this possible.

Diplomatic enclave planned

April 16 ( Mayor G.Munkhbayar and Minister for Foreign Affairs G. Zandanshatar signed a cooperation agreement for 2010-2012. The Foreign Affairs Ministry wants to have an exclusively diplomatic enclave in the city and also to make additions to its own building. The Mayor agreed to the Ministry using land next to the building for the extension.

Ivanhoe will have 6 directors, Erdenes 3 on Oyu Tolgoi LLC Board

April 16 ( ...

- Ivanhoe Mines will fund the construction of the project through loans and equity obtained during the construction and initial production periods. It will receive loan repayments, redemption of equity, dividends and interest at a rate of 9.9% adjusted to the U.S. CPI.

Hopu buys share of company carrying Mongolian coal (previously announced)
Winsway"s clients include Canadian company SouthGobi Energy Resources Ltd., a unit of Ivanhoe Mines Ltd. The company will use the capital from the investment to expand its infrastructure, one of the people said.

Six million heads of livestock died in Mongolia

April 17 ( Ulaanbaatar / Six million heads of livestock died due to extreme weather conditions in Mongolia. 14.3% of the 44 million heads counted in the beginning of 2010 have been lost. .
The National Emergency and Management Agency (NEMA) has published a summary of the livestock death toll for the 2010 winter. Out of the 6.3 million livestock dead, 3.2 million are goats (52%), 2.5 million sheep (40%), and the rest are cows, horses and camels.
Eighty-eight percent of Mongolia's agriculture sector is animal husbandry, which contributes 19% to Mongolia's GDP, with a 1/3 of the country's employment dependent on herding.

According to the Mongolian National Statistical Office (MNSO), as of 14th of April, the price of meat has sky rocketed. The price of mutton has risen by 16.5%, beef 18%, goat 28.8% and horse meat 7.7%. In a country where the diet is heavily dependent on meat, the rising prices will affect all households.

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